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Completed Trades

18-Jun-2001Alpha gets: Black & White
rbseid gets: Blade of Darkness

13-Jun-2001Alpha gets: Warlords: battlecry
Akaz1976 gets: Serious Sam

4-Feb-2001Alpha gets: DKC64 w/ exp. & Perfect Dark
supraspeed gets: Shivers, Lands of Lore(CD), Warhammer Universe, Jagged Alliance, Dark Earth

30-Jan-2001Alpha gets: Tender Loving Care
Belladonna gets: AoE2 Conquerors

30-Jan-2001Alpha gets: Baldurs Gate 2 Collector's Edition
alienboy gets: No One Lives Forever

25-Jan-2001Alpha gets: Zeus
Gregorio gets: Thief 2

14-Jan-2001Alpha gets: MechWarrior 4 & AOE 2 The Conquerors
nmcafee gets: Diablo 2

20-May-2000Alpha gets: cash
GameTrickster gets: Lords Royal Colletion

10-May-2000Alpha gets: Cash
jeanguy02 gets: Nox

14-Apr-2000Alpha gets: Dosh
Smeghead gets: Quake III

12-Apr-2000Alpha gets: 1602 A.D.
Faucon1 gets: Might & Magic 8

28-Dec-1999Alpha gets: Ultima 4
Jdefeo gets: Disciples: Sacred Lands

25-Nov-1999Alpha gets: Cash
vgc gets: Journeyman Project 3

20-Nov-1999Alpha gets: $18.00
Cadfael gets: Lemmings Chronicles/Warcraft 2/Warcraft BTDP

20-Nov-1999Alpha gets: cash
Capri gets: Gabriel Night 2:The Beast Within

15-Nov-1999Alpha gets: Cash
Momcat gets: Drakan

13-Nov-1999Alpha gets: Cash
computerman gets: Age of Empires 2

9-Oct-1999Alpha gets: $20
kent gets: dungeon keeper 2

9-Oct-1999Alpha gets: Magic Carpet 2
Gouken gets: Ultima Underworld 1 & 2

23-Sep-1999Alpha gets: Money
mikeee1981 gets: Wing Commander 2 Deluxe Edition and Links

11-Sep-1999Alpha gets: Drakan
master_homer gets: C&C Tiberian Sun

11-Sep-1999Alpha gets: Jagged Alliance
jad0570 gets: You Don't Know Jack Volume II

5-Sep-1999Alpha gets: Cash
sarinee gets: Death Gate

28-Aug-1999Alpha gets: Cash
RICO gets: You Don't Know Jack 1, TV, Movies, Sports

24-Jul-1999Alpha gets: Cash
shoes23 gets: Interplay Anthology, AD&D Collection Vol.3, Alone in the Dark 2 and 3

24-Jul-1999Alpha gets: Cash
Hoover gets: Tex Murphy/ Overseer

11-Jul-1999Alpha gets: $$CASH$$
SnowMoon gets: You Don't Know Jack 3

11-Jul-1999Alpha gets: $$CASH$$
SnowMoon gets: Black Dahlia

11-Jul-1999Alpha gets: $$CASH$$
SnowMoon gets: Yoda Stories

11-Jul-1999Alpha gets: $$CASH$$
SnowMoon gets: Shivers 2

11-Jul-1999Alpha gets: $$CASH$$
SnowMoon gets: Star Trek Omnipedia Upgrade

11-Jul-1999Alpha gets: $$CASH$$
SnowMoon gets: Magic & Mayhem

11-Jul-1999Alpha gets: $$CASH$$
SnowMoon gets: Zork Nemesis

11-Jul-1999Alpha gets: $$CASH$$
SnowMoon gets: King's Quest VII

18-Feb-1999Alpha gets: Movies
Mathman gets: Money

18-Feb-1999Alpha gets: Conan The Barbarian
Mathman gets: Heroe's Of might and magic 2

18-Feb-1999Alpha gets: Movies
Mathman gets: King's Quest Mask of Eternity

18-Feb-1999Alpha gets: Starsiege Tribes
Mathman gets: Sin

13-Feb-1999Alpha gets: $CASH$
BUCKY gets: Gangsters

22-Jan-1999Alpha gets: Gangsters (PC)
Tenchu gets: Delta Force (PC)

15-Jan-1999Alpha gets: Cash
Shaedow gets: Battlespire

8-Jan-1999Alpha gets: Alone in the Dark 2
DanG gets: Railroad Tycoon

29-Dec-1998Alpha gets: Ultima 5 and hintbook
jrlamb gets: Cash

28-Dec-1998Alpha gets: Yoda Stories
davel gets: System Shock

26-Dec-1998Alpha gets: Toonstruck and a Movie
Mathman gets: Quest for Glory 5

26-Dec-1998Alpha gets: Half Life and a Movie
Mathman gets: Return to Krondor

26-Dec-1998Alpha gets: Movies
Mathman gets: RedGuard

26-Dec-1998Alpha gets: Movies
Mathman gets: Rogue Squadron

19-Dec-1998Alpha gets: Atari Action Pack
Willynate gets: Sam & Max Hit the Road

13-Dec-1998Alpha gets: Cash
DingoLord gets: Shannara

22-Nov-1998Alpha gets: Original Vengance of Excalibur and Clouds of Xeen
Mathman gets: Fallout 2

22-Nov-1998Alpha gets: Original The Two Towers
Mathman gets: Sanitarium

22-Nov-1998Alpha gets: Original Prince of Persia 5 1/4"
Mathman gets: Grim Fandango

22-Nov-1998Alpha gets: Star Trek Klingon
Mathman gets: Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey

22-Nov-1998Alpha gets: Star Trek Starfleet Academy
Mathman gets: Total Annihilation

22-Nov-1998Alpha gets: Star Trek Omnipedia Upgrade Disk
Mathman gets: Full Throttle

22-Nov-1998Alpha gets: Original Ultima Underworld II
Mathman gets: Klingon Honor Guard

22-Nov-1998Alpha gets: Interstate '76
Mathman gets: Shipwreckers!

22-Nov-1998Alpha gets: Caesar II
rlmva gets: PGA Tour Pro with Pebble Beach

5-Nov-1998Alpha gets: Star Trek A Final Unity
Mathman gets: Shadows of the Empire

5-Nov-1998Alpha gets: Star Trek A Final Unity & Star Trek Omnipedia
Mathman gets: Dungeon Keeper

5-Nov-1998Alpha gets: Star Trek Generations & Star Trek Harbringer
Mathman gets: Die by the Sword

5-Nov-1998Alpha gets: Star Trek Borg
Mathman gets: Battle Zone

5-Nov-1998Alpha gets: Original Ultima Underworld
Mathman gets: Descent Freespace

5-Nov-1998Alpha gets: Rainbow Six
Recneps gets: Power Monger, Diablo & Heroes of Might & Magic

23-Oct-1998Alpha gets: Cash
valblair054 gets: Phantasmagoria Hint Book

23-Oct-1998Alpha gets: Cash
valblair054 gets: Phantasmagoria 2 Hint Book

23-Oct-1998Alpha gets: Cash
valblair054 gets: Phantasmagoria 2

23-Oct-1998Alpha gets: Cash
valblair054 gets: Phantasmagoria

23-Oct-1998Alpha gets: Battlespire
mezzb gets: Anvil of Dawn, Albion & Alone in the Dark

15-Oct-1998Alpha gets: You Don't Know Jack TV
dbogusch gets: Leisure Suit Larry Collection

28-Sep-1998Alpha gets: Ultima 7 Black Gate
pliu gets: Civ II Fantastic Worlds & Pitfall

28-Sep-1998Alpha gets: Ultima 7 Serpent Isle
pliu gets: Quest for Glory Anthology

24-Sep-1998Alpha gets: Tex Murphy Overseer
POW4US gets: The Last Express

24-Sep-1998Alpha gets: Journeyman Project 3
POW4US gets: Azrael's Tear

24-Sep-1998Alpha gets: Phantasmagoria 2
POW4US gets: Harvester

24-Sep-1998Alpha gets: Shivers 2

20-Sep-1998Alpha gets: Four ultima clue books plus Alone in the dark 3
Mathman gets: Might and Magic 6 , Myth , Kilrathi Saga and Age Of empires

24-Aug-1998Alpha gets: Dungeon Keeper Strategy Guide
psychamp gets: Descent to Undermountain

22-Aug-1998Alpha gets: Ultima 5
TomMage gets: Cash

21-Aug-1998Alpha gets: Azrael's Tear
Zombeezy gets: The Riddle of Master Lu

21-Aug-1998Alpha gets: Ultima Underworld 2 (with 2 hint books)
johnnyw gets: Riven

18-Aug-1998Alpha gets: Ultima Online
Ralph2 gets: Battlezone

18-Aug-1998Alpha gets: Civ 2 Fantastic worlds
psychamp gets: Sanitarium

12-Aug-1998Alpha gets: Dark Earth
jad0570 gets: Exile III

12-Aug-1998Alpha gets: Black Dahlia
Peggy gets: Icarus

12-Aug-1998Alpha gets: Leisure Suit Larry's Greatest Hits & Misses
SkitZoid gets: Time Commando

6-Aug-1998Alpha gets: The Complete Ultima VII
SPMatt gets: Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Father

31-Jul-1998Alpha gets: Quest for Glory Anthology
Cavin gets: Might & Magic Trilogy

28-Jul-1998Alpha gets: The Last Express
renckly gets: MechWarrior 2 & Whiplash 3D/VR Soccer 96

28-Jul-1998Alpha gets: Pitfall
jane gets: Lost Eden

25-Jul-1998Alpha gets: Icarus
Peteroo gets: Cash

18-Jul-1998Alpha gets: Anvil of Dawn
URPokey gets: Thunderscape

10-Jul-1998Alpha gets: Wing Commander IV & Zork Nemesis
Phong gets: Unreal

2-Jul-1998Alpha gets: Ultima 6
URPokey gets: Stonekeep

1-Jul-1998Alpha gets: Battlezone
hien gets: Unreal

28-May-1998Alpha gets: Gabriel Knight 2: Beast Within
baranilla gets: Complete Ultima VII

7-May-1998Alpha gets: Time Commando and Death Gate
Peggy gets: Hexen and Dark Citadel

6-May-1998Alpha gets: Sam & Max Hit the Road CD
SteveT gets: You Don't Know Jack (Original)

6-May-1998Alpha gets: MechWarrior: Mercenaires
Ben0Lok gets: X-Com: Apocalyspe

4-May-1998Alpha gets: Descent to Undermountain
Cavin gets: SSI Masterpiece Collection

3-May-1998Alpha gets: Lands of Lore 2
BrainDrain gets: Myst & Full Throttle

28-Apr-1998Alpha gets: Riven
yflm gets: Obsidian

27-Apr-1998Alpha gets: PGA Tour Pro, Harvester, YDKJ XXXL
tschlak gets: Bicycle Classics & Casino, King's Quest 5, 6 & 7, Dagger of Amon Ra, Lion, Wolf, Extreme Pinball

21-Apr-1998Alpha gets: King's Quest I-VI Collection with Kq7 Oem
jad0570 gets: Worms