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Learning CurveA
Replay ValueA+

Pros and Cons

  • Very Intuitive!
  • Touch screen is just plain awesome.
  • Sound is much much better than on the PSP.
  • LOTS of great games for this system.
  • Graphics are RARELY taken to its true 64bit power
  • Not enough fighting games.

Nintendo DS -- Electric Blue Edition (Nintendo DS)

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The Nintendo DS is the successor to the popular Game Boy. It has had much success and it is well deserved. This is an awesome system that deserves recognition for its innovation and gameplay. This system has introduced gaming to non-gamers.



I have had a DS since the day they came out. This blue one I have had for almost two years and I have had no problem whatsoever. Like most all Nintendo systems, the DS is built to last. Its flip-top design helps in two things:

1.Screen protection: With the flip-top, your screen won't get that dirty and if you drop it only the outside will get scratched. With the Sony PSP, you drop that and the screen goes to hell.

2. It just looks cooler with a flip-top.

However, the blue DS does attract a lot of dirt but, luckily, it is easy to take off. Just use a dry cloth to wipe and your done. With a DS Lite or a PSP you would need to get a wet cloth and a dry cloth to take off all of the dirt. (PSP = screen dirt. DS Lite= glossy finish that attracts a LOT of dirt.)
The Nintendo DS has a lot of great games out there too:

Here are a couple:

1. New Super Mario Bros (good graphics)
2.Super Mario 64 DS (A great game that has improved graphics that puts the DS to work graphics wise yes )

3.Metriod Prime Hunters (A great FPS with 3D graphics. Just plain awesome.)

4.Marvel Nemesis (Best DS fighting game for now.. {cant wait for Mortal Kombat DS} has nice 3D graphics and easy to learn controls.[touch screen special moves were kinda cool just like the touch screen "fatalities" they had]

All in all the DS is a solid and great system but seriously Nintendo, STEP UP YOUR GRAPHICS PLEASE!!!

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