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Topic   Trade pending.


* 14-May-2016
Hey everyone, I have a 500gb xbox one and some games that I wouldn't mind trading, I just don't really use them as much as I should. My son is just starting to get into playing games and I think he'd love a Wii U. Probably a long shot but if anyone on here has a Wii U they would like to trade lets talk! :) The system runs perfectly, I've had absolutely no problems out of it what so ever. It's been taken care of and comes from a clean smoke free home.

I have a few games too, all in perfect condition:

Grand Theft Auto 5

Guitar Hero Live + Guitar Controller

Halo MCC

Xbox one controller x2

Like I said, I know it's a long shot but who knows! Thanks for reading!!

EDIT: I'd be glad to send you some pics if you're interested! Just PM me :)