Topic   Platinum Gamecube, headsets, etc.

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Everything here is for sale. Pictures in the spoiler tag.

Please read as some items include shipping and some don't.
US addresses only, sorry.

- Platinum Gamecube complete with all wires, controller and 251 block memory card. System works with no problems that I have come across. I also have a S-video cable I can include (not pictured). $30 plus shipping

-Tritton Halo 4 Warhead 7.1 Wireless Headset Xbox 360- this is the Halo 4 version of the wireless headset. Complete in box, all parts, instructions, included (no avatar DLC). The batteries are basically brand new. I used this headset, but was able to get new batteries from another pair of Warheads. I used one just to charge it and test the headset out this week. Headset works with no problems. It is a true wireless headset and will connect the way the official MS headset does. $90 plus shipping.

-Trtton Halo 4 Trigger stereo headset Xbox 360 - brand new in box. Wired stereo headset. $35 plus shipping.

-Tritton AX Pro wired headset (Xbox 360/PS3) - Surround sound. Used complete in box, with all wires, accessories and instructions. Cable connected to the inline volume control has damage. Wires are intact, rubber has frayed. Still works with no problems and a I put electrical tape on it (see pic) $20 plus shipping.

- PS3 Dreamgear wireless controller w/dongle and USB cable- $25 shipped

- GBA SP carrying case - $5 shipped

- Skylanders Darklight Crypt set (w/Ghost Roaster) - used, all 4 pieces included - $10 shipped

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Definitely interested in the SP, possible the game cube too. I will send an offer in about 30 minutes!
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Topic   Platinum Gamecube, headsets, etc.