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Learning CurveB+
Replay ValueD-

Pros and Cons

  • Fun slots action
  • Plain graphics and sound design
  • Not many modes, no Versus
  • Should've compiled all casino games on one cart.

Neo Mystery Bonus (Neo Geo Pocket Color)

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For Die Hard Casino Slots Players



Neo Mystery Bonus is a casino slots game much like Neo Cherry Master for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. Unlike Cherry Master though you can stop each wheel separately and you can only win horizontally, vertically, and diagonal. Pressing B lets you change the amount you bet while A stops each wheel from spinning. There are two modes in Mystery Bonus: Original and Simple. The only difference between the two modes is that you can continue from saved profiles in Original mode, so Simple mode is more for just jumping in and spinning the wheel for a short amount of time. During play when you get certain combinations it takes you to a card minigame where you have to get the better card to get more credits. In both modes you can play the odds with the Odds Table and bookkeep like in real gambling. This adds a little strategy but overall not much else.

Graphics & Sound
The graphics, like one of the game's modes, are simple. The entire game you look at the machine's screen. The fruit, coins, bars, and other items are nicely drawn and colorful which is nice considering the lack of action and interaction. The sound tries to emulate the music in a parlor and it does a good job at it but after a while the music becomes a little repetitive.

Replay Value & Closing
With only two modes that are basically the same and no versus mode there is not much to do. The game becomes boring after a short while and unless you are a die hard casino slots fan there isn't any reason to get this game.

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