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Completed Trades

6-Sep-2013Aleforge gets: Loan
CDeaton gets: Repayment by 9/6/2013

23-Aug-2013Aleforge gets: 100 Paypal
Zim gets: 110 Paypal sent Friday August 23, 2013.

2-Aug-2013Aleforge gets: 100 Paypal
Zim gets: 110 Paypal sent Friday August 2nd, 2013.

19-Jul-2013Aleforge gets: 150 Paypal
Zim gets: 162 Paypal on Friday July 19th, 2013

8-Jun-2013Aleforge gets: $150PP Loan
THEPS3 gets: $160PP

31-May-2013Aleforge gets: 200 Paypal Loan
Zim gets: 215 PayPal on Friday May 31, 2013

12-Apr-2013Aleforge gets: Loan
CDeaton gets: Repayment by 4/12/2013

1-Mar-2013Aleforge gets: 55
michaeld gets: 58

11-Feb-2013Aleforge gets: 200 Paypal loan
Zim gets: 200 Paypal loan payed back with interest on Friday Feb 8th, 2013

22-Dec-2012Aleforge gets: 200 PP LOAN
Zim gets: Payback of PP LOAN on DEC 21, 2012 + Interest

16-Dec-2012Aleforge gets: PP loan
THEPS3 gets: PP repayment Dec.14

8-Dec-2012Aleforge gets: PP LOAN

8-Dec-2012Aleforge gets: Loan
CDeaton gets: Repayment by 12/7/2012

23-Nov-2012Aleforge gets: 200 PP
Zim gets: 215 PP on Friday November 23rd, 2012

23-Nov-2012Aleforge gets: 135.00 via Paypal & 140 Days of subtime
Iced gets: Samsung 830 (unopened) 7PC256B SATA III MLC Internal SSD 256GB

9-Nov-2012Aleforge gets: Paypal Loan
Zim gets: Paypal Repayment - Nov. 9

19-Oct-2012Aleforge gets: Paypal Loan
S gets: Paypal Loan Repayment 10/19/2012

5-Oct-2012Aleforge gets: Paypal Loan
Zim gets: Paypal re-payment on Friday October 5th, 2012

14-Sep-2012Aleforge gets: Loan
CDeaton gets: Repayment by 9/14/2012

7-Sep-2012Aleforge gets: PayPal Loan of 200.00
Erik gets: Paypal Repayment of 210.00 on September 7th, 2012

31-Aug-2012Aleforge gets: PayPal Loan
Zim gets: Paypal Repayment

10-Aug-2012Aleforge gets: PP Loan
Zim gets: PP Repayment

21-Jul-2012Aleforge gets: see message
Reed gets: see message

5-Jul-2012Aleforge gets: Loan
CDeaton gets: Repayment by 7/6/2012

19-Jun-2012Aleforge gets: Loan
CDeaton gets: Repayment by 6/15/2012

9-Jun-2012Aleforge gets: loan
anteis24 gets: repayment

8-Jun-2012Aleforge gets: Loan
CDeaton gets: Repayment by 6/8/2012

25-May-2012Aleforge gets: Loan
CDeaton gets: Repayment by 5/25/2012

9-Jan-2012Aleforge gets: Loan
CDeaton gets: Repayment by 1/6/2012

23-Dec-2011Aleforge gets: 25.00 Paypal Loan
t0pdawg7 gets: 30.00 Paypal Friday Dec 23rd 2011

23-Dec-2011Aleforge gets: 25.00 Paypal Loan
creativeone gets: 30.00 Paypal Payment on Friday, Dec 23rd 2011

9-Dec-2011Aleforge gets: See msg
Reed gets: See msg

13-Oct-2009Aleforge gets: Fallout 3 (PC), $10 in game case
xvassagox gets: Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo Wii)

30-Sep-2009Aleforge gets: Something in regards to battleforge or games on want list
Tony208 gets: Thermaltake BlacX N0028 USU External 2.5 / 3.5 SATA Docking Station, Brand New

21-Sep-2009Aleforge gets: BattleForge (PC)
Tony208 gets: Crysis (PC)

17-Jun-2009Aleforge gets: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe (Xbox 360) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes]
Baratus114 gets: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox 360) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes]

23-Dec-2008Aleforge gets: Okami (Nintendo Wii)
mobiusclimber gets: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Nintendo Wii)

21-Nov-2008Aleforge gets: Eternal Sonata (Xbox 360)
shadoz19 gets: NHL 09 (Xbox 360)

16-Feb-2008Aleforge gets: Neverwinter Nights 2 Limited Edition(PC-DVD)
Setzer gets: The Witcher (PC)

6-Feb-2008Aleforge gets: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Nintendo Wii)
gruhlman gets: NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (Nintendo Wii)

6-Apr-2007Aleforge gets: 20 paypal
BoB gets: 1080: Avalanche (GameCube), Def Jam Vendetta (GameCube), Resident Evil (GameCube), three gamecube games listed in the forum

3-Apr-2007Aleforge gets: Company of Heroes (PC)
Robbo gets: Saint's Row (Xbox 360)

2-Apr-2007Aleforge gets: Tony Hawk's Project 8 (Xbox 360), 50.00 DOLLARS
hwk12345 gets: Windows Vista -- Home Premium (PC) [Condition: excellent; Box: N/A; Manual: N/A; 32-bit version - OEM - Sealed]

2-Apr-2007Aleforge gets: 22.00 Paypal since they take 2.00 out of the transaction.
MegaNesMan gets: Adapter -- AC Power (Game Boy Advance), Nintendo Game Boy Color (Game Boy Color)

31-Mar-2007Aleforge gets: PayPal (other), 25.00
rwgrier gets: VGA HD A/V Cable (Xbox 360)

27-Mar-2007Aleforge gets: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (PC)
Haeleos gets: 22.00 Paypal

24-Mar-2007Aleforge gets: 15.00
framerguy gets: Mario Golf (GameCube)

5-Mar-2007Aleforge gets: 22$
HungryWolf gets: NHL 07 (360)

27-Feb-2007Aleforge gets: $33 PayPal
Anxiouz gets: Gears of War (Xbox 360)

21-Feb-2007Aleforge gets: $20 paypal
ckenda1 gets: Dragon Warrior III (Game Boy Color)

3-Nov-2006Aleforge gets: NHL 2K7 - Sealed - XBOX 360
PastorMatt gets: 44.00 Paypal

2-Nov-2006Aleforge gets: Saint's Row (Xbox 360)
stagman35 gets: Kameo: Elements of Power (Xbox 360), + 15.00 Paypal

29-Oct-2006Aleforge gets: Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (Xbox 360)
turtle553 gets: Dead Rising (Xbox 360)

5-Mar-2006Aleforge gets: PayPal (other), $75
sparticus391 gets: Halo 2 (Xbox), Outlaw Volleyball (Xbox), Kameo: Elements of Power (Xbox 360), A Beautiful Mind (DVD (widescreen)), South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (DVD (widescreen)), Spaceballs (DVD (wide+full)), Zoolander (DVD (widescreen))

5-Mar-2006Aleforge gets: 20.00 Via Paypal
sparticus391 gets: Star Wars I : Phantom Menace 2 - DVD edition,sealed Star Wars II: Attack of the clones 2-DVD edition.

14-Jan-2006Aleforge gets: Kameo: Elements of Power (Xbox 360)
videodronetnl gets: Black & White II (PC), Mario Power Tennis (GameCube)

29-Dec-2005Aleforge gets: F.E.A.R. (PC)
rrlorick gets: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Xbox)

29-Nov-2005Aleforge gets: 39.00 Paypal or Money Order
gamertundra gets: Silver GC system, works most of the time, with mint gameboy player & disc, Power Cord, controller and AV Cable all nintendo.

25-Oct-2005Aleforge gets: Black & White II (PC)
BigBopper gets: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (GameCube)

28-Sep-2005Aleforge gets: Xbox
Eb69 gets: New DVD Burner

25-Aug-2005Aleforge gets: 50.00 - Paypal or Money Order
Bishop gets: XBOX w/power cord and Original controller - (No DVD Drive) + Shipping

6-Aug-2005Aleforge gets: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Xbox)
GungriffonEX gets: Rome: Total War (PC)

1-Aug-2005Aleforge gets: Sudeki (Xbox)
Zilly gets: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (Game Boy Advance)

28-Jul-2005Aleforge gets: Forza Motorsport
Pratt75 gets: $35 shipped

27-Jun-2005Aleforge gets: Mario Power Tennis (GameCube)
almasy82 gets: Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Player (GameCube)

29-Apr-2005Aleforge gets: Rome: Total War (PC)
DaveF gets: Sacred (PC)

18-Apr-2005Aleforge gets: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (Game Boy Advance), Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Player (GameCube), See Message,
VastoLorde gets: AMD Athlon Processor -- 1.33GHz (PC), AMD Athlon 1.100 CPU Socket A

9-Dec-2004Aleforge gets: Def Jam: Fight for New York (Xbox)
videodronetnl gets: Lost Kingdoms II (GameCube), Fatal Frame (Xbox)

29-Nov-2004Aleforge gets: Halo 2 (regular, sealed)
Eggplant_Wizard gets: AMD Athlon XP 2000+ (sealed, retail)

26-Nov-2004Aleforge gets: 15 weeks subtime
ou812now gets: Swimfan DVD

22-Nov-2004Aleforge gets: Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO (Xbox)
xain1z gets: Fight Night 2004 (Xbox)

20-Nov-2004Aleforge gets: 14 weeks subtime
lain21us gets: Samurai Jack: The Premiere Movie (DVD (fullscreen))

19-Nov-2004Aleforge gets: 26 weeks of GTZ subtime
Ramsey gets: Monty Python's Life of Brian (DVD (widescreen))

17-Nov-2004Aleforge gets: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (GameCube)
jerel gets: Fable (Xbox)

16-Nov-2004Aleforge gets: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Xbox)
animallyson gets: Big Fish (DVD (widescreen)), + $3.00

12-Nov-2004Aleforge gets: Fatal Frame (Xbox)
Olson gets: Rayman Advance (Game Boy Advance), Adapter -- Multitap (PlayStation 2)

10-Nov-2004Aleforge gets: Star Wars: Battlefront (PC)
bubulake gets: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War (PC)

30-Oct-2004Aleforge gets: ATI RADEON 9000 + 95.00 Money Order
Kirby gets: ATI RADEON 9700 Pro with cables / accessories + 2 Ice Blue Case fans

30-Oct-2004Aleforge gets: Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon (Xbox)
lain21us gets: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Super Nintendo)

27-Oct-2004Aleforge gets: Splashdown (Xbox)
DLeverett gets: Icewind Dale II (PC)

25-Oct-2004Aleforge gets: Dead or Alive 3 (Xbox)
doc gets: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (GameCube), +2 GBA Link Cables

23-Oct-2004Aleforge gets: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Xbox), 3.00
perfectbeing007 gets: Outlaw Golf (Xbox), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Xbox)

22-Oct-2004Aleforge gets: SSX Tricky (Xbox)
Yarl gets: BMX XXX (Xbox)

15-Oct-2004Aleforge gets: Dead to Rights (PC)
mackey gets: Fargo (DVD (wide+full))

13-Oct-2004Aleforge gets: Freedom Fighters (PC), Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (PC)
Scorpion7 gets: Beyond Good and Evil (Xbox)

12-Oct-2004Aleforge gets: Fight Night 2004 (Xbox)
giznad gets: Mega Man Anniversary Collection (GameCube), Braveheart (DVD (widescreen))

11-Oct-2004Aleforge gets: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Xbox)
dukedynamo gets: Need for Speed: Underground (Xbox)

7-Oct-2004Aleforge gets: Icewind Dale II (PC)
dsb10 gets: Gothic II (PC)

4-Oct-2004Aleforge gets: Arcanum: Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura (PC)
rusty gets: Divine Divinity (PC)

2-Oct-2004Aleforge gets: Outlaw Volleyball (Xbox)
captaincold gets: Mad Max (DVD (wide+full))

2-Oct-2004Aleforge gets: Planescape: Torment (PC)
URPokey gets: Spider-Man (DVD (widescreen))

2-Oct-2004Aleforge gets: ESPN NHL 2K5 (Xbox)
Justin gets: $16.50 PayPal

19-Sep-2004Aleforge gets: Xbox Live (Xbox)
videodronetnl gets: Skies of Arcadia Legends (GameCube), Kung Fu Chaos (Xbox), Tales of Symphonia (GameCube)

18-Sep-2004Aleforge gets: Mega Man Anniversary Collection (GameCube)
k3nnyl gets: Super Monkey Ball 2 (GameCube), Deathrow (Xbox)

15-Sep-2004Aleforge gets: To the 5 Boroughs (Beastie Boys), Get Born (Jet)
brandon_old gets: F-Zero GX (GameCube)

14-Sep-2004Aleforge gets: Super Monkey Ball 2 (GameCube)
SlegabPsycho733 gets: MVP Baseball 2004 (Xbox)

8-Sep-2004Aleforge gets: Divine Divinity (PC)
mdauphin gets: MechCommander 2 (PC), Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 -- Professional Edition (PC), Emperor: Battle for Dune (PC), Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 -- Professional Edition (PC)

8-Sep-2004Aleforge gets: 3D Ultra Minigolf Deluxe (PC), Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island (PC), Hundred Swords (PC), Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny (PC), Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood (PC), RoboForge (PC), Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (PC)
mdauphin gets: NASCAR Racing 4 (PC), Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (PC), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (PC), MTV Music Generator (PC), No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way (PC)

7-Sep-2004Aleforge gets: Voodoo Vince (Xbox)
jshorr gets: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (Game Boy Color)

5-Sep-2004Aleforge gets: 1080: Avalanche (GameCube)
anonymouswhoami gets: Top Spin (Xbox), Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo 64)

1-Sep-2004Aleforge gets: Tales of Symphonia (GameCube)
Apoc gets: Discworld (PlayStation), Discworld II: Mortality Bytes! (PlayStation), Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation)

1-Sep-2004Aleforge gets: NHL Hitz Pro (Xbox), Arx Fatalis (PC)
Scorpion7 gets: Otogi: Myth of Demons (Xbox)

30-Aug-2004Aleforge gets: Project Gotham Racing 2 (Xbox)
Pezdro gets: The Legend of Zelda (GameCube)

28-Aug-2004Aleforge gets: Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising (PC)
mgaugh2000 gets: Age of Mythology (PC), Colin McRae Rally 2.0 (PC)

28-Aug-2004Aleforge gets: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (GameCube), I will include two GBA to GC adaptors
wolfman gets: Battlefield: Vietnam (PC), Castlevania (Game Boy Advance)

12-Aug-2004Aleforge gets: Skies of Arcadia Legends (GameCube)
mobtek gets: Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic (PC)

12-Aug-2004Aleforge gets: Creatures 2 (PC), Monty Python & The Quest for the Holy Grail (PC), Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time (PC)
mobtek gets: $14

9-Aug-2004Aleforge gets: Outlaw Golf (Xbox)
Ninja1388 gets: Memory Card: 8MB (PlayStation 2)

5-Aug-2004Aleforge gets: Otogi: Myth of Demons (Xbox)
lain21us gets: Mario Kart: Double Dash + Bonus Disc (GameCube)

31-Jul-2004Aleforge gets: Kung Fu Chaos (Xbox) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes]
scowboy12 gets: Viewtiful Joe (GameCube) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes]

29-Jul-2004Aleforge gets: MVP Baseball 2004 (Xbox)
jkenn13 gets: Floigan Bros. Episode 1 (Dreamcast), Grim Fandango (PC), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Xbox)

27-Jul-2004Aleforge gets: Deathrow (Xbox)
mayday gets: Midtown Madness 3 (Xbox)

27-Jul-2004Aleforge gets: Fairly OddParents: Breakin' Da Rules (PlayStation 2)
pugmagician gets: Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation)

26-Jul-2004Aleforge gets: Rallisport Challenge 2 (Xbox)
GungriffonEX gets: Ghost Master (PC), Medieval: Total War (PC)

23-Jul-2004Aleforge gets: Grabbed by the Ghoulies (Xbox)
TVC15 gets: Soul Calibur II (Xbox)

20-Jul-2004Aleforge gets: Kill Bill: Volume 1 (DVD (widescreen))
GungriffonEX gets: Rise of Nations (PC)

7-Jul-2004Aleforge gets: Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc (Xbox)
snifty gets: Twisted Metal: Black (PlayStation 2)

2-Jul-2004Aleforge gets: Beyond Good and Evil (Xbox)
scoop20906 gets: Breakdown (Xbox)

2-Jul-2004Aleforge gets: SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman (PlayStation 2)
captaincold gets: 12.00

30-Jun-2004Aleforge gets: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - Jet Fusion (Playstation 2)
anonymouswhoami gets: Devil May Cry 2 (PlayStation 2)

25-Jun-2004Aleforge gets: Battlefield Vietnam
Silk gets: Prince of Persia (GameCube)

23-Jun-2004Aleforge gets: Ape Escape 2 (PlayStation 2)
KSC2_303 gets: Xenogears (PlayStation)

22-Jun-2004Aleforge gets: Freddy Vs. Jason (DVD (wide+full))
EricMcIntire gets: The Simpsons: Road Rage (GameCube)

21-Jun-2004Aleforge gets: Crimson Skies (Xbox), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Xbox), Midtown Madness 3 (Xbox)
ybouc gets: Sega Bass Fishing 2 (Dreamcast), Sega Nomad (other)

21-Jun-2004Aleforge gets: Genma Onimusha (Xbox)
bill777 gets: Metal Arms: Glitch in the System (Xbox)

21-Jun-2004Aleforge gets: Crimson Sea (Xbox), Top Spin (Xbox)
gog gets: Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II (GameCube), Mister Mosquito (PlayStation 2), Luigi's Mansion (GameCube), ICO (PlayStation 2), Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny (PlayStation 2)

21-Jun-2004Aleforge gets: A Beautiful Mind (DVD)
io764 gets: Heroes of Might and Magic IV (PC)

16-Jun-2004Aleforge gets: Hunter: The Reckoning (Xbox)
Dodger gets: Jade Cocoon 2 (PlayStation 2), Spider-Man (Xbox)

13-Jun-2004Aleforge gets: Ghost Master (PC)
Judge gets: Battlefield 1942 (PC)

6-Jun-2004Aleforge gets: Alter Echo (Xbox)
goofything gets: SSX 3 (Xbox)

1-Jun-2004Aleforge gets: Hulk (Xbox)
gamenthusiast gets: Animal Crossing (GameCube)

29-May-2004Aleforge gets: Def Jam Vendetta (GameCube)
J_Pok gets: Kingdom Hearts (PlayStation 2), Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PlayStation 2)

28-May-2004Aleforge gets: Need for Speed: Underground (Xbox)
theboondocksaint gets: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (GameCube), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

27-May-2004Aleforge gets: Breakdown (Xbox)
bill777 gets: Turok: Evolution (Xbox), Panzer Dragoon Orta (Xbox)

27-May-2004Aleforge gets: Lost Kingdoms II (GameCube)
Slim_Trigger gets: Arc the Lad Collection (PlayStation)

24-May-2004Aleforge gets: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (GameCube)
Chaocrat gets: Silent Hill 2 (PlayStation 2), Silent Hill 3 (PlayStation 2)

21-May-2004Aleforge gets: Metal Arms: Glitch in the System (Xbox)
BlitzGott gets: Suikoden III (PlayStation 2)

19-May-2004Aleforge gets: Sacred (PC)
GameRay gets: Amplitude (PlayStation 2)

19-May-2004Aleforge gets: Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde (Xbox)
chilis187 gets: Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube)

17-May-2004Aleforge gets: Lost Kingdoms (GameCube)
Dammenion gets: Grandia II (PlayStation 2)

17-May-2004Aleforge gets: Looney Tunes: Back In Action (GameCube)
ryanflucas gets: Super Monkey Ball (GameCube)

15-May-2004Aleforge gets: Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance (Xbox)
TVC15 gets: Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube)

15-May-2004Aleforge gets: Viewtiful Joe (GameCube)
illmatic gets: Beach Spikers (GameCube), Ratchet & Clank (PlayStation 2)

13-May-2004Aleforge gets: Zoocube (GameCube)
soja gets: Star Fox Adventures (GameCube)

7-May-2004Aleforge gets: Colin McRae Rally 04 (Xbox)
norkusa gets: Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil (PlayStation 2), Rez (PlayStation 2)