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So I know almost nothing about Dragonball Super, but it's been going for long enough and getting favorable reviews I'm considering binging on the blu's.

How is it compared to Z? I was a big fan of Z. Ball was "meh", and GT was meh to ok. I have the Z BR set (happy with them), is it worth getting Super as well?
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No one's watched Super?
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My personal opinion, as a huge dragon ball fan for years, while Super had many great ideas such as introduction of gods, multiple timelines and universes, aside from maybe one arc (namely the black arc) I thought the execution was terrible. A lot of potential wasted by terrible writing, it's as if they're thinking things up on the go, very unlike Akira Toriyama earlier work having somewhat of a blueprint before telling a story.

The only good thing about Super is that it opens the door for unlimited possibilities for this series to move forward, unlike GT. Also thanks to Super (and even Heroes to some extent), the events from GT could also be considered canon in an alternate timeline/universe not directly connected to the main canon universe, same with the movies. In fact there's a manga I haven't read yet where Goku Black fights with GT Goku (obviously non canon to Super, but rather a what if universe like GT), even though I have a feeling I already know the outcome, It's still more interesting than Super itself lol.

Super was a lot of fun watching week to week, definitely worth watching, dunno if worth buying, depends on your froogleness. I buy the blu-rays but am a huge DB fan so I kinda have to haha.
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Super was really good. If you want to test the waters sub to crunchyroll or Funimation for a month binge a bit before you buy.


Just so you are aware this series wasn't done by Akira Toriyama, it was done by his apprentice Toyotaro.

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