Topic   AI reading my e-mail?

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Some of you may have been following my posts regarding my friend who's laptop was locked in Airplane Mode. After a Restore-retaining-files, he wrote me saying he couldn't open his documents. I responded saying he needed to download and install Adobe Reader to be able to read any PDF files. Since I recalled he had an old version of MS Office on his previous computer, I gave him some free options for opening and editing documents he may have created.

I still use Juno for my e-mail.

This afternoon when I clicked on New Tab in Edge on my computer, there were ads for Adobe and Office 2016 Professional!

I understand and realize I have to tolerate AI tracking my internet pages to guess what ads to show me, but reading keywords in my private e-mails is inexcusable!
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Welcome to 2010 my friend! Privacy no longer exists, and there's nothing you can do about it. Sure there's minor things to do but end of day, embrace your robot overlords!
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Even by your phone, the mic is always on.. Was talking with my wife about a restaurant, and BAM, ads showed up on facebook for that restaurant.
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I was going to say the same thing as shadyfozzie, I don't think it was your email being read probably googling it or discussing it or websites you visited. I think your emails are safe.
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I had to have a plumber out yesterday to scope my main to the city. I called around for quotes and ended up using a referral of a referral. Paid with CC. I only visited Craigslist (search term plumber) and asked my buddy if he recommended anyone via text. Made a few phone calls etc..

Next ad I see on Hulu is 30 seconds of plumbers scoping mains. Wtf?

Topic   AI reading my e-mail?