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It's football season again, so the "controversy" is back. What are your thoughts?

First things first. Colin Kaepernick is considered the poster boy of this movement. While I agree with his right to kneel, and agree with the reasons he's doing so, I disagree with a lot of his supporters. He's not being blacklisted for his beliefs. He's just not that good of a quarterback, and doesn't mesh well with many NFL systems. I've never liked him ON the field. I'm a much bigger fan off the field. The cat is passionate, well read, and well spoken. I dig it. He should concentrate on what he is better at in my opinion.

The movement has spread to many players on many teams of several levels of the game.

I'm pretty interested in the recent Cleveland Browns approach. A dozen Browns players took a knee and prayed during the anthem. I think it's a really smart decision. Are the people who doged about kneeling actually gonna tell them to stop praying during the National Anthem? Could it be a way to bridge the gap?

A lot of the dissenters are/were Tim Tebow fans. Another player who's not getting signed was blamed on personal politics. Who's outside perception was paramount to his crapty play on the field. Are his fans REALLY going to complain about praying during the National Anthem. I think the kneelers might have played their trump (not Trump) card.

What do you think?

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* 22-Aug-2017(#2)
Not that good of QB. Great social justice activists that puts his money where his mouth is. This is true.

A pray and protest... Smart. This will drive some red blooded, God fearing Americans cray-cray.

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hes a terrible qb, I agree that's why he isn't a starting nfl qb anymore. he was part of a big group of flash in the pan qb's, which have always existed. lots of players have a quick hot streak and fade out, its the nature of the game.

I don't agree with his protests and what he's done, he is anything but oppressed, the system and society he hates so much gave him a life and money most can only dream of. I never agree with athletes and celebs on this stuff. they are out of touch with reality and either have never known how most working americans live or have forgotten where they came from.

as far the controversy in the nfl being back, I don't really care, I haven't been interested in the nfl in years and still don't care about it. its a crooked shady business. but as far as the Anthem goes, its about more than how someone feels about an issue, its a respect thing to more than feelings. its about respecting what happened to give us this country people like kapernick take for granted.

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* 24-Aug-2017(#4)
i disagree with the ability evaluation of Kaep, I think he's pretty good

2016 San Francisco 49ers 12 games 59% completion 16 TDs 4 intercepts 90.7 qb rating

468 yds rushing, 5.8 per carry, 2 TDs

i hear he wants starter money and position, but the business blowback probably nixes that

better than Bortles, Osweiler, Siemian, Savage, McCown?
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* 24-Aug-2017(#5)
true, with a lot of help around him, which granted any qb needs, but after, nothing. throughout the history of the game there have been a lot of flash in the pan guys, then the league figures them out and they are done. only the transcended guys can sustain it for a career. Brady for instance, they almost know what the pats are gonna do, but you cant stop it.

(edit, I don't like TB12 or the pats, but hes a great example)

better than bortles... no probably not. the upside is higher. I think we have seen the peak of kaep but not bortles

Topic   The National Anthem