Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

8:42pmBluesideL gets: $325
Gypsy gets: 2021 Holiday Mystery Box

4:29pmPorksta gets: $9 PP Gift
HungryWolf gets: Burnout: Revenge (Xbox)

27-NovLastEpoch gets: $500+shipping pp f&f
Lunar gets: Analogue Nt Mini Noir

27-NovSMY36738 gets: Pokemon Sun (Nintendo 3DS)
orangaspank gets: $20 PayPal

27-Novqualityman14 gets: $$$
Blank gets: Hulu Bundle 6 Months

27-Novjgrant78 gets: $17 gifted PP
dracula gets: 6 more months of Spotify Premium

26-Novt0pdawg7 gets: GameStop GC
RVM gets: $$

26-NovTJOpitz89 gets: $225
ACC32 gets: Earthbound Guide

26-Novliquidllama gets: Trails of Cold Steel 3 & 4, Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive (Switch)
ryanflucas gets: $100

26-NovPathlesscookies gets: 15 amazon
CRAZY93NiS gets: 13.5

25-NovCevil gets: 3 mcdonalds cheeseburgers
bungholio gets: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (3DS)

25-NovDiscgolfer123 gets: $50 Xbox
Pathlesscookies gets: $45 paypal

25-Novnt22 gets: Transformers: War for Cybertron (PlayStation 3)
JustFilthy gets: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (Nintendo DS)

25-NovKilroyWasHere7 gets: $32 PayPal (family and friends)
NightwishX gets: (4 sets) AMC Black Tickets + Popcorn + Drinks

25-NovAdmiral gets: Brand new Oral B toothbrush
Oduomega gets: $70 FB Pay

25-NovRivalShadeX gets: Shin Megami Tensei V Premium Edition x2
Pathlesscookies gets: Paypal

25-NovPorksta gets: $7 PP Gift
loztdogs gets: Lego Avengers (3DS)

24-NovCevil gets: Chocolate Ice Cream
InfiniteJest gets: Street Fighter Bundle

24-NovPorksta gets: $9 PP Gift
Kevster gets: Civil War (Blu), Thor (Blu), Final Fantasy Tactics manual (PSP)

24-NovFrozyre gets: 3-Month Nintendo Switch Online
Master_Z gets: $5 PP F&F

24-NovOrochijackson gets: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Digital code for Switch)
Master_Z gets: $32 Paypal

24-NovPorksta gets: $10.50 PP Gift
incubus421 gets: Wargroove (PS4)

24-NovTalonJedi87 gets: $5 F&F PayPal
trueking gets: Addams Family 1993 Live Action 4k Code

23-NovPorksta gets: $9 PP Gift
Cevil gets: Auction Winnings

23-NovCevil gets: potato chips
ManiacMadman gets: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)