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Completed Trades

7-Apr-2002BaseballCory gets: 4 N64 Games
GAmecuber gets: Outkast (CD) White Knuckle Scorin' (CD)

6-Apr-2002BaseballCory gets: Mario Tennis (N64)
LeapYearBear gets: Sublime - Greatist Hits (CD) + shipping money

25-Mar-2002BaseballCory gets: 6 N64 Games & $10
YoreMom gets: FFX (PS2) & Meet The Parents (DVD)

22-Mar-2002BaseballCory gets: $16 shipped
bd222 gets: SSX (PS2)

20-Mar-2002BaseballCory gets: $12 shipped
Smacks17 gets: Fast and the Furious (DVD)

18-Mar-2002BaseballCory gets: $8 shipped
Nemo_Belmont gets: Game Gear Game

18-Mar-2002BaseballCory gets: $50 shipped
S2000Head gets: Saving Private Ryan (DVD) and Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (DVD)

12-Mar-2002BaseballCory gets: 3 DVDs, 2 CDs, 1 DC Game & Controller
Hulkamania gets: N64 with 1 Controller and 2 Games

6-Mar-2002BaseballCory gets: Game Gear (broken), Mortal Kombat II (GG), GG AC Adapter, XMen (Gen), NBA Jam (Gen), NBA Jam TE (Gen), & TMNT (NES)
MiniAustinPowers gets: $15 shipped

2-Mar-2002BaseballCory gets: $20 shipped
witemouse gets: Gran Turismo (PSX), Street Fighter Alpha (PSX) and Sphon Filter (PSX)

24-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: $80 shipped
ElJefeMan gets: Zelda OOT (N64), Dark Cloud (PS2), Double Take (DVD), New Found Glory (CD)

23-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: Game Gear System, AC Adapter, 11 Games, and a Super Gameboy
tony9919 gets: GBC System, NES System, Mario Kart (N64)

22-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: $18 shipped
GameMstr7 gets: King of Fighters 98

20-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: 10 DVDs and $30
Tecmo gets: Sega Nomad with 9 Games, Offspring-Americana(CD) & Linkin Park-Hybrid Theory (CD)

20-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: SSX (PS2) and Ataris (CD)
bensha1 gets: Less Than Jake (CD) & Mighty Mighty Bosstones (CD)

20-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: $20 shipped
Jeffreykins gets: Game Gear and Sonic (GG)

16-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: Kinetica (PS2) and THPS3 (PS2)
G6155Type2 gets: $60 shipped

16-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: $12 shipped
Smacks17 gets: The Patriot (DVD)

16-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: DBZ Box Set (DVD), DBZ: History of Trunks (DVD), Charlies Angels (DVD), and 2 PSX Games
BMan gets: CD Player + Headphones

13-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: Tekken Tag Team Tournament (PS2)
tayman26 gets: Ace Combat 4 (PS2)

13-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: 5 DC Games
kingding gets: Game Gear with 7 Games

12-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: Oni (PS2), Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (PS2), Puddle of Mudd (CD)
EnforcerICE gets: $21 + shipping

12-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: Crash Test Dummies(CD), Rolling Stones(CD), Bush(CD), Chumbawamba(CD)
EnforcerICE gets: $4 + shipping

10-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: Unopened Shower CD Player, Broken Portable DVD Player & a Sony Discman
joehigashi gets: $11

8-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: 5 PSX Games
Billy_Bob gets: The Matrix DVD

7-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: 5 CD's
fredmacgill gets: 2 CD's + 1 DVD

7-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: 9 Genesis Games
keefers gets: AC Adapter, DMX CD, 2 Back Covers for GG

6-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: Dark Cloud (PS2)
jin_sinqo gets: Gladiator (DVD)

5-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: $37 shipped
Technical_Nikita gets: GBC System + Super Mario Land (GB)

4-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: $20 shipped
kj2002 gets: Green N64 Controller

3-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: gg with 5 games
Brak gets: 4 cd good condition

2-Feb-2002BaseballCory gets: Bushido Blade 2(PSX), Street Fighter Alpha (PSX), King of Fighters 98 (PSX), Rush Hour 2 (DVD), Broken Nomad System
joehigashi gets: $7

31-Jan-2002BaseballCory gets: Game Gear Package, Traffic (DVD), Fenix Tx (CD), Rancid (CD), Punk-O-Rama 5 (CD)----GIFT!!!
BKPbull gets: CD Player, SSX (PS2), NFL Blitz (GBC), Woodstock (CD), Ataris (CD)

26-Jan-2002BaseballCory gets: 2 GBC Systems + Super Mario Land (GB)
GameMstr7 gets: Red Faction (PS2) (UNOPENED)

26-Jan-2002BaseballCory gets: Ferris Beullers Day Off (DVD)
ChuckyDJ gets: Bomberman Max Red Challenger (GBC)

23-Jan-2002BaseballCory gets: Genesis System with 2 Controllers and Original Nintendo with 2 Controllers
dcxtremenet gets: SSX (PS2)

23-Jan-2002BaseballCory gets: Pokemon GBC System, 4 GBC Games, and some extra's
Heagy gets: Cold CD, 2 Godsmack CD's, Ataris CD, Adam Sandler CD, NBA Jam (GG), Tony Hawks 1 (PSX), Punk-O-Rama 5 (CD)

23-Jan-2002BaseballCory gets: My Girl
fidget gets: Pearl Jam Bianural

19-Jan-2002BaseballCory gets: $70 shipped
Aurelius360 gets: Devil May Cry (PS2) and Jak and Daxter

17-Jan-2002BaseballCory gets: SNES System + Hookups, 1 Controller and 3 Games
spyrodragon gets: Army Men Sarge's Heroes (N64) and Expansion Pak (N64)

17-Jan-2002BaseballCory gets: Batman (DVD)
ImDaIcon gets: Crash Team Racing (PSX)

16-Jan-2002BaseballCory gets: finish of the trade
Jupiter gets: 3 Manuals

16-Jan-2002BaseballCory gets: N64 System, 1 Controller + and 1 Game
tony9919 gets: Crazy Taxi (PS2) and Grey Analog Controller (PSX)

10-Jan-2002BaseballCory gets: Little Nicky (DVD), Crazy Taxi (PS2) and SSX (PS2)
shabadoo05 gets: Saving Silverman (DVD), Lethal Weapon 4 (DVD) and Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 (GBC)

9-Jan-2002BaseballCory gets: $4
MiniAustinPowers gets: SimCopter

6-Jan-2002BaseballCory gets: Unbreakable(DVD) and Gone In 60 Seconds(DVD)
JUVE15 gets: Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX(PSX), Gladiator(DVD) and $9

2-Jan-2002BaseballCory gets: Monty Python and the Holy Grail (DVD)
Millington gets: Godsmack (CD)

14-Dec-2001BaseballCory gets: terminator2 dvd
EmericA gets: yoshis story

12-Dec-2001BaseballCory gets: Cable Guy (DVD) and Varsity Blues (DVD)
G6155Type2 gets: Misfits (CD) and MXPX (CD)

3-Dec-2001BaseballCory gets: Gladiator (DVD)
Discover gets: Road Trip (DVD)

3-Dec-2001BaseballCory gets: The matrix and Gladiator dvds
BOOMER gets: Matt hoffman Pro Bmx

2-Dec-2001BaseballCory gets: $30 shipped
Jupiter gets: 3 Games and a PSX Controller

25-Nov-2001BaseballCory gets: X-Box System, Game Cube System and 10 Games for each
Aeroeagleboy69 gets: $800

7-Nov-2001BaseballCory gets: Incense Holder with about 100 incense, 2 Necklaces, 4 Sparklers, Pocket Knife, The Supertones (CD), Cold (CD)
M34Creed gets: Lit (CD), Orgy (CD), Static-X (CD)

5-Nov-2001BaseballCory gets: Philips CD Player
M34Creed gets: Ja Rule (CD), Goo Goo Dolls (CD), Incubus (CD), Outkast (CD)

26-Oct-2001BaseballCory gets: Laser Pointer with 23 Caps
Lunar gets: Tetris (GB) and Harvest Moon (GBC)

26-Oct-2001BaseballCory gets: N64 Expansion Pak
GETtheTables gets: $10

24-Oct-2001BaseballCory gets: $30 shipped
Skillsbills gets: Baseball and Basketball Cards

24-Oct-2001BaseballCory gets: $15 shipped
afroking gets: Pokemon Yellow (GB) and Pokemon Blue (GB)

19-Oct-2001BaseballCory gets: Laser Pointer
sinnie gets: Sleepy Hollow (VHS)

17-Oct-2001BaseballCory gets: $25
CapnCrunch gets: 3 CD's

30-Sep-2001BaseballCory gets: SSX (PS2)
Reticent_Rodent gets: $30 shipped

28-Sep-2001BaseballCory gets: $30 shipped
i_am_poor gets: Superman 64 (N64) and Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit (PC)

28-Sep-2001BaseballCory gets: Big Daddy (DVD)
Deadsexy gets: 14 Pokemon Holos

27-Sep-2001BaseballCory gets: Something About Mary, Anyalize This, Lethal Weapon 4 (DVDs)
Vandal gets: Oni (PS2), Test Drive 4 (PSX), $5

24-Sep-2001BaseballCory gets: CD's
SweetTooth gets: $30

21-Sep-2001BaseballCory gets: $18 shipped
Jupiter gets: Who Wants to be a Millionaire Sports Edition (PC)

21-Sep-2001BaseballCory gets: Moto Racer 2 (PSX), Army Men 3D (PSX), Test Drive 4 (PSX)
Milwbuck gets: Jet Force Jemini (N64)

11-Sep-2001BaseballCory gets: Sleepy Hollow (DVD)
segasonicfan gets: Mischief Makers (N64)

9-Sep-2001BaseballCory gets: Meet the Parents, The Exorcist, and Bomber Man Max Red Challenger
tayman26 gets: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (psx)

6-Sep-2001BaseballCory gets: Real Pool
Matt_The_Game gets: Amf Pro Bowl 3D

2-Sep-2001BaseballCory gets: Scary Movie (DVD)
Boss gets: Armored Core 2 (PS2)

2-Sep-2001BaseballCory gets: Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX (UNOPENED) (PSX)
inzane_07_ gets: Moto Racer (PC)

31-Aug-2001BaseballCory gets: PSX System, Driver (PSX), Controller, Memory Card
PuNkRoXeRwItATtItUdE gets: GBC System, BMX Biking (GBC), Worm Light, Car Adapter

31-Aug-2001BaseballCory gets: Oni
Artail15 gets: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

24-Aug-2001BaseballCory gets: $18 shipped
fum171 gets: 6 Star Wars Action Figures

20-Aug-2001BaseballCory gets: $15
nalod6 gets: Donkey Kong (GB)

20-Aug-2001BaseballCory gets: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and The Mummy the Ultimate Edition both DVD
Groo gets: Kirby 64 complete for N64

19-Aug-2001BaseballCory gets: System with 5 Games
Matt_The_Game gets: Sim Isle (PC), Real Pool (PC)

16-Aug-2001BaseballCory gets: Scream 3 and Deep Blue sea DVD's
Ninja1388 gets: Sublime 40oz to Freedom(CD), Powerman 5000 mega kung fu radio(CD), and Mission impossible(N64)

15-Aug-2001BaseballCory gets: $10
Vash_The_Stampede gets: bomberman 64

12-Aug-2001BaseballCory gets: Battle Tanx & Nintendo 64 Controller (Grey)
watujim gets: Supercross 2000 & Command and Conquer (PSX)

10-Aug-2001BaseballCory gets: Mission Impossible (N64), Bomberman 64 (N64), Turok (N64), 9 Pokemon Holos
evandreamcast gets: 3 Baseball Rookie Cards

4-Aug-2001BaseballCory gets: Armorines (n64)
LuminuS gets: Gran Turismo (PSX)

4-Aug-2001BaseballCory gets: Fighter's Destiny (N64)
Starwave27 gets: Digimon World (PSX)

4-Aug-2001BaseballCory gets: Harvest moon(gbc)tony hawks pro skater 2(gbc)
Deadsexy gets: Sim City(pc)Streets of Sim City(pc)

4-Aug-2001BaseballCory gets: $10
Munkay69 gets: Sevendust - Home

23-Jul-2001BaseballCory gets: Nintendo Memory Card for the Nintendo 64
bandit gets: $5 shipped

16-Jul-2001BaseballCory gets: Cruisin USA
Lunar gets: Pokemon Red and Blades of Steel

14-Jul-2001BaseballCory gets: yoshi's story(N64),diddy kong racing(N64),bomberman hero(N64), mischeif makers(N64)
GoTeN225o gets: AMF pro bowl 3D(PC), who wants 2 be a millionair(PC),NFL blitz(GBC),Thony hawk's pro skater(N64)