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Replay ValueA

Pros and Cons

  • Outstanding graphic display compared to original.
  • New items and rooms to explore.
  • Enemies more vicious for heart-pounding action.
  • PS1 edition story. RE player's dream!!

Resident Evil (GameCube)

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Awesome remake of an awesome original!!



The biggest dream of a Resident Evil player is for one of the original RE games to be remade on a newer system. Well, you got it! If you want the exact Playstation game with outstanding Gamecube graphics, killer sound, faster game play, new rooms, and more vicious and disturbing creatures, this is the game for you!

As in the original, you play as Chris Redfield (brother of Claire Redfield from RE2) or Jill Valentine as you embark on a terrifying journey through the dark and dead rooms of a secluded mansion atop Raccoon City's Arklay Mountains. You are brought here with the rest of your S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) Team to investigate cases of gruesome murders and brutal acts of cannibalism throughout the city. It seems to be a simple "in and out" mission with the help of your squad members, but a different fate is in store for you.

After a helicopter crash, and a race for life to the front door of the mansion, you step right into a deeper race...a race for life and answers to a terrifying question: what is going on in this mansion? As you make your way toward these answers, digging deep through and under the mansion, you will encounter horrible creatures such as flesh-eating zombies, blood thirsty dogs, mutant tarantulas, and a horde of other inhuman nightmares! In your struggle to stay alive, you also come to find out that maybe your trusted team isn't so trustworthy.

Unlike the original RE game for Playstation, the new and improved RE has stunning new features that will make you feel as if you are in the game. The graphics are that of real life. Such as, when you shoot a zombie, you do not get the basic little game effect where the creature falls over like a brick, sometimes even ending up laying through a wall, table or door (gotta love the old graphics)! Instead, when the zombie takes a blow, he staggers back and falls however the gunshot or surrounding area will allow him to. You even get the full effect of blinking eyes, breathing, slight turning of the head and twitches! Not only are they watching you, they are smarter. Think you can survive? Other graphic upgrades are lighting and shadows, fire, and lightning.

The sound has been improved to almost an in-game surround sound system! You may be walking through a deserted hallway in total silence, and....BAM! A sound from behind causes you to unload your clip on the simple sound of a door shutting. Or, you are walking cautiously up a long, quiet staircase when you think everything is going your way, and the sound of a moaning, decaying body groans to the smell of your fresh blood.

Another aspect of the game is the intensified game play. There is no more "just hang back and shoot him till he drops!" The bosses are now equipped with more clever senses and will do everything to keep you running and wetting your pants. At every turn you must have a strategy or your next move will be lying in a pool of your own blood!

Remember, watch your back, keep your gun up, and STAY ALIVE! Welcome to...Resident Evil.

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