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Bad Trader Reports

pacodataco8 BTRs9-Aug-2007
Status: active
Address: 1128 Juniper Way Hudson, WI
Reporter: reubin_huckle

31-Mar-2007: We pended the trade.

The trade was that I send: 1) Pokémon Red (Game Boy) [Condition: good; Box: no; Manual: no]
2) Pokémon Yellow -- Special Pikachu Edition (Game Boy) [Condition: excellent; Box: no; Manual: no; won't save (Missing label too)]
3) Super Mario Land (Game Boy) [Condition: excellent; Box: no; Manual: yes]
4) Pokémon Silver (Game Boy Color) [Condition: excellent; Box: no; Manual: no]

I was to receive: 1) Donkey Konga 2)Donkey Konga 2 3) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

11-Apr-2007: I sent

24-Apr-2007: pacodataco8 received my games

24-Apr-2007: pacodataco8 - hey, sent yesterday, sorry, my friend refused to send, so i think i forced him to,
at the very least, jungle beat should get to u in a week, (i'm saying week because canadain shipping is very slow to the us)
thanks for putting up with this, i'm personally surprised u did, lol

3-May-2007: I received Donkey Kong Jungle Beat but not the 2 other games. I sent him a message regarding the 2 other games.

14-May-2007: pacodataco8 - ok
there has been a huge thing, in which we both got ripped off
u know babout my friend shipping and crap rite?
He is refusing to send, and at this point i've got to send ur stuff back
Could i send everything but silver, and then we can close this trade?

After this I talked to him a bit on chat. I told him he could send me $6 paypal so we could close the trade. He said he didn't want to "rip me off" so he said he would send all the games back except for silver.

30-May-2007: I sent him a message regarding our trade.

20-Jun-2007: I sent him another message regarding our trade.

29-Jun-2007: I sent him another message regarding our trade.

He is logging in and not responding to my messages. I have been more than fair here. I didn't want to file this but it's the only thing I can do and it probably won't even matter since he has a few other BTR's. I will take this one down if he:

1. Sends all the games back except silver (like he said he would)
2. Sends me $6 paypal
3. Sends me Donkey Konga and Donkey Konga 2

Update: He continues to log in and ignore all of his btrs. He's made 3 new pending trades.

HE HAS 3 BTRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pacodataco8 BTRs21-May-2007
Status: active
Address: 1128 Juniper Way Hudson, WI
Reporter: RagingShadow07

We pended a trade on March 29, 2007.

I aggreed to send a Gameboy Advance and he offered me 10 shipped for it.

I sent the GBA out on April 9, 2007 and according to the delivery confirmation it was recieved on April 13th.

Since then, he has told me he has been in some financial distress and would ship promptly when possible and I told him that was fine. It has been about a month and a week since he had recieved but still no money. I thought it would be better to get this over with than to wait any longer. I'll take the BTR down when I get my end of the deal.

pacodataco8 BTRs9-May-2007
Status: active
Address: 1128 Juniper Way Hudson, Wi 54016
Reporter: killjoy42

Parker agreed to pay $5 + $3 shipping for an original gameboy. I sent it out (30-Mar-2007) and didn't hear from him. Wanting find out if something went wrong, I asked him (after about 2 weeks 15-Apr-2007) to update his status or let me know if there was a problem, since the package had not returned to me.

ELEVEN days later (26-Apr-2007) his lets me know that he had already recieved the package and that all was fine. He tells me that he just sent me the money.

The following day (27-Apr-2007) he tells me that he only sent $7 and that he is sending an additional $1

Almost two weeks later, I have neither recieved anything, nor heard from Draper. After reviewing his incomplete trades, he has a long list of small trades which people have been complaining about. I'm not terribly concerned about how he gets his end of the trade to me, so long as he does.

EDIT: He has claimed that this is the second time something he has sent has not gone through. Take it as you will, but I can interpret this as one of two things:
a) he made a mistake in how he addressed/sent it (if he put a return address as he should've, he'd already know if this was the case)
b) he never sent the money at all and is just stalling for time so he can deal with the other people demanding his end of their trades

He has offered to return the item I sent him. As such, the BTR will come down once I have received the money owed me OR I have recieved my original item back.

5-13-07 - He has also threatened to BTR me, even though he has admitted to receiving everything I owed him, as well as admitting to not sending everything he was supposed to.

7-11-07 - The threat was not explicit, but rather implied by this message:

" o yeah, and don't ever btr like u did to me

I was btr'd b - 4 this, and in that one, we were arguing back and forth, then i btrd him, then he btrd me "

The only reason for mentioning or bringing this up is to imply that the same will happen in this situation (i.e. that you will file a return BTR). I have no need for this information, and it will not affect my actions at all other than to feel that your tone is threatening.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (10-Jul-2007)
I threatened to btr u???
how much crack u on, boy?

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