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Completed Trades

18-Nov-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: $15
patsyv gets: Civilization 2 & Clue Chronicles (PC games)

16-Nov-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: 18 dollers
BOOMER gets: Duel shock controller, Dino Crisis 2,WWF Smack Down 1

4-Nov-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: $7.50 (check)
LADYLINDA gets: Full Throttle PC game

3-Nov-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Cash
lordkaosu gets: 2 PSX Memory Cards (Sony Brand)

22-Oct-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Nancy Drew Treasure in the Royal Tower (in retail box)
aljuan gets: Jack Orlando (in retail box)

21-Oct-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Hopkins FBI & Cards 98 (both PC)
KwaZulu gets: Amber Journeys Beyond, Safecraker, Timelapse (all PC)

18-Oct-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Byantine: The Betrayal (PC) & Aureum (PC)
Ida gets: Theme Hospital (PSX) & Pizza Tycoon (PC)

17-Oct-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Air Bud (DVD)
Geodude gets: Virtua Racing (Genesis)

16-Oct-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Jack Orlando (PC)
Zoly gets: Myst (unopened PC game)

11-Oct-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: The Longest Journey (PC game)
losceibos gets: Riddle of Sohinx (PC game)

10-Oct-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Clip Art Creations (PC), Smart Games (PC), Discoworld 2 (PSX)
Belladonna gets: Driver 2 (PSX), Blade Runner (PC), Longest Journey (PC)

8-Oct-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Dust: A Tale Of The Wired West
Moonlight gets: Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned For Danger

6-Oct-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: 3D Tetrimania, Cross & Word Games, Boggle
Geodude gets: Sim Ant, Sim Earth, Sim Isle, Sim Life, Sim Safari

5-Oct-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: $19
AFultz075 gets: ToeJam & Earl in POF (genesis game)

5-Oct-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Monopoly (PSX) Hoyle Word Games, Azrael's Tear, YDKJ TV, Casper (PC)
SnowMoon gets: Disney's Villain's Revenge, 101 Dalmations Escape From Devil Manor, Mahjongg Master 2, Star Wars Monopoly, Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover (all for PC)

3-Oct-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Clandentiny (PC)
DodgeX gets: Timeline (PC)

2-Oct-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Rubik's Games (PC)
ccross gets: Murder She Wrote (PC)

29-Sep-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Incredible Machine: Contraptions
Kendahl gets: 3000 Fonts and Pandora's Box

28-Sep-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Blade Runner PC game
Granstrand gets: Gabriel Knight 3 PC game

27-Sep-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Zork Grand Inquisitor (PC)
Mushu gets: Traitor's Gate (PC)

25-Sep-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: The Psychotron (PC)
Burf90 gets: Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill (PC)

25-Sep-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Normality (PC)
Burf90 gets: Return of the Incredible Machine: Contraptions (PC)

19-Sep-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: $20 + $4.50 for priority postage
Icecat gets: Mod Squad & Star Gate DVD's

15-Sep-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Bible Touchdown (PC game)
Hobbes gets: PC Controller (Gravis Terminator)

6-Sep-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Bodyworks 5.0 (PC) & Dabbler 2 (PC)
Starwave27 gets: Deja Vu 1 & 2 (GBC), Need For Speed: High Stakes (PC) & Timelapse guide (PC)

4-Sep-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Flashback & Out of the World (genesis games)
ryanflucas gets: Heavy Gear 2, Mahjongg Classic, Rahjonee, Star Wars X-Wing Collection (PC games)

1-Sep-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: gameTZ t-shirt (with subscription)
bill gets: cash

31-Aug-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: James Pond 1 & 2 and Ms. Pacman (all Genesis)
DutchStriker gets: Road Rash 3D and Road Rash Jailbreak (both PSX)

29-Aug-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Civilization 2, Tomb Raider 2 & Broken Sword 2 (PC games)
KATos gets: Escape from Monkey Island & Sheep (PC games)

27-Aug-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Rainbow Six (PC)
shadow1 gets: Fear Effect (PSX)

27-Aug-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Disney's Villians Revenge
T2Rulz gets: Fast Food Tycoon (PC) & Magical Racing Tour (PSX)

24-Aug-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Genesis games: Bubsy 2, Sonic 2, Spot Goes to Hollywood, World of Illusion, Sonic & Knuckles and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (PSX)
mentalpowers gets: Game Boy Color

20-Aug-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Full Throttle PC game
Alkis gets: The Ward PC game

19-Aug-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: $30
acdemers gets: Search & Rescue 1 & 2 PC games

15-Aug-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Traitor's Gate (PC), The Santa Clause (VHS)
shipwreck gets: Theme Hospital (PC), The Burbs (VHS), Star Trek book

12-Aug-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Tony Hawk 2 (PSX)
idiotbox gets: Tomb Raider 2 (PSX) & Gran Turismo (PSX)

3-Aug-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: "Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge" Playstation game
cborgman gets: "Silent Hill" Playstation game

1-Aug-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Riddle of the Sphinx and The Ward
deputydawgs gets: American McGees Alice

1-Aug-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Torin's Passage PC game w/jewel case
Lagetta gets: $100,000 Pyramid PC game w/box

23-Jul-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Broken Sword 2 (PXS) & 2 memory cards (PSX)
Galoot gets: Dino Crisis 2 (PSX)

16-Jul-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: murphy's romance (video) large print - reader's digest magazines and large print guide post magzines
rainbowgirl gets: ''v'' - final battle (video) and 'v' trading cards

7-Jul-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: 5,500 questions and answers (book)
lorddraven gets: criminology(book)

2-Jul-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Toy Story, Zombies Ate My Neighbors & MJ's Moonwalker (all genesis)
SweetyPie gets: Driver (PSX)

2-Jul-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Escape From Monkey Island (PC), Eliminator (PSX), Don't Talk To Strangers (VHS), Meet Joe Black (VHS), The Matrix (VHS)
sgtshaggy gets: 3D Total Home (PC), Elementary Sunday School Music (PC), Hoyle Word Games (PC), Yoot Tower (PC), Lemmings Revolution (PC), The Matrix (DVD)

2-Jul-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Azure Dreams

26-Jun-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Skitchin complete, Aladdin cart only
SweetyPie gets: money order

23-Jun-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Paperboy (genesis/cart only)
AaronMims gets: $5 money order

22-Jun-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Top Shop(PSX) & Shove It (gen)
dgc9677 gets: Sim Theme Park (PSX)

18-Jun-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: 4 Genesis games: Dr. Robonik's Mean Bean Machine, Family Fued, Toy Story & Wheel of Fortune
Rick gets: Arcade Party Pak (playstion game) and Hard Cover book Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone

16-Jun-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Rosco McQueen and Twisted Metal 1 (Both complete PSX games)
icpfan1999 gets: Ski Resort Tycoon (PC)

13-Jun-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Fear Effect - playstation game
FteAlucard gets: Nancy Drew Message in the Haunted House - PC game

13-Jun-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: PC games: 101 Dalmatians Escape from Devilmanor, Timeline, Deathtrap Dungeon, Flight Unlimited and playstion game Tomb Raider 2
obgyn1 gets: Playstation games: Breath of Fire 3, Bugs Bunny Lost in Time & Driver 2 and PC game Barbie Pet Rescue

11-Jun-2001FirmBelieverInGod gets: Sega Genesis 2 system with 1 controller, cords and 4 genesis games: Clue, Road Rash, Lion King, Frogger
chickenpuppet gets: Dino Crisis 2 and X-Files playstation games and 5 V tapes (mini-series & movie)