Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

14-Maybenstylus gets: Linksys WRT > 1900ac
Admiral gets: $48 pp

14-MayLunar gets: PayPal
Cloudgohan gets: PlayStation Brigandine (Complete with map)

14-MayCloudgohan gets: Silhouette Mirage (PlayStation)
Wheels617 gets: $100 PP

14-MayMissile gets: 100 pp
Wheels617 gets: SF3 Box

14-MaySSA gets: MiSTer + 32MB RAM
Lunar gets: Xenosaga 1 + $100 PP

14-MayKevster gets: Code vein ps4
TalonJedi87 gets: 12.00 gifted paypal

14-MayRidgecrest13 gets: Lemmings (Nintendo Entertainment System), NES Manuals
liquidllama gets: Controller -- Nintendo Max (Nintendo Entertainment System), R.B.I. Baseball (Nintendo Entertainment System), Ski or Die (Nintendo Entertainment System)

13-Maybumsplikity gets: Baba is You Steam Key, Wargroove Steam Key
Exrian gets: 5$ paypal

13-Maygameremporium gets: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (Nintendo Switch)
KamenRIderVulcan gets: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (Game Boy Advance), New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo 3DS)

13-Maypx316xk gets: Resident Evil Village (ps5)
paul6743 gets: $45 ff paypal

13-MayGypsy gets: $1800
Forgotten_Freshness gets: massive trade-in

13-MayRobotVM gets: Paypal
Missile gets: Cold Steel 1 (Vita)

13-Maysinnie gets: Bug viewer thing
nonamesleft gets: $8.55 Paypal

13-MayBleed_DukeBlue gets: Fury Unleashed (Steam code)
brian9824 gets: $1 PayPal F&F

13-MayCRAZY93NiS gets: $17.50 gifted pp
SideSwipe gets: $20 xbox code

13-MayDusk gets: $15 FFPP
Groo gets: Crash N-Sane Trilogy Switch

12-MayLunar gets: Cost + ship
RobotVM gets: Nt Mini Noir

12-Maygameremporium gets: Switch lot
StrawHat gets: Gifted PayPal

12-MayVynidaris gets: 29$ Gifted PP
treyjedi gets: PS5 share of Res Evil Village

12-MaySun gets: $15 PayPal (Friends & Family)
ChuckyDJ gets: Youtube Red Subscription (6 months)

11-MayApocram2222 gets: GCU Order: Panzer Dragoon (Switch), SFV: CE (PS4)
Bleed_DukeBlue gets: $54.55 paypal FF

11-MayGypsy gets: Lunar Eternal Blue Sega CD
Missile gets: $350

11-MayGypsy gets: Bravely Default + Bravely Second End Layer
tigg gets: $51

11-MayGrenadier gets: Sid Meier's Civilization®: Beyond Earth™; The Walking Dead: The Final Season
Frozyre gets: Gratitude

11-MaySun gets: $15 PayPal (Friends & Family)
AlphakirA gets: Youtube Red Subscription (6 months)