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Learning CurveB
Replay ValueA-

Pros and Cons

  • Great spells & skills to use when leveling up
  • Nice sound effects
  • Character's armor & weapon changes appear in game
  • Graphics could have been a little better
  • Could prove to be a bit short for hardcore gamers

Dungeons & Dragons Heroes (Xbox)

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Loved It! Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes is a great action-packed RPG full of fun and adventure. With its free-form battle system and many many types of baddies to face off with, it hits close to home in a Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance sort of way.



Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes is well worth the forfeiture of 20 bones...believe you me!

This Game had me in trouble...a lot. Why, you ask? There were more than a few times when I got in trouble with my wife because I could not put the controller down to get other things done. This game had me hooked by the word "Rogue". He is by far my most favorite character out of the four you can choose from. Others are the Wizard (she is the Elven kind who I first used to beat the game), the Fighter (who is a human), and the Cleric (this Dwarf lacks a little in the magic arts, but makes up for it by far with his brute strength). The Rogue is really awesome because the of "Open Lock" and "Disable Device" skillsets he comes with.

But nonetheless, all are summoned by a cleric who is loyal to the Kingdom of Baele, to rise from the dead to accomplish a task that you accomplished 100 years before. This task is to destroy the Dark Wizard Kaedin (who was brought back from the dead by morons) and all the evil he has unleashed onto the Kingdom of Baele and the other four parts of the world.

When you rise, your ancestral weapon (Ol' Betsy) is given back to you -- the same weapon you used when you slayed Kaedin 100 years ago. Only there's a twist. The reason your ancestral weapon was the Bomb Diggity way back when, is because it was equipped with all 20 of the magic soul shards. But now the shards are spread out all across the land and the only way to bring your ancestral weapon back to its former glory is to find the soul shards as you adventure through the lands. Your weapon will level up and become more powerful for every five soul shards that are found.

Now while I can't see the ticks living amongst the chapped surface of the Orcs' gray skin (a referral to the "less than perfect graphics" wink), there are a lot of other elements that make this game very addicting. The free-form battle system would probably be my best reason for why this game is above the normal "Hit me, it's your turn! SLAM! Ok, now I get to Molly Wop you a good one, hold still! BAM!" type that games such as Final Fantasy VII and Xenogears went with. In the free-form system, you can make your character move as the enemy attacks, so you can cause them to miss and maybe (if you're advanced enough) try to strike them as they pass you. Another cool thing are the combos, ladies and gentlemen. Some of the combos dealt in this game are just downright awesome and enable you to just completely throttle your opponent when using the right weapon.

With over thousands of bad dudes spanning over 100 different species appearing in over 8 different areas separating you from The Al' Mighty Evil Wizard Kaedin, gamers who have been through RPG's such as Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and its sequel Dark Alliance 2 may be able to overcome Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes in record time. You can shorten the game especially if you don't take time to make sure you explore every area and search the walls for possible secret areas that are hidden throughout the game. This game on the first play took me 16 hours, 12 minutes, and 56 seconds. But now it usually takes me about 9 hours (give or take) to complete.

Well this concludes my personal feelings and takes on this game. I hope you've enjoyed it. Not everyone will feel the same way I do about D&D: Heroes because everyone's different. Therefore everyone sees things from their own perspectives. With this in mind, feel free to leave me any comments, questions, or concerns. Thanks in advance.

-Joey Caddy

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