Pending Trades

Recent Pending Trades

6:00pmDashey gets: PayPal
Shadowrunner gets: PS4 game

5:47pmMrZeem gets: Xbox One Games: Sunset Overdrive, The Division, Star Wars Battlefront, and Watch Dogs
Jayislive gets: $27 shipped

2:19pmDemonicTrader gets: 26 + Shipping
Doodlekid00 gets: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker (Nintendo 3DS), Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk (PlayStation 3)

1:20pmSirConnery gets: PayPal
Foxhack gets: Auction Wins

12:55pmLunar gets: FREE
bloodedgedreaper gets: Nintendo 3DS 7th Dragon Launch Edition (Complete in big box) + Bravely Second (Sealed)

12:54pmbigearv14 gets: $50 PSN
Heavyd814life gets: $40 PayPal gifted

12:14pmLunar gets: PalPal $100 + ship
Rune_Walsh gets: PlayStation Portable Ys I & II Chronicles Nintendo GameCube Ikaruga

11:59amSirConnery gets: PayPal
Yooka gets: Auction Wins

11:15amSirConnery gets: PayPal
PlayYing gets: Auction Wins

11:07amGroo gets: GameCube Gameboy Player w/ disc
KingofGames gets: $15 Paypal FNF (Steal Thread)

10:55amSirConnery gets: $15 PayPal
Dashey gets: Auction Wins

10:44amsharif gets: Switch Pro Controller
Taris gets: $60 paypal

10:36amreneeatworld gets: PayPal F&F
Headshot gets: 128GB Samsung microSDXC UHS-I card

10:08amLunar gets: FREE
BleedingViolet gets: Blu-Ray Game of Thrones Season 5 and 6

9:58amJayislive gets: COD Black Ops III + BLOODBORNE PS4
michaeld gets: $27 PP Gifted

9:51amSirConnery gets: $$
BleedingViolet gets: Auction Wins

9:27amSirConnery gets: PayPal
Antipop gets: Auction Wins

9:11amSirConnery gets: PayPal
Dustin gets: Auction Wins

8:40amSirConnery gets: PayPal
bumsplikity gets: Auction Wins

8:03amPathlesscookies gets: psn 50
Heavyd814life gets: 40

8:03amPathlesscookies gets: psn 50
Heavyd814life gets: 40

8:03amPathlesscookies gets: psn 20
Heavyd814life gets: 16

7:56amsamdalous gets: $50 PSN x 2 $20 PSN
Heavyd814life gets: $96 PP

7:32amSirConnery gets: PayPal
Gypsy gets: Auction Wins

7:25amSirConnery gets: PayPal
Discgolfer123 gets: Auction Wins