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Learning CurveC
Replay ValueB

Pros and Cons

  • Graphics and sounds are very close to the arcade version.
  • A true classic.
  • The two player version can be fun.
  • The timing based attacks are poorly implemented and a bad idea, you hold down the button longer for a stronger punch/kick.
  • As previously said, the arcade has 6 buttons, three for punching, 3 for kicking, only 2 buttons for the turbografx controller.
  • Replay value? There are only 2 characters to choose from, Ryu and Ken and they have the same moves.

Fighting Street (NEC TurboGrafx-CD)

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This is the prequel to the much loved Streetfigher II series. In it you fight in the streets or other venues all over the world (even the Great Wall of China). The controls are dodgy though, recommended solely for fighter lovers.


This is Fighting Street, it was in the arcades as Streetfighter, the prequel to the Streetfighter II games. The first thing you notice about this game is that the controls are frustrating! Once you get the hang of the combos, (if you can get the hang of the combos) then most of the fights are pretty easy. The only problem is that when you try to do the shoruken(jumping uppercut), you usually end up doing the hadoken (fireball).

The game is pretty short, you fight guys in USA, Japan, China, England, and finally Thailand.

If you like fighting games, or are a big Streetfighter II fan, you might want to give this a shot, but if you are expecting smooth controls like in Streetfighter II, you are in for a disappointment. ------dracula

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