Pros and Cons

  • Well-conceived plot and storyline
  • Humorous moments to break the suspense
  • Characters portrayed wonderfully by the actors
  • Plot twist at the end leading to a possible sequel
  • Could have had more elaborate death scenes in some parts

Freddy Vs. Jason (DVD)

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Jason is sent to Elm Street by Freddy when the children quit having nightmares. Chaos ensues and Freddy can't stop Jason from killing. A group of teenagers must find a way to stop them both before it's too late. Who will win the final fight?


I found this film to be rather impressive even though I didn't really grow up a Freddy or Jason fan. Of course when you're a small child things like that scare you. So I thought what better way to face two of my childhood fears than to sit down and watch them both in the same film? I was quite surprised to say the least. The plot was excellent and to top it all off, made sense. Robert Englund (Freddy) remains as sinister as he was in the original Nightmare series, but also causes a few chuckles along the way grin. Kane Hodder however did not return as the hockey mask clad killer Jason. Instead he was replaced by actor Ken Kirzinger, which was a disappointment to most Jason fans. The battle between the two psychos was intense. The moment you thought one was winning the other would gain the advantage. The plot twist at the end made you scream for more. Which is why I look for New Line to make a sequel.

So to all the fans (and non-fans) of Freddy and Jason, if you haven't seen this film I suggest you give it a shot.

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