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Recent Trades

12:23amEggplant_Wizard gets: $7 PP gifted
NeonTrotsky gets: Rhythm Heaven DS

11:56pmtonymack21 gets: Valhalla Knights Eldar Saga Nintendo Wii
brian9824 gets: 11.00 PayPal

11:56pmAnxiouz gets: $$
tonymack21 gets: Apple iPhone 5s

11:55pmtonymack21 gets: $115 PayPal
michaeld gets: moto x pure from forum

11:55pmMSU_Dawg87 gets: $115 PayPal gifted
tonymack21 gets: Strategy guides: Blood Omen art of xenosaga saga frontier dark cloud grandia xtreme vagrant story chocobo's dungeon 2 tip and tricks

11:54pmDuskMurdock gets: $18 PayPal
tonymack21 gets: Nintendo Switch Lan Adapter

11:53pmtonymack21 gets: Akiba's Beat (PlayStation 4), Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PlayStation 4)
scaryice gets: Mary Skelter: Nightmares (PlayStation Vita)

11:41pmDefaultGen gets: $100 Amazon
Heavyd814life gets: $90pp gift

11:23pmwillis gets: Last Gladiators: Digital Pinball (Saturn), Virtua Fighter Kids (Saturn)
DefaultGen gets: Aliens Versus Predator (PC)

10:17pmpancakesarelove gets: Warriors orochi 3 ps3 rental
Heavyd814life gets: $1

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