Topic   Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon sensor standee


Figured I'd ask here for Luigi fans before I take it elsewhere.

This is a motion sensored display for Luigi's Mansio DM. When you move past the door all the ghosts will light up.

Display is in good condition. It's been sitting in my garage but I don't believe the heat has placed any damage to it. I don't have a good set of D batteries so I'm unsure as to how well the lights and sensor work. When I put the set I had in I swiped my hand by the sensor and the lights came on briefly before turning off.

I'm looking for higher end Final Fantasy stuff. Soundtracks, figures, etc.

Would also be interested in Donkey Kong Country stuff, just not sure what else there is besides figures.

As far as a price, I haven't seen one of these for sale in a few years so I'm starting the price at $200 with room for discussion.

Topic   Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon sensor standee