Topic   Have: Xbox one games Want: Same games on PS4

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* 30-Mar-2017(#1)
Lightning killed my Xbox One 2 days ago (also my Television and other consoles, sigh) but instead or repairing it or replacing it I'm thinking of just using PS4 for now, as it survived somehow. So I'm seeing if anyone wants to do a straight trade for these games that I have on XB1 that are also on PS4.

Watch Dogs 2
Mafia 3
Dishonored 2

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My condolences...
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True story of the current life of the Xbox One...
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I have no PS4 games but would you sell watch dogs 2?
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* 30-Mar-2017(#5)
six wrote:
> I have no PS4 games but would you sell watch dogs 2?

I may do that later if no one wants to trade, not sure. But not right now.
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So sad
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Your insurance may cover a lightning strike. May be able to get them to pay for replacements.
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* 1-Apr-2017(#8)
I have no rental insurance but this is no longer needed because I took it to a repair guy and he said the Xbox one just needs a new power supply, I'm waiting on him to get one in and he's only charging me $45, pretty good because another place wanted to charge me $79.99 just to do a diagnostic test. My Wii U went out as well so I ordered another power supply for it to see if it's the power supply (hopefully), my 360 HDMI doesn't work anymore but it works through component. I thought it'd be the same thing for my PS3 it has power too but didn't work through hdmi but it also doesn't work through component/composite, and I can't get into safe mode or reset the video settings on it.
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Get a surge protector.

Topic   Have: Xbox one games Want: Same games on PS4