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Bad Trader Reports

x391 BTRs26-Aug-2003
Status: active
Reporter: Pooyan

Myself and Jason agreed to trade his PS2 for my Gamecube, 3 controllers, 251 Memory Card, Metroid Prime, and Zelda in late July. This was my first trade and I was a little unsure of things but his feedback led me to believe this wouldn't be a problem. After he recieved my package on August 4th, he said the Gamecube didn't work. I offered to have it fixed or send some sort of compensation, but he said it wasn't worth all the hassle of sending it to nintendo, espcially because we didn't know what was wrong with it (I assumed it was my shipping). Finally on August 18th, we agree to have my items be shipped back to me. That same day he removed his GameTZ account. Since then he hasn't responded to any e-mail. The reverse phone directory gives two phone numbers at his address, although neither are in his name...

R Beck
3134 Brunswick Ct S
Lafayette, IN 47909
Phone: 765-474-5872

Christopher Darkow
3134 Brunswick Ct S
Lafayette, IN 47909
Phone: 765-474-5029

I hope that myself and the other user he ripped off can get our systems back.

x391 BTRs23-Aug-2003
Status: active
Reporter: Apocalypseo909

well me and jason was supposed to make a trade my xbox and 2 controllers and NFL fever 2003 for his PS2 2 controllers and Madden 2003 then he told me i have to ship first since im new and i said im scared to get riped so i said lets ship same time priority mail and he know at first but then he decide ok so i sent then 2 hours later he sent and then an hour later he says some BS like he has to delete the pending cause his mom can check if he is trading still and then he deletes it and then he emails me saying some BS he has to ok my mom made me delete my gametz account page because she said I was trading again even though iwasn't supposed to. So once she calms down i can get her to re-activate it again but she said that i can still let this trade go through but i can't use the computer for a week! .
so then i check the confirmation number he sent me and it said he wrote the address wrong so they sending it back i emaild him about over 7 times he never reply yet so im still waiting............ this trade happend on Monday AUG 19 and i cant find his phone number no where on the net so i can talk to him or his parents maybe he did make a mistake but it dont seem like it so if aynone can find his phone number or can help me k thx and what makes me upset the most is its a big trade and i have no money IM LIKE POOR and this kid might be ripping me off if anyone can DONaTE some money to me or donate games or something i would be happy untill i get my ps2 i want take the btr down. my email address is Apocalypseo909@yahoo.com and Aim SN is Apocalypseo909 im on 24/7 SOMONE HELP ME i really would like my system back Jason plz send it to me if u read this. if soone who lives near him go to him and help me out or get his phone number for me.

Completed Trades

11-Aug-2003x391 gets: Gamecube +Memory card and controllers, wavebird, metriod prime, and 2 zelda games
Pooyan gets: playstation 2

6-Mar-2003x391 gets: Chip
PaCrappa gets: Money

3-Feb-2003x391 gets: Gameboy advance, light with magnifing glass, mario kart, golden sun, fire pro wrestling,wario 2, donkey kong country and Azure Dreams.
graewl gets: Shining force 3 for saturn

31-Jan-2003x391 gets: WD drive, possibly works..
TahoeMax gets: 8$

2-May-2002x391 gets: Sin and Punishment
ChronoLe gets: Burning Rangers (domestic, disc only), + cash

2-May-2002x391 gets: $$
segaman14 gets: lunar 2 saturn (jap)

7-Apr-2002x391 gets: Neo-4 chip
A_Murder_of_Crows gets: 70$

20-Mar-2002x391 gets: money
RurouniKaji gets: D&D

17-Mar-2002x391 gets: Battle Garegga, and Batsugun.
icarusfall gets: Dragonball Z Shin Butohden, and Twin Bee Deluxe Pack

3-Mar-2002x391 gets: Super Street Figher 2 Turbo X for matching service (DC)
ShishioMakoto gets: Fighting Vipers 2 (DC) and LEgend of dragon (PSX)

18-Jan-2002x391 gets: memory Simms
Technical_Nikita gets: cash

18-Jan-2002x391 gets: 300wt power supply (PC)
Technical_Nikita gets: cash

17-Jan-2002x391 gets: Metal Gear Solid 2
Enix1283 gets: Lunar Silver Star Story Complete

29-Dec-2001x391 gets: Athlon 1.2ghz CPU and VIA KT133 Mobo
WickedAngel gets: $$money$$

3-Dec-2001x391 gets: 300watt PSU, case fans, splitter
Shadowrunner gets: 25.00

25-Nov-2001x391 gets: Gekirindan (complete)
ChronoLe gets: Mega Man X4 (Saturn)

23-Nov-2001x391 gets: "MiniDisc Player Bundle + MI2 +The Patriot +Rules of Engagement (all DVD format)"
Watashi gets: "Gameboy Advance (Just the unit, no box or instructions)".

20-Nov-2001x391 gets: $31
Lino gets: Sega Smash Pack DC (cd only) & Christmas Nights SATURN (complete)

13-Nov-2001x391 gets: The Bouncer & $3
vik12878 gets: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

21-Oct-2001x391 gets: GT japan complete (import)
philth gets: Castlevania gba., incomplete

9-Oct-2001x391 gets: GBA
Nismo gets: Suikoden 2

9-Oct-2001x391 gets: SSX
Rancid gets: Kessen

5-Oct-2001x391 gets: GBA with F-Zero, Tony Hawk 2, Castlevania, and Super Dodgeball
hbk723 gets: TTT and DOA2 Ps2

3-Oct-2001x391 gets: Capcom vs SNK 2 w/ Fan Disk (DC)
Yoshi gets: An Undisclosed Amount of Cash

1-Oct-2001x391 gets: GGX LE, and LB2 for dc MINT condition
SnKDeViL gets: 80$

28-Sep-2001x391 gets: Fighting vipers 2 complete with everything(spine /map)
NGE_Freek gets: Capcom vs snk and 10 $

28-Sep-2001x391 gets: Demo disc
Discover gets: paypal ~ money

24-Sep-2001x391 gets: Vampire Chronicle & Capcom vs SNK Pro (DC)
Yoshi gets: Silpheed (PS2) and an Undisclosed Amount of Cash

24-Sep-2001x391 gets: Street fighter Zero 3 Import Saturn Complete
ShishioMakoto gets: Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter import saturn Complete

19-Sep-2001x391 gets: MvC2 import
Tojo gets: money order

19-Sep-2001x391 gets: Hyperduel (sealed)
PaCrappa gets: KOF 95, Shining the Holy Ark , Albert Oddysey all EX

19-Aug-2001x391 gets: MMX4 case and instructions both in good condtion
StarmanDXE gets: Money 6$

18-Aug-2001x391 gets: Gran Turismo 3 (PS2) complete
Andy787 gets: Megaman X4 (SS) and Jet Grind Radio (DC) both complete

14-Aug-2001x391 gets: Money
Lightstar777 gets: Alundra 2

4-Aug-2001x391 gets: Xmen vs sf, KOF 95, Fighter history dynamite
RollingStonesPhan gets: TF5 DOA2

1-Aug-2001x391 gets: Saturn S-vid cable
jekbrown gets: Shaft (DVD)

23-Jul-2001x391 gets: money
Lightstar777 gets: Brave fencer strat. Guide, Valykrie profile

13-Jul-2001x391 gets: Four DVDs
jryguyi gets: Unopened Rayman Advance

9-Jul-2001x391 gets: GB games
Hiryu gets: GBA game konami

8-Jul-2001x391 gets: Money
Lightstar777 gets: Parasite eve

5-Jul-2001x391 gets: Silpheed (PS2) and Mars Matrix (DC)
Yoshi gets: Vampire Savior (SS)

4-Jul-2001x391 gets: $4 for shipping charges
DaGameMasta gets: Virtual Hydlide(Saturn-import)

4-Jul-2001x391 gets: DBZ Shinbutoden(Saturn import), Fire Pro Gaiden : Blazing Tornado(saturn import) & his shipping costs
DaGameMasta gets: PSX system, Game Enhancer(cracked-but works), & Metal Gear Solid

3-Jul-2001x391 gets: Games
Shelcoof gets: Money- via paypal

3-Jul-2001x391 gets: PDS case&booklet
dman gets: Wolfenstein for jaguar

2-Jul-2001x391 gets: 3 GB games
dimmydoo gets: money

30-Jun-2001x391 gets: legend of dragoon
crazyoutlaw77 gets: FF8

28-Jun-2001x391 gets: Giga Wing 2 & Gunbird 2 (US Dreamcast) & $10
watujim gets: Waku Waku 7 (JAP Saturn)

22-Jun-2001x391 gets: $55
blade gets: cyberbots

22-Jun-2001x391 gets: Shipping
Cain gets: Impact Racing(saturn)

21-Jun-2001x391 gets: Money order
Lightstar777 gets: FFA unopened

21-Jun-2001x391 gets: 2$
NesCollector gets: virtua fighter 2

21-Jun-2001x391 gets: Saturn 1mb Ram cart
Shelcoof gets: Expansion pack for N64

19-Jun-2001x391 gets: 4meg ram cart
Tojo gets: Panzer Dragoon Saga manual and $$$

17-Jun-2001x391 gets: Lunar 1 (mint - complete), lunar 2 (mint complete with box but no action figures)
Brak gets: Saturn gameshark, house of the dead import (complete), Panzer dragoon (loose)

6-Jun-2001x391 gets: shipping
Sartori gets: Virtua Fighter 2

5-Jun-2001x391 gets: possibly broken PSX game
JCDenton gets: testing purposes

4-Jun-2001x391 gets: New Shaft dvd
DDR_Freek_Geno gets: 11$

4-Jun-2001x391 gets: $56
GAWZ gets: 2 broken playstations

29-May-2001x391 gets: Metal Slug
Ramad gets: Keio (complete japanese)

27-May-2001x391 gets: Soul Caliber (DC)
Dane gets: Dreamcast Controller

26-May-2001x391 gets: Tekken Tag Tournament (Cd Only) , Gone In 60 Seconds (With Case like new DVD)
Aj gets: Cash VIA Paypal

25-May-2001x391 gets: Game gear, TV tuner (complete), Ac adaptor, 25$
ChrisKW1 gets: SNES, 2 cont, FF3, all cords

21-May-2001x391 gets: PS2 in mint conditon, 2 controllers, game, memory card

15-May-2001x391 gets: assault suit leynos 2
revolver gets: vampire hunter, pocket fighter

15-May-2001x391 gets: Nes (top), 2 controllers, two guns, 73 games 10$
segaman14 gets: Sega package, cd model 1, base unit, 3 controllers, all games listed pending out gameshark for saturn, and street fighter alpha

9-May-2001x391 gets: Pokemon Stadium(comp.)
ElderVyse gets: Nights(comp.), Gungriffon(comp.) and a Genny game

2-May-2001x391 gets: Keio Yugekitai complete
Trey gets: Saurn Fire pro six man scrambe, Fatal Fury 3 (neo geo cd), 1mb saturn cartrdige (not fully sure if it works or not)

1-May-2001x391 gets: NFL2k1 (complete)
segaman14 gets: Virtual on and another saturn game he doesn't have (not VF2, Daytona, live 97)

1-May-2001x391 gets: Un-opened Chrono Chross
Lino gets: Link NES w/box and booklet

30-Apr-2001x391 gets: Dreamcast Package (DC)
KurtAngle gets: Playstation Package (PSX)

26-Apr-2001x391 gets: Boston 635 computer speaker system (one broken phono jack) and two other games
NeoGeoMaster gets: 6 genesis and 6 nes games

26-Apr-2001x391 gets: BOF3 complete
TheSimbul gets: Mystaria and The Horde (both loose)

26-Apr-2001x391 gets: FF1+2(cart only),+$5
TheSimbul gets: Saturn(all hook-ups)

24-Apr-2001x391 gets: Perfect Dark complete, expansion pack
Apocalypse gets: Rival School, Playstation Underground Discs (2 of them)

23-Apr-2001x391 gets: Final Fantasy Tactics
Autobotmatrix gets: Giant Gram

20-Apr-2001x391 gets: Madness Gameware AC adapter and battery pak
AFultz075 gets: Altered Beast (GEN), Fighting Vipers (SAT)

4-Apr-2001x391 gets: Christmas Nights (Saturn, import)
nihon gets: Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Saturn, US)

3-Apr-2001x391 gets: Street Fighter Zero 3 (Saturn import, complete)
Rick gets: Perfect Dark (N64, complete), Mortal Kombat II, (Saturn import, complete)

31-Mar-2001x391 gets: 55$ paypal
Supersayingus gets: Wild Things, Show Girls, Boogie Nights

29-Mar-2001x391 gets: Final Fantasy 3 w/ map & a Brand-new copy of Final Fantasy Anthology
Bishop gets: Metal Gear Solid (complete), King of Fighters '99 Dream Match (complete), and a N64 Expansion Pak w/ tool (complete)

27-Mar-2001x391 gets: Two official n64 contorllers blue and green
homedog gets: NFL 2k

22-Mar-2001x391 gets: NGPC with Metal Slug + $3
NeWsKiLLz gets: Street Figher 3 Double Impact, Soul Calibur, Sega GT (DC) + Mutant League Football (GEN)

19-Mar-2001x391 gets: broken dc, cables, controller, and web disc
bojan gets: GG package, Sonic 3 gen

12-Mar-2001x391 gets: House of the Dead (import saturn) & NIghts w/ controller (4$shipping)
omega_entity gets: Neon Genesis Evangelion (import saturn)

12-Mar-2001x391 gets: Atari Jaguar, 2 controllers, RFU, Doom, wolfenstein 3d, checkered flag, kasumi ninja, and 2 cybermorphs
C_Hawk_Fan gets: Crimewave, Night warriors, Tekken 2, TombRaider (all saturn)

12-Mar-2001x391 gets: Marvel vs. Streetfighter (import complete) 4 mb cartridge
egg gets: Sega Rally (complete saturn), Daytona Usa cce(complete saturn)

6-Mar-2001x391 gets: Sega Cd system
ilovetoplay18dc gets: 26$

5-Mar-2001x391 gets: Capcom VS SNK(DC)
illcasta gets: Albert Odyssey(Sat)

4-Mar-2001x391 gets: Panzer dragoon saga, complete w/o box
pnortness gets: X men vs Street fighter, dark savior

21-Feb-2001x391 gets: red alarm and wario for virtual boy
thecultelectrik gets: alien triliogy and golden axe the duel

20-Feb-2001x391 gets: Luanr (sega cd), and Sonic (cd)
Tiger_Tailz gets: Enemy Zero

20-Feb-2001x391 gets: Playstation (broken w/chip), controller, memory card
xplosivez gets: 26 dollars

9-Feb-2001x391 gets: Soul Calibur, Sf ex plus alpha, Powerstone 2, Rival schools
Morph_old gets: Columns, G-Loc Air Battle, Hard Drivin, Jungle Strike, NHL95, NFL95, gunstar heroes, street fighter champ. edition

7-Feb-2001x391 gets: PS2 controller
Loudog12345 gets: $Cash$

5-Feb-2001x391 gets: Alberts Odyssey & Fighting Viper (Saturn, complete)
luv2rave24_7 gets: Super Real Mahjong P7 (Saturn, complete)

30-Jan-2001x391 gets: 1 Nes with Gun +Power Supply+Rf Box-and 1 game
Ataribob gets: VB games both Cart only-3d-Tetris+Nester`s Bowling

22-Jan-2001x391 gets: N64 Package
Trypentine gets: Computer Apps. and Games

19-Jan-2001x391 gets: Final Fantasy Anthology(unopened), Street Fighter Zero(Saturn)
ZetaGundam_0087 gets: Macross: Do You Remember love?(Saturn)

16-Jan-2001x391 gets: 3$
TahoeMax gets: forgot to add to trade

16-Jan-2001x391 gets: FF8(PSX) Radiant Silvergun
TahoeMax gets: B.O.B(genesis), Burning rangers(saturn) Dragon Force(saturn) Megaman 8

9-Jan-2001x391 gets: Albert Odyssey (Saturn)
Bubba2746 gets: Iron Storm (Saturn)

9-Jan-2001x391 gets: Final Fantasy 9 and Gunstar Heroes
Fake gets: Guardian Heroes

8-Jan-2001x391 gets: Virtual Boy System(w/ 1 controller, AC, and stand) Mario Tennis and Teleroboxer
ulasa_mosa gets: Bubble Bobble, Die Hard Arcade, Street Fighter Alpha 2, and X Men: COTA

8-Jan-2001x391 gets: King Of Fighter 1999 (Dreamcast)
laxson gets: Enemy Zero (Saturn)