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Completed Trades

28-Jul-2004Faucon1 gets: Empires: Dawn of the Modern World (PC)
mdauphin gets: Deadlock II: Shrine Wars (PC), Jane's Fleet Command (PC), People's General (PC)

15-Jul-2004Faucon1 gets: Tropico 2: Pirate Cove (PC)
miclogic gets: WWII Panzer Claws (PC)

11-Mar-2004Faucon1 gets: The Simpsons: Hit & Run (Xbox)
dseltz gets: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

18-Feb-2004Faucon1 gets: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Xbox)
BobaFett gets: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (Xbox)

13-Feb-2004Faucon1 gets: Sound Blaster Live!
kosuke85 gets: Zeus:MAster of Olympus, Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor

25-Nov-2003Faucon1 gets: Icewind Dale II (PC)
Sadismo gets: Age of Mythology (PC)

28-Aug-2003Faucon1 gets: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
MegaNesMan gets: 1503 A.D.

28-Jul-2003Faucon1 gets: Ape Escape (PlayStation)
Top8 gets: Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation)

28-Jul-2003Faucon1 gets: Command & Comquer : Generals
BigBopper gets: Battlefield 1942

11-Jul-2003Faucon1 gets: 1503 A.D.: The New World (PC)
AY2 gets: Tropico -- Mucho Macho Edition (PC)

17-May-2003Faucon1 gets: Age of Mythology
korriek gets: Dungeon Siege and Black and White

23-Apr-2003Faucon1 gets: Battlefield 1942 (PC)
Kiddycop gets: Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin (PC)

17-Jan-2003Faucon1 gets: Might and Magic IX
jgsax gets: Summoner

17-Jan-2003Faucon1 gets: Desparados and Etherlords
bill777 gets: Wizardry 8

23-Oct-2002Faucon1 gets: Sea Dogs
adeem gets: Merchant Prince 2

9-Sep-2002Faucon1 gets: Wizardry 8
blackman gets: Evil Island

4-Sep-2002Faucon1 gets: Dungeon Siege + Madden 2000 + Moto Racer
haanul gets: Operation Flashpoint + Motorhead + Lords of The Realm 2

2-Sep-2002Faucon1 gets: Tomba
Robert_III gets: Nox

12-Aug-2002Faucon1 gets: SimCity 3000 Unlimited
YocidK gets: Claw, Final Liberation, Soldiers at War

9-Aug-2002Faucon1 gets: Operation Flashpoint
Lauden147 gets: Empire Earth

3-Aug-2002Faucon1 gets: Zeus: Master Of Olympus
mackie gets: Anachronox

11-May-2002Faucon1 gets: ps1 Heart of Darkness
rdlaing gets: ps1 Spider Man 1

10-May-2002Faucon1 gets: Medal of Honor
j_factor gets: Donkey Kong Country 3

26-Apr-2002Faucon1 gets: Evil Islands + Deadlock 2
Urhixidur gets: Civilization III

20-Apr-2002Faucon1 gets: Spyro the Dragon (Playstation)
boogieman720 gets: Metal Marines (Super NES)

20-Apr-2002Faucon1 gets: Merchant Prince 2
EdSherman gets: The Sims:Hot Date

16-Apr-2002Faucon1 gets: The Corporate Machine and FIFA 98 for PSX
Uberstar gets: Tropico

6-Apr-2002Faucon1 gets: Empire Earth
EKravitz gets: Sudden Strike:Forever

28-Mar-2002Faucon1 gets: Risk 2
Steveman gets: Fallout Tactics

1-Mar-2002Faucon1 gets: Metal Gear Solid(PSX)
DOMINION gets: Half Life(pc)

10-Feb-2002Faucon1 gets: Tropico
Darkriders gets: Zoo Tycoon

29-Jan-2002Faucon1 gets: Black and White
Chen gets: Roller Coaster Tycoon

28-Jan-2002Faucon1 gets: Anachronox
cgrab gets: Arcanum

25-Jan-2002Faucon1 gets: FF8 (PSX)
Kevster gets: Earthbound

24-Jan-2002Faucon1 gets: NHL 2000 (PSX)
Shrike gets: Mechwarrior 3 (PC)

17-Jan-2002Faucon1 gets: Mortel Kombat 4 (PSX)
meteors gets: Icewind Dale(PC)

15-Jan-2002Faucon1 gets: Fall out 2 and Need for speed 3
varcel gets: Falcon 4.0 and 1602 ad

10-Jan-2002Faucon1 gets: Summoner
bill777 gets: Final Fantasy 8

25-Nov-2001Faucon1 gets: Roller Coaster Tycoon
rmfought gets: Planescape: Torment

28-Aug-2001Faucon1 gets: 1602 AD
Trevorg gets: Civilisation 2 and Fantastic world

20-Aug-2001Faucon1 gets: NHL 2000
Suikoden gets: Sanitarium

2-Aug-2001Faucon1 gets: Nox
GameRay gets: Age of Wonder

10-Jul-2001Faucon1 gets: Squad Leader and Half live
jstallings gets: 101 Airborn Invasion of Normandy and Baseball Mogul

28-Jun-2001Faucon1 gets: Icewind Dale
Soulman gets: Imperialisme 2

22-Jun-2001Faucon1 gets: Fallout
Richrat gets: Close combat

17-Jun-2001Faucon1 gets: Sanitarium
Zelgadis gets: Enemy Nations

17-May-2001Faucon1 gets: Might and Magic 7
Shadowplay gets: Railroad Tycoon 2

15-May-2001Faucon1 gets: Mechwarriors 3
singer gets: Pacific General

2-Dec-2000Faucon1 gets: Operational Art of war 2
Critch101 gets: Pharaoh

24-Aug-2000Faucon1 gets: Seven Kingdom 2
jon117 gets: Jagged Allience 2

17-Aug-2000Faucon1 gets: Soldiers @ War
Belladonna gets: Settlers 3

8-Aug-2000Faucon1 gets: Pharaoh
bully gets: Might and magic 8

6-Aug-2000Faucon1 gets: Pharaoh
bully gets: Might and Magic 8

12-May-2000Faucon1 gets: Abomination
Belladonna gets: Incubation and Wilderness Missions

10-May-2000Faucon1 gets: Imperialism 2 + Lords of the Realm 2
svoelker gets: Caesar 3 + X-COM: Apocalypse

8-May-2000Faucon1 gets: Baseball Mogul 99
fkuhlman gets: East Front

7-May-2000Faucon1 gets: Settlers 3
psychamp gets: Heroes of theMight and Magic 3

14-Apr-2000Faucon1 gets: Nuclear Strike
Fauxnetic gets: Dark Reign

12-Apr-2000Faucon1 gets: Might & Magic 8
Alpha gets: 1602 A.D.

11-Apr-2000Faucon1 gets: Janes Fleet Command
Fibble gets: Panzer General 3D

6-Apr-2000Faucon1 gets: Seven Kingdom 2
Calcium gets: Fallout 2

6-Apr-2000Faucon1 gets: Sid Meyer's Gettysburg
amc gets: Closecombat A bridge too far

3-Apr-2000Faucon1 gets: Falcon 4.0
turbism gets: Alpha Centauri