Pending Trades

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12:57pmlonghornsk57 gets: $36 (PP FF shipped)
wp gets: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Nintendo Switch)

12:23pmmrmafia33 gets: MGS Twin Snakes, Eternal Darkness
Scorch gets: $60 + shipping

12:14pmPorksta gets: $26 PP Gift
Dashey gets: Charlie's Angels (GameCube), Kinetica (PlayStation 2), Metroid Prime (GC), DDR (PS2), Uno (XBLA), and Robotron (XBLA)

12:01pmArcher gets: PSN codes
classicrock909 gets: $$$ PP

11:59amthenadz gets: $100 amazon
Dashey gets: $90 Paypal

11:48amBigdogJ gets: Super Metroid Snes mint. Dkc 3 and Mario All Stars manuals
Rollobobo gets: Nintendo Switch I am Setsuna and Super Bomberman R

11:47amAlphakirA gets: $7.18
EB gets: Auction items listed

9:08amjdwooley14 gets: uv codes
Becvar gets: $8.34PP

9:04amAlphakirA gets: $3.79
TripleElbow gets: Auction items listed

9:02amPackinTime gets: Final Fantasy X (PlayStation 2)
SMY36738 gets: Pokemon Trading Card Game (Game Boy Color)

9:00amPorksta gets: $8 PP Gift
Ryan gets: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GC)

8:16amNINTENDOMASTER gets: Paypal
Bleyz gets: Playstion Tv (Sealed Brand New)

4:53amAlphakirA gets: $5.66
Discgolfer123 gets: Auction items listed

1:04amBleedingViolet gets: Games from forum post
i_gothix_i gets: PayPal

21-JanPorksta gets: $14.50 PP Gift
NeonTrotsky gets: Ristar (Game Gear), Sonic Chaos (GG)

21-JanSid_Ceaser gets: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo 3DS), Shovel Knight (Nintendo 3DS), Super Scribblenauts (Nintendo DS)
picklenickel gets: Batman: Year One, Batman: In Darkest Knight, Batman: Joker Asylum

21-JanAlphakirA gets: $20
HybridCRoW gets: Auction items listed

21-JanAlphakirA gets: $10.66
LIGHTNING gets: Auction items listed

21-JanAlphakirA gets: $10.92
snakebite34 gets: Auction items listed

21-JanAlphakirA gets: $17.66
harper gets: Auction items listed

21-JanAlphakirA gets: $16.50
Dashey gets: Auction items listed

21-JanAlphakirA gets: $14.19
Ryan gets: Auction items listed

21-JanShawn gets: Final Fantasy II (Super Nintendo)
Tj96 gets: Insector X (Genesis), Rocket Knight Adventures (Genesis)

21-JanKiddy_Kong gets: Nintendo Labo Variety Kit (delivered on 4/20)
CRAZY93NiS gets: $55.99 plus tax gifted Paypal

21-JanPorksta gets: $12.50 PP Gift
DefaultGen gets: Addams Family (GG), Home Alone (GG), Fred Couples Golf (GG), RBI Baseball '94 (GG)