Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

9:44amMissile gets: Dreamcast + Skies of Arcadia(/$) + Sonic Adventure 2 +Grandia 2
Gypsy gets: Solatorobo(CIB) + Go! Go! Cosmo Cops

9:12amthenadz gets: 6 months of YouTube premium
proudtobelatino gets: $18.50 gifted PayPal

17-MayRyan gets: 2x large drink and popcorn combo
gametz1122 gets: $6 paypal

17-MayBostonitalian88 gets: Duck Tales 2 (Nintendo Entertainment System), Klax (Nintendo Entertainment System), duck tales 2 manual
Gegogy gets: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance (Nintendo Entertainment System), Arkista's Ring (Nintendo Entertainment System), Back to the Future II & III (Nintendo Entertainment System), The Bard's Tale (Nintendo Entertainment System), Darkwing Duck (Nintendo Entertainment System), Deathbots (Nintendo Entertainment System), Freedom Force (Nintendo Entertainment System), Gotcha! (Nintendo Entertainment System), Pictionary (Nintendo Entertainment System), Sesame Street: 123 (Nintendo Entertainment System), Tecmo World Wrestling (Nintendo Entertainment System), Willow (Nintendo Entertainment System)

17-MayMaxRebo gets: Mario Golf: Super Rush (Nintendo Switch)
incubus421 gets: $33 shipped PayPal

17-MayMaxRebo gets: Metroid Dread (Switch)
BigNasty gets: $30 paypal plus half shipping ($2) TOTAL $32 shipped

17-Maypx316xk gets: 45 dollars friends and family paypal.
Joeya2001 gets: Tiny Tinas Wonderlands PS5 Version

16-Mayproudtobelatino gets: $18.50 PP
longhornsk57 gets: YouTube Premium $18.50 for 6 Months

16-MaySwiftJAB gets: Digital codes
BloodLust gets: PP

16-Mayclassicvideogamer gets: Paper Mario: The Origami King (Nintendo Switch)
incubus421 gets: $27 shipped PayPal FF

16-MayFrank gets: Clerks Digital
digita1sunset gets: PP

16-Mayt0pdawg7 gets: $36 plus ship
The_Prophecy gets: Robot White XSX controller NEW

16-MayFrank gets: PP
Meyer gets: Gretel and Hansel Digital

16-Mayfollandboy gets: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Nintendo Switch)
ResidentGamer gets: $50 or check my list?

16-Maydunno001 gets: PSP Anohana, $20
Oduomega gets: PS3 Atelier Escha, Switch FFF Advent Dark Force, 3DS Rune Factory 4

16-MayKommie gets: Shipping cost
theJaw gets: Comic

16-MayGypsy gets: Dragon Warrior cart box manual
DarkFact gets: definitely not fisting, totally some PayPal

16-MayMrBean gets: $5 Amazon gift card
jadensrh gets: $4 [PayPal] (gifted)

15-MayBubbler28 gets: iPad a1822
classicrock909 gets: 115 PP FF

15-MayHeavyd814life gets: Shipping
Porksta gets: Disaster Report 4 PlayStation 4

15-MayHeavyd814life gets: Shipping
Lunar gets: Collection of Mana Nintendo Switch

15-MayHeavyd814life gets: Shipping
DemonAlcohol gets: Road 96 PlayStation 5

15-Maybumsplikity gets: House Flipper
SideSwipe gets: 3

15-Mayazteca2007 gets: Dracula's Secret (PC)
gkmaclean gets: Cash

15-MayMissile gets: games
8bit gets: 960 pp F&F