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Completed Trades

8-Sep-2003singer gets: Casanova
tmsorensen gets: Circuit's Edge

25-Aug-2003singer gets: Under A Killing Moon
lspace gets: Cash

30-Jul-2003singer gets: magnetic
unicorn68 gets: Full Throttle, Hopkins FBI

29-May-2003singer gets: NOLF 2(loan)
Zanthia gets: Shadow of destiny(loan)

6-Feb-2003singer gets: Mech Warrior 4 : Vengeance
fish9888 gets: Soul Reaver 2

30-Jan-2003singer gets: Shadow Of Destiny
mackie gets: Commandos and other games

15-Nov-2002singer gets: Physicus
mackie gets: The Dig

31-Oct-2002singer gets: London City 2000
Dee gets: cash

3-Oct-2002singer gets: Incredible Machine 3.0
g04t12 gets: Cash

13-Aug-2002singer gets: Soul Reaver 2
choco gets: Myth III

29-May-2002singer gets: Lure of the Temptress
KwaZulu gets: Crystal Key

28-May-2002singer gets: Myst 3: Exile (complete)
clementine gets: The Legend of The Prophet and The Assassin (complete)

15-May-2002singer gets: BAII and Road to El Dorado
namma gets: Lots more $$$ and Mosley's return

22-Apr-2002singer gets: MechCommander 2
funkyryno gets: Myth III

15-Apr-2002singer gets: Jekyll & Hyde
Vampireembrace gets: Amerzone

15-Feb-2002singer gets: Deep Fighter
roseran gets: $$$$ and many thanks!

12-Feb-2002singer gets: Arcanum, Commandos 2, Independence War 2
Sawyer gets: Big Bucks

5-Feb-2002singer gets: Dragon Riders
Mad gets: Syn-Factor

1-Feb-2002singer gets: Pilgrim
Thesnake gets: Jekyll & Hyde

23-Jan-2002singer gets: Day of the Tentacle
roseran gets: Monkey Island 1&2

27-Nov-2001singer gets: Gilbert Goodmate
nematode gets: $$

22-Oct-2001singer gets: Max Payne, Anachronox
Sawyer gets: $$$$

1-Oct-2001singer gets: Dungeon Keeper Gold
Solo4114 gets: Tex Murphy: Overseer (DVD)

11-Sep-2001singer gets: Age of Empires
spunaround gets: Atlantis II

11-Sep-2001singer gets: Atlantis II
alexS gets: Clue Chronicles: Fatal Illusion

30-Aug-2001singer gets: Liath and Secrets of the Luxor + 1 mule
namma gets: Oodles of $$$$

24-Aug-2001singer gets: Trespasser, Blaze and Blade, MechWarrior 2
cschock gets: Cash

18-Aug-2001singer gets: Riverworld
wisewoman gets: Drowned God

7-Aug-2001singer gets: Eric the Unready, Connections, Forgotten, Chewy
lspace gets: Cash

3-Aug-2001singer gets: Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart
DCMasta_the_return gets: Cash

18-Jul-2001singer gets: Black & White, Hostile Waters
Sawyer gets: Cash

10-Jul-2001singer gets: Weird
Lilith gets: Safecracker

10-Jul-2001singer gets: Star Trek: Away Team
Peteroo gets: MDK2

24-Jun-2001singer gets: Space Hulk
captchaos2 gets: Cash

16-Jun-2001singer gets: Worms and Bud Tucker
delboycp gets: Shannara and Time Machine

9-Jun-2001singer gets: Giants
tyiaone gets: Fallout, Evolva

8-Jun-2001singer gets: Conquer the Universe & Prince of Persia CD Collection
SirLauncelotDuLake gets: MDK2 + cash

8-Jun-2001singer gets: Deadlock
dcts1 gets: Battlezone

15-May-2001singer gets: Pacific General
Faucon1 gets: Mechwarriors 3

23-Apr-2001singer gets: Heroes III Armageddon's Blade
RPGMaster13 gets: Cash

6-Mar-2001singer gets: Starfleet Command II
Gregorio gets: Cash

26-Feb-2001singer gets: Baldur's Gate II
rudyj gets: Outcast, Gabriel Knight 3

14-Feb-2001singer gets: Escape from Monkey Island
cabast gets: Discworld Noir

12-Feb-2001singer gets: Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Steel Panthers
Sirocco gets: Cash

10-Feb-2001singer gets: Fable, Litil Divil, Shadoan
lspace gets: Cash

8-Feb-2001singer gets: Labyrinth of Time & Rayman
namma gets: $$$

8-Feb-2001singer gets: Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure, Gobliiins, The Sacred Mirror of Kofun
Bigguy gets: Cash

7-Feb-2001singer gets: Warlords Battlecry
mrn308 gets: Planescape Torment

6-Feb-2001singer gets: Cash
AndrewP2003 gets: Sim Earth (SNES)

3-Feb-2001singer gets: Versailles, Frankenstein, Mummy, Terminator games, Betrayal in Antara, Byzantine
howardh gets: Cash

2-Feb-2001singer gets: Hopkins FBI
Sirocco gets: Cash

2-Feb-2001singer gets: Timelapse, hint book, Cyberia 1 & 2
shannon gets: cash

2-Feb-2001singer gets: Klingon Honor Guard
fixr gets: Star Trek: Conquest Online

18-Jan-2001singer gets: The Neverhood
greengiant gets: Riddle of the Sphinx

18-Jan-2001singer gets: The Sims
wellsk gets: Safecracker

17-Jan-2001singer gets: Redjack
Boogeeman gets: Day of the Tentacle

16-Jan-2001singer gets: Clandestiny, SPQR
bablee1 gets: Battlezone II, cash

12-Jan-2001singer gets: Kingpin, Elite Force, Requiem
Gregorio gets: Cash

12-Jan-2001singer gets: Soldier of Fortune
Pete459 gets: MDK2

10-Jan-2001singer gets: Freak Show
top40troy gets: Cash

5-Jan-2001singer gets: Symbiocom, Populous II, Need for Speed III
soja gets: Cash

3-Jan-2001singer gets: Dragon Lore II
Kayliebug gets: Cash

2-Jan-2001singer gets: Amerzone
magda gets: Sacred Amulet

20-Dec-2000singer gets: Lords of the Realm II
Sinep_Taf gets: Interstate '76

16-Dec-2000singer gets: Simon the Sorcerer I and II
Amyrtist7 gets: Faust

6-Dec-2000singer gets: Voyeur 2
ricomon gets: Cash

5-Dec-2000singer gets: Drowned God
Dee gets: Lost Vikings (SNES)

1-Dec-2000singer gets: The Quivering
Creel gets: Planescape Torment

21-Nov-2000singer gets: I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
feldhamer gets: Cash

20-Nov-2000singer gets: Doom 2, Heretic
Judy gets: Cash

20-Nov-2000singer gets: Black Dahlia, Ripper, In the 1st Degree
howardh gets: Cash

17-Nov-2000singer gets: Legend of Kyrandia
jane gets: Cash

16-Nov-2000singer gets: Reah
JimC gets: Sacred Amulet

15-Nov-2000singer gets: Pandora Directive
Dee gets: cash

3-Nov-2000singer gets: Leisure Suit Larry 6, Space Quest Collection, LucasArts Classics
velsheda gets: Cash

1-Nov-2000singer gets: Spellcastng Party Pak ( Sorcerers get all the Girls, Sorcerer's Appliance, Spring Break}
Bigguy gets: Cash

23-Oct-2000singer gets: Cavewars
Zelgadis gets: Seven Kingdoms

16-Oct-2000singer gets: Discworld Noir
Pix gets: Cash

7-Sep-2000singer gets: Cash
KwaZulu gets: Loom

6-Sep-2000singer gets: Shannara, Death Gate, Xanth 3 Pack
highlander gets: Cash

5-Sep-2000singer gets: Faust
Grossman gets: Warlords III: Darklords Rising

28-Aug-2000singer gets: Discworld
Anna gets: Cash

23-Aug-2000singer gets: Spycraft, Turok, Last Express, Blackstone Chronicles
Jrabes gets: Cash