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Learning CurveA
Replay ValueA+

Pros and Cons

  • Character development
  • Story that keeps you interested
  • Plenty of monsters to beat up
  • A fantastic array of spells for mages to use
  • Interface is easy to use
  • A VERY large world to explore and see
  • Excellent weapons, shields, and magical items
  • The "babbling" that NPC's do can become tedious

Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga (PC)

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Baldur's Gate is an excellent RPG that will leave you feeling like you have explored and saved a majestic land



This is the first of a great series of classic RPG's. This is the one that started a fantastic journey through the lands of the Forgotten Realms, and the great cities that make up the Sword Coast.

This is the superb collection that includes the original saga and the expansion set "Tales of the Sword Coast." The expansion part adds new cities to explore as well as a brand new dungeon to get lost in. laughing out loud

Some of the extra goodies that come with this package set include:
1.) Bonus Soundtrack CD
2.) A map/poster of the area
3.) Quick Reference card
4.) Limited Edition poster/card of Sarevok

The story of this game is basically that there is an iron shortage going on within the cities and you are sent to investigate what is going on. In doing so you begin to find evidence that there is an evil force at work here, and his name is Sarevok. Eventually you find that he has more to do with you than you would expect.

This is a very good RPG-style game that allows you to develop a character of your choosing and continue to develop that character with new feats, expertise, skills, and spells as the game progresses. The story is very interesting and you will find yourself eager to know what new twists you are going to uncover next.

You start the game alone, but you will have the chance to recruit additional players, known as NPC's, that will fight alongside your character and help you stop the evil that threatens to take over this fair land.

The classic character classes, like rogues, paladins, fighters, mages, and rangers will be available in the game, and the assortment of beasties to battle will constantly challenge your fighting abilities.

But like any other RPG, this is not just a "hack-n-slash" game, and there are plenty of opportunities to interact with the locals and barter with the merchants. In many situations, it will be necessary to talk to people in order to gain more information about what is going on within the lands. Also, there are quests to gain and complete and often they can be gained by chatting with the people.

Your party can never exceed 6 members, and you will be able to control their inventory and what equipment and weapons they will be wearing and using. They will have their own voices and will "babble" at times.

The interface is very easy to use and gameplay is excellent. Environmental sounds are good and make you feel like you are really outside or really inside a bustling tavern.

The game screen is laid out in this way: on the right side are the party portraits (which can be clicked on at any time to bring up that characters info), on the left side are game options like a map, journal, character record, and load/save options, and on the bottom there are weapons, spells, or items (potions, magical items), that are being used.

So overall I would highly recommend this game, and it will more than likely make you an RPG fan and make you want too play all the other great RPG's that are out there.

Happy Gaming!

Your fellow gamer.....Bobby

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