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Completed Trades

26-Dec-2009Crymzon1980 gets: GBA sp limited (whoareyou?) edition with case and 3 games (#1 ten pin alley 2)(#2 world champ poker)(#3 backyard basketball)
RyoHazuki gets: GTA Episodes from liberty city (NEW) and Bioshock complete (used) both for xbox 360

22-Dec-2009Crymzon1980 gets: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (GameCube)
ManiacMadman gets: $15 Paypal (normal paypal no gifted)

18-Jun-2008Crymzon1980 gets: Pokémon Battle Revolution (Nintendo Wii)
Osiris gets: $35 shipped priority with DC, paid by US postal money order

25-Jul-2007Crymzon1980 gets: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (Super Nintendo)
ou812now gets: Kirby Air Ride (GameCube)

8-Jul-2007Crymzon1980 gets: Skies of Arcadia Legends (GameCube)
360Baller gets: 29 shipped money order

11-May-2007Crymzon1980 gets: scrapped princess dvd
Neokitty gets: money

11-May-2007Crymzon1980 gets: Excel Saga Volume 3: when excels strike (out) (DVD)
Gamesrfun gets: 16$ shipped

17-Apr-2007Crymzon1980 gets: Day Of Reckoning GC
Mikey_P gets: Tetris Worlds GC

13-Apr-2007Crymzon1980 gets: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Super Nintendo)
Vapor gets: $15 Shipped

12-Apr-2007Crymzon1980 gets: Excel Saga Volume 1: the weirdness has begun (DVD)
Gamesrfun gets: Sonic Mega Collection (GameCube)

17-Mar-2007Crymzon1980 gets: Happy Lesson 1: Mom-Ageddon (DVD (fullscreen)), Happy Lesson 2: Mama-Palooza (DVD (fullscreen)), Happy Lesson 3: Mama-Lama-Ding Dong (DVD (fullscreen))
Qpalzm gets: $23 shipped

5-Sep-2006Crymzon1980 gets: Legaia 2: Duel Saga (PlayStation 2) [Condition: very good; Box: yes; Manual: yes; Has sticker remnants on front cover and a "Used" sticker on the back]
Longknife gets: $25 MO

5-Aug-2006Crymzon1980 gets: Tetris and Tetris 2 carts
rjpadin gets: $17.50 shipped USPS Money order

31-Jul-2006Crymzon1980 gets: Tenchi Universe: Time And Space Adventures (DVD (fullscreen))
Sana_chan5 gets: $10

5-Jun-2006Crymzon1980 gets: Sonic adventure 2 Battle
Jade gets: Bomberman, Hunch Back of Norte Dame, and Texas Hold em poker

27-Feb-2006Crymzon1980 gets: Tenchi Muyo OVA: Volume 2 (DVD)
Neokitty gets: 20 dollars plus shipping

17-Jan-2006Crymzon1980 gets: Vampire Princess Miyu: Volume 1: Initiation (DVD)
brian9824 gets: $12

28-Nov-2005Crymzon1980 gets: Tenchi Universe: On Earth III (DVD (fullscreen))
Neokitty gets: 15 cash or M.O.

14-Nov-2005Crymzon1980 gets: $15 Shipped
DennisHowerter gets: Sonic Heroes (GC - complete) and Zelda: The Wind Waker (GC - Complete)

7-Nov-2005Crymzon1980 gets: Tenchi Muyo GXP: Captain Seina Yamada (DVD)
brian9824 gets: $12

7-Nov-2005Crymzon1980 gets: Shrek (DVD)
Lady gets: 5 dollars.

29-Oct-2005Crymzon1980 gets: Legend of Legaia PS1
bwild22 gets: $25 via money order

24-Oct-2005Crymzon1980 gets: Puni Puni Poemy (DVD)
Nekojin gets: 16 bux shipped?

18-Oct-2005Crymzon1980 gets: Controller (Nintendo Entertainment System), Gauntlet (Nintendo Entertainment System), NES Zapper (Nintendo Entertainment System)
MajorGimp gets: $17

7-Sep-2005Crymzon1980 gets: Azumanga Daioh: The Animation 1 (DVD (fullscreen))
oldbenway gets: Mario Kart: Double Dash (GameCube)

9-Dec-2002Crymzon1980 gets: 5 Dollars
BiGBaLLaG gets: Pokemon Yellow

9-Dec-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Capcom vs.Snk
BiGBaLLaG gets: 5 Dollars

23-Oct-2002Crymzon1980 gets: WonderSwan Color blue/see-through metallic mint/complete
s0520870 gets: $45

1-Oct-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Crazy Taxi 2 DC
Hobbes gets: $$

27-Sep-2002Crymzon1980 gets: A NGPC system
ResidentEvil gets: A top loader NES with all connections and games

16-Sep-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Rockman & forte
oceanfr gets: $33

29-Aug-2002Crymzon1980 gets: $5
Ziv_Zulander gets: Galaga/Galaxian (GB cart only)

26-Aug-2002Crymzon1980 gets: 4 Pokemon Games and DBZ: Legacy of Goku
Neko gets: A Glacier GBA complete

24-Aug-2002Crymzon1980 gets: 5 dollars
BiGBaLLaG gets: Pokemon Yellow

14-Aug-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Tetris Plus (gb-cart only)
nalod6 gets: Final Fantasy Adventure (gb-cart only)

9-Aug-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Glacier GBA with scratched screen
Osiris gets: $40 postal money order

30-Jul-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Sega Dreamcast with games and hookups
Alien3 gets: 95 dollars shipped

7-Jun-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Marvel V Capcom 2
Suikoden gets: $45 shipped

6-Jun-2002Crymzon1980 gets: $17
wendhy26 gets: Sega Dreamcast Console ONLY no wires,etc.

6-Jun-2002Crymzon1980 gets: 12 check
delrockone gets: Turbo Grafx 16 w- World Class Baseball

25-Feb-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Puyo Pop for NGPC
Enix1283 gets: Money

25-Feb-2002Crymzon1980 gets: PSX w/ everything.
Enix1283 gets: Money

23-Feb-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Wonderswan and Gun Pey
Napoleon gets: Game Boy Advance Package

8-Feb-2002Crymzon1980 gets: $cash$
nalod6 gets: Quarth (gb-cart only)

4-Feb-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Sonic Blast
Jurassic_Shift gets: Panzer Dragoon Zwei

4-Feb-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Turbo Grafx with Keith Courage+15.00
RLeav20717 gets: JVC X' Eye with 5 games

4-Feb-2002Crymzon1980 gets: 25 dollars
RLeav20717 gets: Teal GBC with Pokemon Crystal

29-Jan-2002Crymzon1980 gets: A Dreamcast keyboard
lordly_llama gets: $20

28-Jan-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Saturn AV cable
RCyberninja gets: 6 dollars shipped

20-Jan-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Dark Savior, International Soccer (Sat, complete), Panzer Zwei (PAL,loose), Saturn controller
TahoeMax gets: Sony Dualshock 2 controller (PS2,new)

16-Jan-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Sega Dreamcast Package
PkErthbnd gets: Psx Package

13-Jan-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Sega Saturn Package
SakiraAngel gets: NeoGeo Pocket Color Package

7-Jan-2002Crymzon1980 gets: Final Fantasy 7 + Final Fantasy 8 (PSX)
AlphaGogo gets: Megaman Battle Network (GBA)

28-Dec-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Neo Geo Pocket
animallyson gets: 25 dollar Money order

26-Dec-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Sega Nomad Package
watujim gets: GBA Package

26-Dec-2001Crymzon1980 gets: MP-Trio MP3 player (complete)
Shrike gets: Smalltown Poets: Third Verse (CD), PSX dual shock controller, AV multi-system adapter, GBC package with Megaman Xtreme (GB), Legend of Zelda dx (GB), Q*bert (GBC), and Super Mario Bros. Dx (GB)

24-Dec-2001Crymzon1980 gets: 60 dollar money order
martinmania6 gets: A Nintendo 64

14-Dec-2001Crymzon1980 gets: a Game Gear and 2 games
Pelle gets: 25 dollars

10-Dec-2001Crymzon1980 gets: ViewBoy
chris88 gets: Harvest Moon (GBC)

3-Dec-2001Crymzon1980 gets: N64 package
Heagy gets: GBC Pokemon package

23-Nov-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Q*bert GBC game with instructions, Tamagotchi GB/GBC game, Gameboy System in original box
sinnie gets: Super Nintendo System, 2 controllers, hookups, super mario world game

21-Nov-2001Crymzon1980 gets: mario advance gba (jap, cart only) F-zero gba (US complete)
Umbrella_Inc gets: Atomic GBC, AC Adapter, Shock & Rock, Wormlight, & Magnifier

21-Nov-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Neo Geo Pocket Color Wormlight [UNOPENED] + 10 GB game cases
bandit gets: $45 shipped via Express Mail

20-Nov-2001Crymzon1980 gets: $3
m gets: Wario Land 2 Shipped [GB]

19-Nov-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Neo Geo Pocket Color with Sonic
Enix1283 gets: $45

19-Nov-2001Crymzon1980 gets: SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash
Enix1283 gets: $15

6-Nov-2001Crymzon1980 gets: $10
soja gets: Turbografx 16 AC Adapter

1-Nov-2001Crymzon1980 gets: NGPC Shock 'N' Rock
Jubei gets: Pokemon Gold

29-Oct-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Red, Tetris, Dr. Mario, Sneaky Snakes (all gb)
nalod6 gets: Neo Geo Pocket Color

26-Oct-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Cash
MindlessDisposal gets: 2 Keychains

22-Oct-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Pokemon Gbp carrying case
ThirdeYe gets: 2 dollar money order

22-Oct-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak
Ataribob gets: $3.50 postage stamp

12-Oct-2001Crymzon1980 gets: gb/gbc link cable
Tad gets: $2 for first class shipping

10-Oct-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Mega Man Xtreme, complete
egg gets: $20

3-Oct-2001Crymzon1980 gets: 25$ Money Order
FoxDale gets: NES system package

3-Oct-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Ten dollars
slickcat gets: Legend Of Zelda DX

17-Sep-2001Crymzon1980 gets: 8 dollars shipped
m gets: Zelda DX

13-Sep-2001Crymzon1980 gets: broke ngpc and $25
iwantsnesgames gets: ff2 (complete)

12-Sep-2001Crymzon1980 gets: A Mad Katz Magnifier, A GBC Worm Light, And Pokemon Yellow
ryan556 gets: A Game Gear with Super Columns

12-Sep-2001Crymzon1980 gets: a GBC Package
ryan556 gets: a Neo Geo Pocket Color

31-Aug-2001Crymzon1980 gets: 5 dollars
m gets: Mask of Zorro

25-Aug-2001Crymzon1980 gets: King of Fighters R-2 ( cart only ) , and 3 $
Dark_Crono gets: Final Fantasy 3 ( SNES ) Complete

18-Aug-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Pokemon Silver (GB)
neoguyver001 gets: Gameshark Pro (GB)

3-Aug-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Game Gear, 3 games, and 2 Game Boy Games
Blademaster74 gets: Xenogears for psx

14-Jul-2001Crymzon1980 gets: $3
pimpy69669 gets: Kung Fu and Super Mario/Duck Hunt/ Track Meet

11-Jul-2001Crymzon1980 gets: $4
Hobbes gets: High Octane, TNN 4x4 saturn

6-Jul-2001Crymzon1980 gets: $5
Reed gets: MT: Punchout and Punchout

18-Jun-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Game Boy Color
Twiske gets: 20 dollars plus shipping

12-Jun-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Game Boy Pocket(green)
matrix2001 gets: Twenty dollars

12-Jun-2001Crymzon1980 gets: clear gameboy pocket (system only) w/o the battery cover
wyfaboawch gets: Tony Hawks Pro Skater for N64

12-Jun-2001Crymzon1980 gets: gs peo pokemon red
fum171 gets: 4 gb games

11-Jun-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Wario Land
DaemoN gets: King Of Fighters 95

30-May-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Metal Gear Solid
speedyG gets: Atari 2600 with games

21-May-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Two Saturn games
DJ_Mo gets: Six Genesis games

21-May-2001Crymzon1980 gets: RPG Maker (PSX)
sa330206 gets: Tom Sawyer,Bad Street Brawler,Blades Of Steel,Captain Skyhawk,Dash Galazy,Jack Nickalous,Jurassic Park,Karnov,Kung Fu,Mighty Bombjack,NES Playaction,Pac Man,Tecmo Baseball,Tecmo Football (NES)

13-May-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Game Boy Pocket system + AC Adaptor
dragonforce99 gets: Sega Game Gear system

8-May-2001Crymzon1980 gets: 5 bucks (cheap, huh?)
SuperSayian77 gets: Mega Man 8 Special Anniversary Edition

7-May-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
NESfan gets: Contra, Baseball Stars, Skate or Die, Pacman (All NES)

27-Apr-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Game Boy Pocket
Mark gets: Final Fantasy V jap import

26-Apr-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Castelian w/ case for Gameboy
nalod6 gets: Pacman and Maze for Atari 2600

25-Apr-2001Crymzon1980 gets: 15 Pokemon cards
coruscate gets: gecko keychain and dog keychain

11-Apr-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Game Boy Pocket
beavis gets: Sega Genesis 3 with Ms. Pac-Man, Streets of Rage 2

9-Apr-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Koss CD player w/car adapter
Blade3D gets: SNES, BatlleToads/Double Dragon, Killer Instinct, and Super Tecmo Bowl

4-Apr-2001Crymzon1980 gets: $6
thrifthtml gets: TMNT 2 & 3, Ninja Gaiden I on NES

29-Mar-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Wireless controller, and clear green controller both psx
Jimi_Hetfield gets: Megaman Game Gear

26-Mar-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Genesis 3 w/ all hook ups & controller & some games :=D
luv2rave24_7 gets: Mega Man Legends 1, 2, & Misadventures of tron bonne (Psx complete & mint like :=D )

19-Mar-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Sega Saturn
Yate gets: 50.00 M.O.

14-Mar-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Gameboy system
drewski_11_00 gets: Tecmo Bowl (NES), Super Tecmo Bowl (NES), Baseball (NES), Top Gun (NES), & Donkey Kong Classics (NES)

12-Mar-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Dual Shock Controller(PSX)
Buzzkiller gets: 30 Block Memory Card(PSX)

9-Mar-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Final Fantasy V(PSX)
Suikoden gets: Mega Man(gb) Mega Man II(gb) Mega Man III(gb) Mega Man IV(gb) Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening(gb)

24-Feb-2001Crymzon1980 gets: Game Gear System
Blademaster74 gets: $20