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Completed Trades

17-May-2002nyycardman gets: Alundra (psx)
Qpalzm gets: Daytona USA (dc), Tengen Pac-Man, Chip n' Dales rescue rangers (NES)

30-Mar-2002nyycardman gets: gensis pad , adapter
ASSEMbler gets: complete trade, n64 stuff

21-Mar-2002nyycardman gets: top loading nes
Ron gets: Golden sun, castlevania cotm (cart), street fighter 2 revival, tony hawk 2 (dc), tennis 2k2

30-Jan-2002nyycardman gets: Tri Star 64 Converter
Lunar gets: Hoshigami, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, Street Fighter Alpha 3, 6 Pak

27-Jan-2002nyycardman gets: shining force cd
HonkeySause gets: hot shots golf 2

24-Jan-2002nyycardman gets: Mega Man 8, Shining Force 2
RLeav20717 gets: Lunar 2 (psx)

22-Jan-2002nyycardman gets: Tuurbografx-16 debugging dev unit, plays usa and Japanese games! from Working designs.
ASSEMbler gets: Resident Evil 64, Pokemon puzzle, Ridge racer 64, record of lodoss dc, sf rush dc, VOOT dc. All complete.

22-Oct-2001nyycardman gets: Castlevania Circle of the Moon
cobra707 gets: Gun Griffon Blaze

1-Aug-2001nyycardman gets: Final Fantasy Anthology, Onimusha
jmitnick gets: Zone of the Enders, SSX, $10

16-Jul-2001nyycardman gets: Chrono Cross, Mario Party 2, FF Tactics, and Zelda: Majora's Mask
BMan gets: SNES System, Mario RPG, Earthbound, Final Fantasy 3

26-Jun-2001nyycardman gets: UT (DC), Sega GT (DC
Rancid gets: UT (PS2)

5-Apr-2001nyycardman gets: 10 different genny games (all listed on his page)
fum171 gets: DBZ Legends

5-Apr-2001nyycardman gets: Final Fantasy 2
Cauth gets: Phantasy Star 4

21-Mar-2001nyycardman gets: Dragon's Fury (gen), Virtua Racing (gen) & $4
Nomad32 gets: Hydro thunder (dc)

12-Mar-2001nyycardman gets: shenmue, re:cv excellent condition
oneCRAZYtrader gets: madden 2001 for ps2

10-Mar-2001nyycardman gets: 25 US. Dollars
StaticMan gets: Xenogears, Star Ocean 2, Dbgt Final Bout english

8-Feb-2001nyycardman gets: Front Mission 3
Flatliner gets: PSX DexDrive

30-Jan-2001nyycardman gets: Final Fantasy 3, Golden Axe 2, Castlevaina
Dkillian gets: Tmmt4, BoF, Pool of Radiance, Heroes of the Lance

22-Jan-2001nyycardman gets: Rush 2
Graves gets: EGG

19-Jan-2001nyycardman gets: Virtual On: OT (DC) and Parasite Eve (PSX)
Trey gets: Ridge Racer V (PS2)

19-Jan-2001nyycardman gets: elevator action, final fantasy, $6
Nik420 gets: ffl3, metroid, tetris (not tengen), skate or die

5-Jan-2001nyycardman gets: $30
Juicy gets: Mario Kart 64, but he didn't send the box or manual

26-Dec-2000nyycardman gets: $10
playersen gets: x com, x games pro boarder

15-Aug-2000nyycardman gets: DBZ MOVIE 7,8 ,DRAGON BALL GT FINAL BOUT

14-Aug-2000nyycardman gets: baseball cards
kjab91686 gets: Virtua Fighter 3, MK Gold, Soul Blazer, Yoshis Island, Wipeout 3, Final Fight 3

14-Aug-2000nyycardman gets: BASEBALL CARDS
kjab91686 gets: WCW/NWO REVENGE

3-Jul-2000nyycardman gets: Battletanx, MGS-GBC, SoulBlazer
AdamBlue gets: 3 32X Games

27-May-2000nyycardman gets: $43 U.S.
bluedevil77 gets: Chrono Trigger (SNES,cart-only)

8-Apr-2000nyycardman gets: $35 money order Final Fantasy Tactics PS game
tyrmc gets: Virtual Boy Systemw/games, AC cord

6-Apr-2000nyycardman gets: Super Street Fighter II Turbo for 3DO
VGInteractive gets: Mr. Bones for Saturn

14-Mar-2000nyycardman gets: Phantasy Star 2 (GEN), $10
theonlyguyever gets: StarFox 64 (N64), Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey (N64)

13-Mar-2000nyycardman gets: Chrono Trigger and Breath of Fire ( SNES)
Neokitty gets: Marvel vs Capcom (PSX)

6-Feb-2000nyycardman gets: Legend of Legaia
jeanguy02 gets: Super Mario RPG

21-Nov-1999nyycardman gets: NES Arkanoid & NES Mega Man 2
TOADNOMORE gets: GB Pokemon Red

25-Sep-1999nyycardman gets: Castlevania Adventure (GB)
BabySealBeater gets: Milon's Secret Castle (NES)

9-Sep-1999nyycardman gets: Metroid 2, Bomberman GB, Donkey Kong (GB), and Mega Man 4 (NES)
olddeadacc gets: SFA 2 (SNES), Ninja Gaiden 2, Wizards and Warriors 2, Metal Gear, and Rescue Rangers (NES)

3-Sep-1999nyycardman gets: road rash 3, contra (gen), tetris attack, pga tour 2
ImDaIcon gets: star fox, kirby's dream course, vectorman 1,2

2-Sep-1999nyycardman gets: SFA 2, DKC, Star Fox 64, Star Wars: SOTE, Teleroboxer, X-Men, Eternal Champions, Samurai Showdown, Capt. America and the Avengers, and Kirby's Dream Course
olddeadacc gets: Castlevania 1-3, Double Dragon 1-3, Contra, Duck Tales, Dragon Warrior, Mega Man 4, F-Zero, and NBA Jam T.E.

24-Aug-1999nyycardman gets: Sega nomad, mega man 6
ChuckyDJ gets: turok 2, either diddy kong racing or chopper attack, nba live 99, kirby's adventure

7-Aug-1999nyycardman gets: diddy kong racing, mariokart 64, super smash bros., turok 2 (n64), game genie for game boy
olddeadacc gets: FF1, Metroid 1,2, mario 64, crystalis, super street fighter 2, secret of evermore, killer instinct

5-Aug-1999nyycardman gets: wayne gretzky's 3d hockey
Blackhawks gets: assorted baseball cards

20-Jul-1999nyycardman gets: Marvel Super Heroes (PSX), X-Men vs. Streetfighter(PSX),Point Blank W/ Guncon(PSX) Mega Man 1&2 (GB), Metriod 2 (GB), Starfox 64 (N64), Baseball Cards
SilentHill gets: Sega Saturn WithVirtua Cop W/Stunner, Virtua Fighter 2 , Daytona USA

11-May-1999nyycardman gets: Sega Saturn W/ 3 games & controller
MBlaustein gets: Game Gear w/ AC, Case, 5 games, and game genie

6-May-1999nyycardman gets: Cruisin USA
Nomad32 gets: Forsaken 64