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Completed Trades

4-Oct-2006Spud gets: Burnout: Revenge (Xbox 360)
seanner gets: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Xbox 360)

2-Oct-2006Spud gets: PGR3
swetooth9 gets: nintendogs

28-Dec-2004Spud gets: 14 weeks subtime
ou812now gets: Rat Race DVD

22-Nov-2004Spud gets: DVD-RW/CD-RW Drive (PC)
plowboy gets: From Russia with Love (DVD), The Living Daylights (DVD), xbox game and controller

16-Sep-2004Spud gets: $20US shipped
Bighab gets: Electronic Intercept boardgame(complete and working)

5-Sep-2004Spud gets: $20 shipped
platinumfungi gets: Faery Tale(complete) and Traysia (complete) for Sega Genesis

28-Aug-2004Spud gets: Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP (Game Boy Advance)
Brtngeek gets: Sega Dreamcast (Dreamcast)

16-Aug-2004Spud gets: $17.50 US PayPal shipped
the_wizard_666 gets: Gremlins (Sealed) & Lane Mastodon vs The Blubbermen, both for Apple II

24-Jul-2004Spud gets: $$
Jurassic_Shift gets: 2 Turbo Duo Controllers

10-Jul-2004Spud gets: 5 Months Subtime
Kanuck gets: "O" DVD

30-Jun-2004Spud gets: $100
Apoc gets: Mario sheets and comforter

30-Jun-2004Spud gets: $100
Apoc gets: Lot of computer games and strategy guides

30-Jun-2004Spud gets: $100
Apoc gets: old ti-99 and accessories and games

21-Jun-2004Spud gets: $25
FFF gets: Sega Genesis games (7) & 32X with game

19-Jun-2004Spud gets: Cash
Stiler gets: 2 Action Figures

24-May-2004Spud gets: $
sportbettor gets: famicom disc games + whacked Xbox

15-Mar-2004Spud gets: Mario Party 4 (GameCube)
Kon07 gets: Evo (Super Nintendo)

15-Nov-2003Spud gets: 35.00 and 12.00 shipping
Crumie gets: Mario and Zelda Comforter and an NES Carring Bag with Mario on it.

11-Oct-2003Spud gets: Paypal Money
encrypt gets: Toe Jam and Earl 3

24-Sep-2003Spud gets: Some Neo Geo MVS games
Guts gets: MegaDrive system and some games

4-Sep-2003Spud gets: The Color Purple (DVD (wide+full))
animallyson gets: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension! (DVD)

19-Jul-2003Spud gets: Xbox
immediategameing gets: 10 PS2 Games & 1 DVD

18-Jul-2003Spud gets: $65 US including Shipping
Bighab gets: Vectrex Multicart

15-Jul-2003Spud gets: Famicom games
Napoleon gets: $14

27-Jun-2003Spud gets: 9 xbox games
dylan gets: 18 dvd

16-May-2003Spud gets: Unreal Championship (Xbox)
encrypt gets: Galaxy Quest & Dracula 2000 (DVD)

9-May-2003Spud gets: Phantom Crash (Xbox) complete and in excellent condition
DarkManX gets: Deathrow (Xbox) complete and in excellent condition

3-May-2003Spud gets: Rallisport Challenge xbox
Stiler gets: Made SE and Dog Soldiers Dvds.

24-Apr-2003Spud gets: Conflict Desert Storm, $20 Paypal
scowboy12 gets: 5 DVDs: Shadow of the Vampie, Sexy Beast, Big Hit, Brother, 24 Hrs. In london

21-Apr-2003Spud gets: $$
PeteKelly gets: Monsters Ball and Forsaken (DVDs) both great condition

2-Apr-2003Spud gets: Turbo Duo and Saturn Lot
Feeb gets: Money

11-Mar-2003Spud gets: Mech Assault XBOX
Souljah gets: Dead or Alive 3 XBOX, Resident Evil DVD

7-Mar-2003Spud gets: Meet Joe Black DVD, money (mint, complete, and Region 1)
removed1 gets: Batman, Serendipity DVD's (mint, complete, and Region 1)

4-Feb-2003Spud gets: Deathrow (XBOX)
Mendo gets: Several DVD's

4-Feb-2003Spud gets: 25.00
Stiler gets: Robocop criterion collection

30-Dec-2002Spud gets: D815EEA Motherboard
Acidwarp01 gets: 20 via Paypal.

18-Dec-2002Spud gets: cash
plowboy gets: Rush Hour 2 & Scream 3

12-Dec-2002Spud gets: $25 Paypal
thejake19 gets: Spy Kids, Cats & Dogs, and Little Nicky (all DVDs)

2-Dec-2002Spud gets: Money
animallyson gets: Star Trek and D&D DVDs

2-Dec-2002Spud gets: Halo & original X box controller
birdfart gets: Buffy the Vamp Slayer XBox & 2 dvds

21-Nov-2002Spud gets: $30 shipped
John gets: Evolution, Harry Potter, & Logan's Run DVDs

7-Nov-2002Spud gets: Wrestlemania X8 (Gamecube)
Broccoli gets: Gran Turismo 3, The Bouncer, both Ps2

29-Oct-2002Spud gets: PC Processor, RAM & HD
faust69usa gets: Large DVD Package

5-Oct-2002Spud gets: South Park Movie (complete) DVD SpongeBob 10 Sea Worthy Tales (complete) DVD
Groo gets: Ghostbusters (complete) DVD Disney's Atlantis (complete) DVD

15-Sep-2002Spud gets: Super Monkey Ball
Eternalfate gets: Super Smash Bros. Melee

16-Aug-2002Spud gets: saturn and dreamcast games, secret of mana
NeoGeo1 gets: Neo geo system with controller

10-Sep-2001Spud gets: Import DC lot
Feeb gets: PC Engine Lot

18-May-2001Spud gets: $54.50
Bucchiac gets: Lunar Silver Star Story (Saturn, complete)

27-Jan-2001Spud gets: $100.00
Crazy_Train gets: Amiga CD 32 system with hook-ups

11-Sep-2000Spud gets: Money
Cro gets: Turbo Duo + 2 games

24-Feb-2000Spud gets: Slave Zero
OutBlaZE gets: Sonic Adventure

5-Feb-2000Spud gets: Sony MD bundle
tadow gets: CD32 w/game

22-Jun-1999Spud gets: Namco Vol 2, Namco Vol 4 PSX
Photoc gets: cash

22-Jun-1999Spud gets: Everquest & Cash
DLeverett gets: Rogue Squadron N64

22-Jun-1999Spud gets: super gameboy
NMC2007 gets: sonic r

14-May-1999Spud gets: Used Atari 2600 system, complete, no game
oldrob gets: { PENDING } PC Buck Rogers

10-May-1999Spud gets: New, unopened Windows98 CD * book
oldrob gets: pending : New Western Digital 1 Gig harddrive

5-May-1999Spud gets: zelda n64
ljdragon gets: final fantasy vii psx, vandal hearts psx

18-Apr-1999Spud gets: Jaguar with 1 controller and 8 games, Gameboy with Pokemon, Pro Action Replay, Tetris, 3DO Slayer
ChrisKW1 gets: SNS UFO 6 Backup system, 2 CD-ROMS with games and utilities

27-Mar-1999Spud gets: Sukioden & $10
Darkrunner gets: Heavy Gear

15-Mar-1999Spud gets: Neo Geo System w/ 1 Game, Castlevania-N64, 1 PSX dual shock controller.
CobraCommander1975 gets: Famicom System & 6 games, Turbo Game Doctor-FAM.

3-Mar-1999Spud gets: cash
TOMMYs1200 gets: Neo Geo cart system complete, Neo Geo cart - Blue's Journey, 3 Famicom disk games, and Zelda Game & Watch

3-Mar-1999Spud gets: cash
TOMMYs1200 gets: Neo Geo cart - Top Player's Golf

23-Feb-1999Spud gets: $$cash$$
Freyr gets: Panzer Dragoon Saga (SAT)

20-Feb-1999Spud gets: 32 megs of RAM
MasterOfPuppets gets: Gameboy Pocket

17-Feb-1999Spud gets: Rogue Squadron (N64)
matta gets: Quake II (PC) and Armored Core(PSX)

16-Feb-1999Spud gets: Cash
Cookie gets: Myth

2-Feb-1999Spud gets: Zelda 64
Inspector_7 gets: Game Doctor SF 3 (snes)

23-Jan-1999Spud gets: Gameshark 64
Ranamon gets: Tekken 3

4-Jan-1999Spud gets: Tekken 3
tcastle1 gets: Anime Video

4-Jan-1999Spud gets: Elemental Gearbolt
the_piston1 gets: Alundra

20-Dec-1998Spud gets: 486 color laptap
MPeters gets: Playstation and games

5-Dec-1998Spud gets: jumping flash 2
Jiriki gets: wipeout XL

3-Nov-1998Spud gets: Saga Frontier and Final Fantasy 3
SaltyChef gets: Monster Rancher

3-Nov-1998Spud gets: Sega Nomad +Cash
Lawgiver gets: Genesis and TG16 games

24-Oct-1998Spud gets: Goldeneye 007, Mario 64
kielg gets: Parasite Eve

19-Oct-1998Spud gets: Game Gear and battery pack
jwf2 gets: Saturn Bubble Bobble and Famicom Star Wars

4-Oct-1998Spud gets: Panzer Dragoon Saga (Sat)
JohnsMullin gets: Multi-tap (PSX)

24-Sep-1998Spud gets: Battlezone OEM
Darkfrog gets: Ultim@te Race Pro

19-Sep-1998Spud gets: GEN games, PSX games
Lawgiver gets: Jaguar and stuff

18-Sep-1998Spud gets: PSX system
NeoGenesis gets: D(SAT), panzer dragoon (SAT), SAT memory card, goldeneye (N64), bomberman(N64), S F Rush (N64)

7-Sep-1998Spud gets: Time Crisis with guncon+Tekken 3+$10 cash
icet gets: Alundra+Max Force+Final Fantesy Tactics with strategy guide

11-Aug-1998Spud gets: Alundra
JohnsMullin gets: Wild Arms

7-Aug-1998Spud gets: $30
Prozacboy gets: Waverace 64

23-Jul-1998Spud gets: Cash
Paranox gets: PGA Tour 97

22-Jul-1998Spud gets: g-police,ultimate race pro and incoming
syntac gets: you dont know jack

22-Jul-1998Spud gets: Cash
Bigguy gets: Doom PSX

19-Jul-1998Spud gets: Cash
frodo gets: Lord of the Rings

19-Jul-1998Spud gets: Cash
mikeb gets: Suikoden

18-Jul-1998Spud gets: Starcraft
JNOV gets: Age of Empires

21-Jun-1998Spud gets: Jag & Jag CD
JasonSmalley gets: 4 Saturn Games

21-Jun-1998Spud gets: Vandal Hearts
dwilli gets: Eye of the Beholder II Hintbook

26-May-1998Spud gets: Myth
bmiller gets: Incubation

26-May-1998Spud gets: Cash
oldmj gets: Final Fantasy Legend I & II (GB)

20-May-1998Spud gets: Starcraft
Cadfael gets: Fallout

12-May-1998Spud gets: Bomberman 64, Quaterback Club 98 N64
OldAndy gets: Last Bronx SAT, Megaman 8 SAT, Touring Car SAT

27-Apr-1998Spud gets: Duke Nukem Total Meltdown (PSX)
Unas gets: Ridge Racer (PSX)

27-Apr-1998Spud gets: Alundra
OldMarcus gets: Vandal Hearts

7-Apr-1998Spud gets: Hyper 3-D Pinball PC
Dukestar gets: Worms PC

19-Mar-1998Spud gets: 2 Gameboy games
Ida gets: Theme Hospital PC

10-Feb-1998Spud gets: Fallout PC
Kelly gets: Power Play 98 PC

24-Jan-1998Spud gets: Game Gear & Genesis Package
terry gets: 2 N64 games

15-Jan-1998Spud gets: Jedi Knight
OldKahuna gets: Shadows of the Empire PC

4-Jan-1998Spud gets: 4 PSX items
Ryan_old gets: 4 PC Games

4-Jan-1998Spud gets: S.F. Rush & Age of Empires
Braveheart gets: Mario 64, Star Fox 64, Rumble Pak, USD $10

4-Jan-1998Spud gets: Dragon Force (SAT)
PedroUNo gets: Daytona USA CCE

4-Jan-1998Spud gets: PC Modem
CarlG gets: Theme Hospital & F22 Lightning II

18-Dec-1997Spud gets: N64 Package
titan2497 gets: Playstation Package

7-Nov-1997Spud gets: Snes Games
bill gets: PC Games

28-Oct-1997Spud gets: P.G.A. Tour 97 and $20
Ryan_old gets: Steering Wheel