Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by rrrooobb

Zaspera BTRs13-Jul-2013
Status: active
Aliases: Kyle Ellis, Patrick Johnson
Address: 303 Cooper Hill Rd Mapleville RI 02839
Reporter: rrrooobb

One month ago I loaned Zaspera $50 paypal in exchange for a $75 repayment one month later. I have not received this repayment or any notification from him (although it seems he likes to login in to the site multiple times per day).

Normally this would be pre-mature but due to the significant amount BTRs filed prior to this one I am just getting it out of the way.

...Blah blah blah same as all of the other BTRs listed below this one.

This BTR can be resolved when he pays me the $75 repayment we agreed to. If it's a struggle I will take it in increments.

Otherwise Zaspera, if you are just going to take off and rip people off, you suck, and don't be surprised if someone poops in an envelope and mails it to you grin