Topic   Ebay Sale of Older PC Games - Apr 25th thru May 2nd 2017

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Sale has ended - Thanks for looking!


I'm selling some older games again on Ebay, from the evening of Mar 28th thru Apr 4th 2017 - Starting at 9:30PM PST/ 4:30AM GMT, consisting of Adventure, RPG, Simulation & some game related books. My seller name on Ebay is Sensuari. You will see my items at .
You can see preview pictures by clicking on the link to the right of the title below..
All the games have the Original Disks and come with a Game Installation CD/DVD for play on Win 7-10, Vista & XP. As always, bidding starts at $0.99.

Feel Free to ask questions.


Bards Tale I Cluebook -

Bards Tale III Cluebook -

Space Quest Companion I-V -

Spellbreaker Hint Book -

Star Trek 25th Anniversary Cluebook -


AD&D Champions of Krynn -

AD&D Dungeon Master Assistant I -

AD&D Dungeon Master Assistant II -

AD&D Heroes of the Lance - Atari ST -

Bards Tale I - Apple -

Bards Tale II N/S, Slash -

Bards Tale III - C64 -

Day of the Tentacle -

Infocom Ballyhoo -

Infocom Enchanter Trilogy -

Infocom Starcross -

Links LS 1997 -

Lord of the Rings Vol. 1 N/S -

Lord of the Rings Vol. 2 -

Microsoft Golf -

Realms of Arkania 3 'Shadows over Riva' -N/S -

Space Quest Collection Series -

Star Trek 1st Contact -

Star Trek 25th Anniversary -

Star Trek Final Frontier w/Pin -

Star Trek Judgement Rites Limited Edition -

Star Trek Kobayashi -

Star Trek NG - Final Unity Collector's Edition -

Star Trek Rebel Universe -

Two Worlds II 'Royal Edition' -

Zork Nemesis -


Topic   Ebay Sale of Older PC Games - Apr 25th thru May 2nd 2017