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* 17-Sep-2018(#1)
Here are some Signaturator images I have created. I hope everyone likes them. @bill, you're welcome to add these if you'd like. In case it's needed, I've noted the names of the fonts used to make these, just let me know if you need them bill.

I always welcome feedback on my work and I will make anything anyone wants me to make. You pick the colors and such (a link to something you like would be lovely) and I will do my best at making them.

Multicolor Checks -

Pink & Black -

Sunset Dream -

So there's the three I have made. If anyone has requests, bring them on! Please let me know what you think of these!

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* 17-Sep-2018(#2)
I added them to

But, you'll soon see that there are issues with fonts being hard to read and alignment.
I have a few things I can tweak. I changed the font to white instead of black for the first 2 and this helped GCPinkBlack the most. GCChecks is going to be tough, though. I'm not sure that will be doable. GCSunset doesn't look too bad, but the text overlaps the bar thing in the middle and I don't think there's room to squish it under that -- I can try (many of the old ones have special alignments that I had to figure out by hand).

If you have a way to keep the general location of things similar to an existing background, that would help me a lot. Otherwise, I have to spend a lot time trying to find the right placements and such.

It's also worth noting that I don't think many people actually use this. So, this is "just for fun" ...

Topic   Sinaturators I've Created - Feedback & Requests Welcome