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Completed Trades

11-Aug-2018chupaskabra gets: 9.7" 128 gig iPad Pro
michaeld gets: $320 PayPal gift or 329.87 regular payment

14-Mar-2014chupaskabra gets: Kirbys return to dreamland
Blu_Ray_Freak gets: 40$ shipped

7-Mar-2014chupaskabra gets: Rayman Legends Wii U
BigNasty gets: 27 gifted or family / friends paypal

15-Jun-2012chupaskabra gets: Club Nintendo: Game & Watch Collection 2 (Nintendo DS)
gameremporium gets: 13 gifted paypal

2-Mar-2011chupaskabra gets: FEAR2
Lushin gets: 10 paypal

23-Jan-2011chupaskabra gets: Resident Evil Gold Edition
Amir gets: 23 paypal

17-Dec-2010chupaskabra gets: final fantasy Mystic Quest CIB
Neokitty gets: 25 plus shipping

18-Aug-2010chupaskabra gets: Boxes/manuals below
DR_SPOCK gets: PP funds

17-May-2010chupaskabra gets: Overlord: Minions (Nintendo DS), Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness (Nintendo DS), Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time (Nintendo DS)
Atmaweapon11111 gets: 35 shipped

4-May-2010chupaskabra gets: Final Fantasy IV (Nintendo DS)
Deadpool gets: $14 Paypal Gifted

4-May-2010chupaskabra gets: Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Gypsy gets: 25 shipped

27-Apr-2010chupaskabra gets: Fatal Fury hat

22-Feb-2010chupaskabra gets: Clubhouse Games
MJStraughan gets: $10

15-Feb-2010chupaskabra gets: Devil Summoner 2 with Plush (Ps2 sealed)
NINTENDOMASTER gets: $21 + shipping

4-Feb-2010chupaskabra gets: Tekken 6 Limited Edition Wireless Fight Stick Bundle (Xbox 360)
BucketofJustice gets: 40$ shipped

15-Dec-2009chupaskabra gets: Sick of it all hoodie, SOIA shirt, Tiger army shirt, Goldfinger shirt
Simon_Belmont gets: $26 shipped

12-Dec-2009chupaskabra gets: Club Nintendo mario hat
iJohn gets: 20 shipped via paypal

16-Nov-2009chupaskabra gets: Ice Climbers (complete)
Nintendo_Zombie gets: $15 paypal

27-Oct-2009chupaskabra gets: Futurama Nibbler wind up robot
Chef_Charley gets: $20 shipped media mail

26-Oct-2009chupaskabra gets: Golf Grand Slam (Nintendo Entertainment System), Karate Champ (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Izumo gets: paypal

26-Oct-2009chupaskabra gets: Rob The Robot
ManiacMadman gets: 45 shipped

17-Oct-2009chupaskabra gets: Game And Watch collection USA
Dandylion180 gets: 20+shipping

7-Sep-2009chupaskabra gets: Boxes/manuals below

28-Jul-2009chupaskabra gets: Baseball Stars 2 (Nintendo Entertainment System), Bill Elliot's NASCAR Challenge (Nintendo Entertainment System), Casino Kid (Nintendo Entertainment System), Palamedes (Nintendo Entertainment System), Super Spike V'Ball (Nintendo Entertainment System), Robo Cop Complete, Rampart complete and Archon Complete
bonanza125 gets: $ Paypal

28-Jul-2009chupaskabra gets: super mario rpg box
MrZeem gets: 15 paypal

9-Apr-2009chupaskabra gets: Console Boxes - the classics
closetQueen gets: $33

26-Mar-2009chupaskabra gets: Killer 7 (GameCube),
hatty gets: a million thanks

6-Mar-2009chupaskabra gets: purple gameboy color
classicrock909 gets: $

26-Feb-2009chupaskabra gets: Grey DS Phat "EXTRAS"
Fable gets: 10 via paypal

20-Feb-2009chupaskabra gets: PS2 network adaptor startup disc, banjo kazooie demo
lightslime gets: $3.50 paypal shipped

20-Feb-2009chupaskabra gets: 4 guides shipped Media Mail
Geekquisitions gets: $15 paypal

13-Feb-2009chupaskabra gets: Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360)
e4g gets: $36 Non-CC Paypal

10-Feb-2009chupaskabra gets: Brainies CIB mint Bebe's Kids CIB mint
Sneeks gets: 40 bucks paypal + fees

10-Feb-2009chupaskabra gets: Super Mario World Super Mario Advance 2 manual only
bonanza125 gets: $4.50 shipped/paypal fee

10-Feb-2009chupaskabra gets: items below
Mezmoron gets: 43 shipped

10-Feb-2009chupaskabra gets: Yoshi's Story Box/Manual, Mission Impossible Box, Cobra Command Complete, Seicross + Box, Skate or Die + Box
Sticky gets: 26.06 Paypal

6-Feb-2009chupaskabra gets: various boxes and manuals.
kuriatsu gets: 50 dollars shipped

5-Feb-2009chupaskabra gets: Bonks Adventure Cart and manual
GauzeTurbo gets: 40 bucks shipped

4-Feb-2009chupaskabra gets: items below
USMCGrunt gets: 22 shipped

26-Jan-2009chupaskabra gets: various nintendo games
greedostick gets: 55 shipped

24-Jan-2009chupaskabra gets: nes games
paulbert7 gets: $50 paypal

22-Jan-2009chupaskabra gets: metal gear solid manual
lightslime gets: $3 money order or concealed cash

22-Jan-2009chupaskabra gets: NES manuals - Blaster Master, Kung Fu
Duallies gets: $4 PayPal

22-Jan-2009chupaskabra gets: altered beast clamshell case and manual
TheNewKnightmare gets: 4 dollars well concealed cash

15-Jan-2009chupaskabra gets: disgaea guide
DR_SPOCK gets: 5 + shipping

14-Jan-2009chupaskabra gets: NES Top Load (very good)
secret_defender gets: 75.00 cash or money order

14-Jan-2009chupaskabra gets: Kirby: Super Star Ultra (Nintendo DS)
Scorch gets: $20 paypal

12-Jan-2009chupaskabra gets: kirby nightmare in dreamland manual
MajorGimp gets: 3 bucks

12-Jan-2009chupaskabra gets: Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (GBA) -- box and manual only
Starwave27 gets: $5

12-Jan-2009chupaskabra gets: Metroid Prime Hunters Demo
3Pigs gets: 5 shipped

5-Jan-2009chupaskabra gets: Ruins of Lore Box,Manual,ect
bdog gets: $6

1-Jan-2009chupaskabra gets: n64 boxes
Sneeks gets: 20 bucks shipped

29-Dec-2008chupaskabra gets: $25 Ebay GC, Digit Press Rarity Guide
BlueX gets: Holiday Greetings

27-Dec-2008chupaskabra gets: rayman 2 B/M
classicrock909 gets: 7 bucks

25-Dec-2008chupaskabra gets: not a thing
Knight gets: Zack & Wiki (Wii) & Citrus Snus

23-Dec-2008chupaskabra gets: items below
bwild22 gets: paypal

23-Dec-2008chupaskabra gets: megaman 5 NES
Simon_Belmont gets: 19 shipped paypal

19-Nov-2008chupaskabra gets: nes games
ryanflucas gets: 25 bucks

19-Nov-2008chupaskabra gets: items below
rainbowgirl gets: 10 bucks

19-Nov-2008chupaskabra gets: Boxes and manuals below
DR_SPOCK gets: $27.00 shipped

19-Nov-2008chupaskabra gets: 1 case of e-tank energy drinks
ENIX gets: 75.60

10-Nov-2008chupaskabra gets: davey and goliath collection
94jC gets: 20 bucks

15-Oct-2008chupaskabra gets: lego batman psp
DaveSGE gets: 18 shipped via paypal

15-Oct-2008chupaskabra gets: 10 raffle tickets (Pick Your Prize Cancer Benefit Raffle)
Forgotten_Freshness gets: $20

14-Oct-2008chupaskabra gets: various posters
bonanza125 gets: 2 dollars concealed cash

9-Oct-2008chupaskabra gets: Cobra Triangle (Nintendo Entertainment System), Final Fantasy Anthology -- Box Only (PlayStation), Final Fantasy Anthology -- Manual Only (PlayStation), Devil's Advocate, 3:10 To Yuma, Death To Smoochy(DVD's)
Tad gets: $20 shipped

6-Oct-2008chupaskabra gets: nfl blitz razor freestyle scooter both sealed
Frockis gets: 22 + shipping

5-Oct-2008chupaskabra gets: Klonoa 2 Sealed and LOZ PH feather stylus
gauu gets: 45 shipped MO

21-Sep-2008chupaskabra gets: NES Golf and Baseball Complete
MrZeem gets: $11

21-Sep-2008chupaskabra gets: Seven Boxed NES Games described henceforth --> $09 -- Bases Loaded 3 w/ Ryan Sandberg -- Complete Excellent Shape (Includes Box, Game, Sleeve, Manual, Styrofoam, and Extras) $10 -- Family Feud -- Includes Box, Game, Sleeve, and Styrofoam $07 -- Hoops -- Complete (Includes Box, Game, Sleeve, Manual, and Styrofoam) $05 -- Infiltrator -- Complete (Includes Box, Game, Sleeve, Manual, and Styrofoam) $07 -- Legends of the Diamond -- Complete (Includes Box, Game, Sleeve, Manual, and Styrofoam) $05 -- Magic Johnson's Fast Break -- Includes Box, Game, Sleeve, and Styrofoam $06 -- Sky Shark - Complete (Includes Box, Game, Sleeve, Manual, and Styrofoam)
Lobsterbush gets: non-cc paypal or money order

18-Sep-2008chupaskabra gets: The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return (Nintendo Wii)
Venkman gets: 20$ Paypal or Money order

18-Sep-2008chupaskabra gets: GTA Vice City box and manual, Altered Beast (Genesis) manual, Sonic 1 Genesis manual, Aladdin Genesis manual, misc Genny posters and docs
Foxhack gets: $13.83

8-Sep-2008chupaskabra gets: Luigi's Mansion (GameCube), Pikmin (GameCube)
AlphakirA gets: $22

6-Sep-2008chupaskabra gets: ITEMS BELOW
bwild22 gets: $

6-Sep-2008chupaskabra gets: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)
ResqTek gets: $17 shipped

5-Sep-2008chupaskabra gets: All of my Odyssey games
lain21us gets: $33 Paypal, to be paid in segments later

5-Sep-2008chupaskabra gets: double dragon with box
bonanza125 gets: paypal

5-Sep-2008chupaskabra gets: Lunar 2 Standees
DR_SPOCK gets: $15

1-Sep-2008chupaskabra gets: dk 64 w strat guide
VileRedFalcon gets: 20 shipped

1-Sep-2008chupaskabra gets: mystery box
bungholio gets: 5.50 paypal

26-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: SNES games
JustDefend gets: 60 Paypal

24-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: lunar items
DR_SPOCK gets: paypal

24-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: manual
DR_SPOCK gets: paypal

21-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt (NES), Zelda Adventure of Link (NES), 2 NES Dust Covers and 1 case, Super Mario World (SNES), Krusty's Super Fun House (SNES), Chuck Rock (SNES), Mortal Kombat (SNES), 4 dust covers (SNES carts)
mel13fdip gets: $36.45 (for shipping, games, and PP fee)

21-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: manuals
Visc gets: 7 shipped via paypal

20-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: conkey bfd n64 box
BasiliskFang gets: 6$ paypal

20-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: misc items
ResqTek gets: 40 plus shipping

20-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: Snes with all hookups and 2 controllers, though one controller has a broken B button
buffduff gets: 36 dollars shipped

20-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: stuff in message
bonanza125 gets: $24 shipped via paypal

12-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: 32x w/games
McGee gets: 50 shipped paypal

12-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: super smash bros melee
gauu gets: 10

11-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: Blaster Master (Nintendo Entertainment System), Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Nintendo Entertainment System)
CQinMI gets: $13 paypal

11-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: Kid Icarus (Nintendo Entertainment System), Low G Man: The Low Gravity Man (Nintendo Entertainment System)
bonanza125 gets: $15 shipped

6-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: SNES mini and 6 games
Derek1112 gets: 45 shipped

6-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories (PlayStation 2), Secret of Mana (Super Nintendo), Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories -- Strategy Guide (guide)
aaandrewww gets: $60 shipped

4-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: Nintendo Entertainment System (Nintendo Entertainment System), Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo Entertainment System), Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo Entertainment System)
secret_defender gets: 50 cash / money order

4-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: manuals in message
classicvideogamer gets: paypal

4-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: illusion of gaia goods
Angel_ShindoW gets: paypal

3-Aug-2008chupaskabra gets: Bubsy -- Manual Only (Super Nintendo)
ironman82 gets: $2 money order or cash

27-Jul-2008chupaskabra gets: games
Kuros gets: paypal

27-Jul-2008chupaskabra gets: 22 shipped
Neokitty gets: chiki chiki boys and kid chameleon

23-Jul-2008chupaskabra gets: ff2 box
zealous_mission gets: paypal

22-Jul-2008chupaskabra gets: Lufia & The Fortress of Doom (Super Nintendo), Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars -- Manual Only (Super Nintendo)
ChosenOne gets: Cash

16-Jul-2008chupaskabra gets: $$
ou812now gets: Manuals in message

16-Jul-2008chupaskabra gets: manuals
ou812now gets: paypal

16-Jul-2008chupaskabra gets: pieces
Nesophile gets: 18 shipped

13-Jul-2008chupaskabra gets: lufia
ManiacMadman gets: 9.00

12-Jul-2008chupaskabra gets: Super Famicom Wii Controller (Released only in Japan through Club Nintendo) - 32.00
Shadowrunner gets: cash

11-Jul-2008chupaskabra gets: paladins quest box
Nesophile gets: paypal

4-Jul-2008chupaskabra gets: boxes and manuals
thecoleseller gets: $9 paypal

4-Jul-2008chupaskabra gets: boxes and manuals
Lunar gets: $20 shipped

4-Jul-2008chupaskabra gets: Items Below
bwild22 gets: $

12-May-2008chupaskabra gets: Items Below
bwild22 gets: $

12-May-2008chupaskabra gets: manuals in message
the_wizard_666 gets: 13 shipped

8-May-2008chupaskabra gets: manuals
ou812now gets: $14.83 Shipped ($15.23 paypal)

17-Mar-2008chupaskabra gets: 5 Dust Sleeves, Yoshis Island and SF 2 Manual
ResqTek gets: $8 Shipped

17-Mar-2008chupaskabra gets: 3 FT Loco Roco (mint is sealed bag)
ChubbyRain gets: $15 (postage included in price)

13-Mar-2008chupaskabra gets: Guides Below
TomoyoN gets: $9.50 PP / MO / Cash - Shipped

7-Mar-2008chupaskabra gets: boxes and manuals
TripleElbow gets: 18 shipped

7-Mar-2008chupaskabra gets: All manuals only: F-Zero, Donkey Kong Country, Goldeneye, Dragon Warrior Explorer's Handbook, Dragon Spirit, TMNT Tournament Fighters
platinumfungi gets: $7 plus shipping cost

3-Mar-2008chupaskabra gets: Final Fantasy III (DS) Guide
TomoyoN gets: $7 PP/MO/Cash Shipped

24-Feb-2008chupaskabra gets: boogerman
VileRedFalcon gets: 12 dollars

18-Feb-2008chupaskabra gets: boxes and manuals
closetQueen gets: 28 shipped

16-Feb-2008chupaskabra gets: FF Map & Mystic Quest Map
FibroFreak78 gets: $14 paypal shipped

16-Feb-2008chupaskabra gets: Bridgadine manual and map
wannabepunktony gets: $6.75

16-Feb-2008chupaskabra gets: Atari 2600 system box + 2 Oddysey systems
creagan gets: $50 shipped

9-Feb-2008chupaskabra gets: various boxes and manuals
bonanza125 gets: 75$ shipped

28-Jan-2008chupaskabra gets: ITEMS BELOW
bwild22 gets: $

28-Jan-2008chupaskabra gets: Cases+Manuals Below
bwild22 gets: $

28-Jan-2008chupaskabra gets: Chrono Trigger Box + Manual
bwild22 gets: $40 PP

28-Jan-2008chupaskabra gets: Cases, Manuals, etc Below
bwild22 gets: $

28-Jan-2008chupaskabra gets: Ren + Stimpy: Time Warp manual, Ren + Stimpy: Veediots! manual, Donkey Kong 64 manual, SNES Consumer Info + Precautions booklets x5
warmlonelyplanet gets: Paypal, money order or cash (at your own risk)

26-Jan-2008chupaskabra gets: Super Smash Bros N64 manual, Killer Instinct SNES manual, and Street Fighter II SNES
ironman82 gets: cash or money order

10-Jan-2008chupaskabra gets: FF8 Case and DK64 Manual
MrZeem gets: $10 Paypal or Concealed Cash

8-Jan-2008chupaskabra gets: 2 N64 Boxes
bwild22 gets: $7 Shipped

31-Aug-2007chupaskabra gets: Viva Pedro (unopened)
tbwmp88 gets: $$

9-Jan-2006chupaskabra gets: Aglio E Olio (Beastie Boys)
chris88 gets: $5

9-Jan-2006chupaskabra gets: Kartia strategy guide
Spunion gets: 6.50

7-Jan-2006chupaskabra gets: final fantasy manual
CRAZY93NiS gets: money

24-Dec-2005chupaskabra gets: vagrant story case manual and square collectors cd
KeeperOfFate gets: 5 bucks

18-Dec-2005chupaskabra gets: Chrono Trigger Maps (2)
Wolf825 gets: $22 Shipped

22-Nov-2005chupaskabra gets: Final Fantasy -- World Map/Monster List Only (Nintendo Entertainment System)
grkangel10 gets: $5