Topic   Interest check -- 80's GI Joe collection?

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I have a decent sized GI Joe collection from when I was a kid I'd like to part with. Some cool stuff, like the Headquarters and Skystriker, plus assorted other vehicles and figures. I went through it all and figured out what everything was, but have no idea where the best place to sell something like that is. Should I just ebay it? Is someone here interested in seeing what I have?
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Do any have the kung fu grip?
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I'm interested if these are the 4 inch figures. Throw a photo up.
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Interested in figures. Cml for a trade. I'd take it all but shipping would be Rediculous.
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Post up some pics

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I collect the figures, and I would love to see some pictures. However, I only collect 1983-1994. I hate the 82 SA's. If you can not move them here then eBay is probably your best option. YoJoe, and HISS used to be great places to unload 80's-90's collections, but now the collectors on the forums are only interested in the new lines. This has been my experience...

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Thanks for the feedback!

I'm working on getting photos online - we took pictures of everything but they're on my wife's phone. I will transfer them and get them onto tinypic's asap.

If anyone is interested, here's the full list of items I still have [I sold a bunch of the figures to a younger friend when I was a kid]. I spent the time looking everything up on a gijoe site to figure out what everything was and if anything was missing.

All of these are from the early 80s.

FILE CARDS (but no figures):

Cobra H.I.S.S. Driver
Cobra Stinger Driver
Cover Girl
Ripper [clean vertical fold down center]

*CARDED FIGURES (but I do NOT have any of their File Cards):

-Blowtorch V1 complete with helmet, gasmask, 'manpack', flamethrower

-Firefly V1 has backpack, backpack cover, submachine gun. MISSING his walkie talkie

-Mutt V1 has Junkyard dog, leash, helmet, mask, nightstick, MISSING his submachine gun

-Flash v1.5 complete with helmet, visor, laser backpack, laser gun. IMPORTANT: I must have crazy glued the gun into the backpack when I was a kid. Not the best job, not the worst job. Snip apart and clean or leave as is. Note that another backpack (slightly different color) and laser gun are in a pack below.

*VEHICLE FIGURES (Sold only with their vehicles, listed below)

-Copperhead (Moccasin)

-Ace V1 (Sky Striker) complete with flight helmet (only selling with Sky Striker)

-Steeler (MOBAT) v1.5 complete with helmet, headset, uzi. BROKEN AT WAIST. Plastic is fine, just whatever 'connects' his legs to body internally is broken.

-Clutch (VAMP) v1.5 complete with helmet


-Ripper's Power Jaw

-A hose, most likely Ripper's

-Helicopter Assault Trooper Backpack (most likely Duke's... I don't think I owned Airborne and I can't judge shade of tan w/o the other)


1 non-GI Joe character, I believe it is Snake, enemy of Sgt. Rock.



Tara Toy G.I.Joe Collectors Case from 1984
-in nice condition... no crushed corners, inserts look great, etc. My first name and last initial neatly markered on one edge (if stored handle up, with art looking out for display, the name would be unseen, on the edge touching the ground)

Partial Battle Gear Accessory Pack #1
Explosives Pack
Communications headset
Communications Backpack
Laser Backpack
Ammo Backpack
2 Brown helmets
A uzi [i think] missing the bottom part of its grip, making it look like a machine pistol or something [maybe it's own piece? Just guessing it was a Uzi, looks good as is]
3 visors


- One green rifle that may or may not be GI Joe. Looks sort of like the green airborne rifle, but that's from 94 and all this stuff is from the early 80s.

- 1 black submachine gun. Couldn't find it in WHOBIT, but it's kind of like an Uzi with a extended mag and a shoulder stock.

- my favorite gun! I couldn't find this in WHOBIT, so I don't know if it's GI Joe but it fits GI Joe and I didn't really collect anything else back then. It is olive green. In addition the grip, it has a 3/4 circle 'arm grip' on the stock that secures to the figure's arm. The top of the gun looks mechanical. There is a cool diagonal offshoot from the gun with a small square at the end [a fancy computerized sight?]

- 1 big black radio (or something like a radio). Rectangular, with antenna. Surprised i couldn't find this in WHOBIT.
Random unmarked missile

- 2 identical missiles, one marked M-3432-14-18, the other M-3432-14-19

- 1 mystery missile. Likely GI Joe based on looks, but I have no idea what for.



FLAK (cannon) 1982 - complete

VAMP 1982 - Complete except MISSING one gas can (still has the other one)
Cobra Water Moccasin
-NOTE, while this includes both vanes, one is damaged and no longer attaches. The 'link' bar is cracked but still there, but the top connector is snapped off and missing. The other vane is fine.
-MISSING tiny torpedo that attaches to bottom

Polar Battle Bear -- has engine cover and rollbar, but MISSING skis and missiles

APC - complete, has everything including the two long straps and steering wheel.

Skystriker: includes parachutes! Missing 1 Striker missile, other 5 missiles are fine. Wings/landing gear works.

MOBAT -- missing the little machine gun. I haven't tested it, but there is no corrosion in battery case

GI Joe Headquarters: INCLUDES BOX! Complete with the exception one item, the small 'engine cover' which covers a mechanical section near inside front center [didn't even know something went there till I checked parts list]. Everything else [flag, cameras, guns, etc] there.

Cobra A.S.P. - one of the two small 'cannon shields' is broken and won't attach (one side of the part that clips on is missing)

Cobra C.L.A.W -- complete

Part Sets for the various 'Defense Units' (would prefer to just sell this as a lot)

- Partial Mortar Defense Unit:
Includes mortar, 2 gas cans, 7 sandbags, 2 figure stands

- Partial Missile Defense Unit
Includes ONLY the 'Ammunition Depot' sign

- Partial Machine Gun Defense Unit
Includes both crossbars and both single bars and 2 figure stands

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I am interested in the file cards, Firefly v1, Ace w/Skystriker, & Cobra CLAW if you decide to move your collection here on GTZ.

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I'd be interested in the figures or all of it. Just depends on what your skint for it all. Will also trade for it if there's anything on my lists your after. Lmk

Topic   Interest check -- 80's GI Joe collection?