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Bad Trader Reports

Zaspera BTRs1-Aug-2013
Status: active
Reporter: creativeone

Pending Trade was created in early May 2013 for a PP Loan. I told "kyle" that I didn't care how he repaid the loan back (payment wise whether weekly, bi weekly, or paid in full with interest on 7/31) as long was it was in full BY 8/1/13. It isn't. To his small credit though, I have received a mere $26 from him 1 week after this trade was opened.

Zaspera had double gold stars from our good trader rating system, you know, that thing that we use around here as a symbol of TRUST. Before the trade, I didn't realize that Zaspera had spent a mere 6 months working up to 100+ trades. It's been done before, granted, but again, the thought didn't cross my mind. Lesson learned here- make sure your traders that have higher stars have been here for a reasonable amount of time before trading.

I have been here for 6 YEARS, I've dealt with a couple of twits in my time here, but NOTHING to this extent. This is my first BTR I've had to file, and I was proud up to this day that I didn't know how, and didn't think I ever had to, that's how awesome GTZers have been to me. But no. I had to learn (and file) a BTR today.....for the first 6 sad.

Zaspera, I've already accepted the fact that i'm out the money I loaned you. Sadder yet, you don't have the balls or courage to identify your real self to people so we can come after you in a court of law, like I know you've had trouble with the law in the past. I didn't hold it against you- despite the fact that I was bombed with inbox messages from fellow traders to bad trader back in mid july. I gave you a chance, I gave you another chance, and literally after that, ANOTHER chance. My Correspondence to you has SHOWN that. I didn't want to believe what everyone else was telling me.....but now I am forced to. You are full of lies, you are deceitful, you are pathetic.

Despite the fact that I tried looking for a mugshot, or any kind of arrest record for you and couldn't get my hands on one, and it says that your address has no relative information or anything of the sort, also raises some concerns to me as well. If people get arrested, their arrest records are made public at little to no charge, depending on the state that you are in. I was willing to pay to see what the hell actually happened, and that would then create my flexibility in this matter, but I've got nothing.

If I EVER get a hold of your real information, please know I am taking you to claims court over this, and I WILL force you to give me my money back, plus interest, PLUS damages...... $300 will soon erupt into $1K PLUS if you don't pay this back. I thought I was helping out a fellow trader from a site that I consider (kinda sorta) a family. You took advantage of it, and you slapped me across the face with it. For that, I am ashamed of you.

I believe I am the last of the pending traders at this point with you to file a BTR against you.

Fulfill your end of the deal, get a nasty rating from me, and be done with it.
I will NEVER trade with you again.
I will NEVER take this BTR down, even if you do pay me, because I want you to carry and weigh this shame and burden every time you log into this site, and realize that you have SCREWED OVER SOME GOOD PEOPLE HERE ON THE SITE.

Also, Bill or whomever else, closing my pending with him and remove it from my records will also be much appreciated.

(If anyone else is reading this and can get me REAL contact information for "Kyle", It would be much appreciated. I WILL TAKE LEGAL ACTION AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE).

if anyone reads this or has questions, you are encouraged to inbox me. Thank you.


"Creative One"

Zaspera BTRs13-Jul-2013
Status: active
Reporter: rrrooobb

One month ago I loaned Zaspera $50 paypal in exchange for a $75 repayment one month later. I have not received this repayment or any notification from him (although it seems he likes to login in to the site multiple times per day).

Normally this would be pre-mature but due to the significant amount BTRs filed prior to this one I am just getting it out of the way.

...Blah blah blah same as all of the other BTRs listed below this one.

This BTR can be resolved when he pays me the $75 repayment we agreed to. If it's a struggle I will take it in increments.

Otherwise Zaspera, if you are just going to take off and rip people off, you suck, and don't be surprised if someone poops in an envelope and mails it to you grin

Zaspera BTRs12-Jul-2013
Status: active
Reporter: MajorGimp

Well about a month and a half ago (around the time Bill posted his BTR), I agreed to loan Zaspera a short-term PayPal loan. He was a multi-gold star trader and we dealt before. So I didn't think much of it. However, here it is due date and not a word from him. Sadly as I saw the BTRs pilling up, I didn't gain much faith. But I was hoping he had his reasons. This BTR will come down when he repays me the $320 we agreed to. If he is having issues, I will take portions. But you need to communicate with someone and not just hope the problem will go away. But by the fact he has now like 5 BTRs and has yet to respond to any of them, I don't think he cares. If he tucks tail and runs at this point, I wouldn't be surprised. Pissed, but not surprised. Prove me and everyone else wrong Zas. At least make an effert to get this crap fixed.

Zaspera BTRs8-Jul-2013
Status: active
Reporter: wp

stephensrandal gets
3DS XL pikachu edition
Zaspera gets
$60 down and then $140 in installments via Paypal

Kyle Ellis aka Zaspera, it is upon due service that I present to you a Bad Trader Report (BTR) for your lack of communication and not coming through at the end of your trade, with acknowledgement and consideration of your current status of not fulfilling your current pended trades .
This trade was pended forth on June the 11th, and you received partial part of my part of the trade (downpayment) on June the 11th, it has been twenty-seven days since that time.The last set of communication/reply you have made was back on June the 15th, marking your end of the trade as sent with the message -- "I'll provide tracking when I get home".
No form of tracking has been provided since that message and date, furthermore upon myself leaving a message on our pending trade page, inquiring as to the tracking number; no reply was given.

I would like to state we have done three previous successful trades prior into going into our fourth trade together. Based on your previous behavior and conduct in regards to our previous trades, and taking notice of your completed successful trades with other members, I had not expected that an individual such as yourself to be going down this path of outright thievery. I am saddened and dismayed as to the decisions and actions that led to these unfortunate turn of events and I have taken this act of fraud as another lesson learned (among several I have experienced here on GTZ), and upon having defended you as a person in one particular thread topic, I am even more saddened and dismayed at your lack of a proper response or motivation of fixing your current and impending BTRs. I had stated, that time and the benefit of the doubt would be placed upon you, but that time has passed and judgement from our group has been bestowed upon you swiftly, hoping to achieve a form of justice for your in-action.

It has come to our group's attention, with the aid of Bill and the helpful responsible members of our community, that you have had a past history of crime outside GTZ; having been jailed for stealing UV codes from Walmart with it also in relation to being on parole. That information was not made public until now, and was the main cause of you receiving a BTR (that has been expunged) from ResqTek. You carried yourself with dignity and prudence then, thus we were led to believe you would of been able to do the same now, but most likely it had sowed the seeds for your current and carried out plan of leaving the site with multiple cases of fraud. If that was the case, then it truly shows how horrible and despicable a human being you are.That is unacceptable and a probable course of action, would be to get the local authorities in your area involved or whatever means of legal justice that can be sought.

This is my second time (and once again hopefully last) filing a BTR, and I do not take pleasure in the feeling that comes with filing such a report. But upon consultation from Bill, our group of traders who had been involved in this massive scam, and several esteemed members from the community, I believe that this is the best course to take in this circumstance. Bill has also emailed and has sent communication with you, but you no resolution could be made as of this posting.

How to Fix This --- It is not too late to do right to your wrongs, as I would accept a return refund of my $60 made in downpayment to you -- be it how unlikely it may be. I am grateful that I had not sent the amount of payment owed in full, and I take great shame in that others have had much more of loss than I have had and have paid a heavy price in regards to your fraudulent activity. I hope that karma shows mercy upon your soul for it will drastic, as in the end, everybody is paid their dues.Thank you for reading and for your time.

William Patton (stephensrandal)

Zaspera BTRs7-Jul-2013
Status: active
Reporter: Ranchan

I purchased a Pikachu 3DS XL system, and 16 gb Vita memory card for $190 gifted paypal. Payment was sent on June 11th. Zaspera supposedly sent out the package on June 15th, but never provided a tracking number. It has been three weeks, and the package has not arrived in the mail.

Zaspera BTRs19-Jun-2013
Status: active
Reporter: stagman35

Pended a trade with Zaspera on June 11th for some Wii games and accessories. After pending, I was notified by Bill of suspicious behavior by Zaspera. I asked Zaspera about it and he was angry about receiving Bill's BTR since he hadn't actually done anything at that point. Seeing that he hadn't actually ripped anyone off yet and he had just completed a high value trade, I went ahead with the trade. After sending, Zaspera informed me he would be sending out Monday. On Tuesday, I asked for an update and did not receive an answer. I've sent two more messages and an email and still haven't gotten a response from Zaspera despite seeing that he has logged in within five minutes of each of my messages being sent. Usually I would be more patient, but with the BTR from Bill already there and the fact that I know he is getting my messages and still not replying, I feel my situation confirms Bill's suspicions and warrants a BTR of it's own.

Zaspera BTRs12-Jun-2013
Status: active
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this mainly as a warning of suspicious behavior. As far as I know, Zaspera has not ripped anyone off. But, I've gotten a number of reports from other traders of him behaving suspiciously.

For example, he was asking for a loan of $200 with a payback of $320 after a month. This is unusually large amount of interest to pay over a short time. Zaspera has a few other pending loans as well. It looks like more than one person may have made this $200 loan with him.

Zaspera also has pended out a number of 3DS systems. He seems to have used the same info/picture for each of them and they are fairly high-value items as well.

I have other reports of Zaspera offering more than what an item is worth on a high value device (e.g. an iPhone for $500). In all these cases people are sending first to him.

Zaspera has a Double Gold Star and many good trades under his belt for the 6 months he's been at GameTZ. Some have noted that most of his trades were for smaller or low value items, but many of his recent trades and pendings are for high value stuff.

I hope this is all a misunderstanding. But, I feel like I have to warn people in case it's not and he's about to pull a big scam here. If these suspicions are accurate then it may be too late since most of his pendings have already sent. But, I at least this should stop any more people from getting scammed.

Zaspera - I'll send you a pm as well. I apologize if this is a mistake.

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