Topic   FT/FS Replacement Artwork for GC,WII,DS,3DS,PS,XBOX


Here's the list of Replacement Artwork:

I'd be more inclined to trade artwork I'm seeking based off my Want list,but if you have absolutely nothing I'm seeking,let me know what your interested in and we can work out a price.
*Mostly All artwork comes with the replacement cases*

Wanted Replacement Artwork:

Thank You For looking!


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What kind of cases or artwork did you have for wii ds and 3ds? All I could find was gamecube.

ChuckyDJ wrote:
> What kind of cases or artwork did you have for wii ds and 3ds? All I could find was
> gamecube.
These are the ones I have.
Conception 2 C,I,CD Comes with CD Soundtrack
Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning C,M
Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask 3D C,I
Lord of Magna Maiden Heaven O Carboard Outer Box,Has some creases
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire C,I
Pokemon Omega Ruby C,I
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon C,I 2
Pokemon X C,M
Pokemon Y C,M 2
Pokemon Y (Cardboard Box) O Slim Cardboard Box from GS,Promo
Super Smash Bros 3DS C,M 2 One Has the manual,the other doesnt
Tomadachi Life C,M,I
Nintendo DS
Ace Attorney "Apollo Justice" C,
Ace Attorney "Justice for All" C,M,I
Advanced Wars " Days of Ruin" C,M
Animal Crossing "Wild World" C,M,I
Atari Greatest hits "Volume 1" C,M
Call of Duty Black Ops C,M,I 2
Castlevania "Order od Ecclesia" C,M,I Cover art has minor water damage
Diddy Kong "Racing DS" C
Elite Beat Agents C,M,I
Emergency Disaster Rescue Squad C,M
Final Fantasy III C,M
Final Fantasy IV C,M,I
Final Fantasy "Echos of Time" C,M,I
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 C,M,I
Final Fantasy "Ring of Fates" C,I
Fossil Fighters "Champions" C,I
GhostBusters C,M,I Water damgage ans slight cracks
GTA "China Town Wars" C,M,I Includes Map
Harvest Moon DS " The Tale of Two Towns" C,M,I
Kingdom of Hearts "358/2 Days" C,M,I 2
Luminous Arc 2 C,M,I
Mario Kart Ds C Faded Cover Art
Mario & Luigi "Bowser's Inside Story" C,M,I Has Red DS Case
Monster Jam ''Urban Assault'' C,M,I 2
New Super Mario Bros C,M,I 3
Okani Den C,M,I
Pac Man World 3 C,M
Plants Vs Zombies C,M,I
Pokemon Black Version C,M,I 3
Pokemon Black Version 2 C,M,I 2 One cover art is a promo display only, The complete one has slight water damage and tear on front
Pokemon Diamond C,M,I 2 One does not have manual
Pokemon Heartgold C
Pokemon Pearl Version C,M,I 2
Pokemon Platimun Version C
Pokemon Ranger "Shadows of Almia" C,M,I
Pokemon Soul Silver Version C,M,I
Pokemon White Version C,M,I
Pokemon White Version 2 C,M,I 3
Pokemon Yellow Version (eShop Promo) C GameStop Display Boax Cover Art
Super Princess Peach C,M Manual is fake printed copy
Super Scribblenauts C,M,I
StarFox Command C
The Legend of Zelda "Spirit Track" C
The Simpsons Game C Has Fading on Coverart
Tecmo Bowl "Kick Off" C,M,I
Ultimate Mortal Kombat C,M,I
Yoshi's Island DS C,M,I
Yu-Gi-Oh "World Championship 2010 C,M,I
Yu-Gi-Oh "World Championship 2011 C,M,I

Call of Duty 3 C
Death Space Extraction C, M
Dragon Ball (Revenge of King Piccolo) C. M
Godzilla Unleashed C
Guitar Hero World Tour C
Just Dance 2 C,M,I
Kirby's Epic Yarn C,M,I
Mario Kart C,M 3 One with insert, two without
Mario Party 9 M
My Sims C
Need For Speed Undercover C
Petz Cat 2 C,M
Rabbids Go Home C,M
Super Mario Bros C 3 2 with Manuals, one without
Super Smash Bros Brawl C 2 Fading on one copy , second copy with M and I
The Legend of Zelda (Twilight Princess) C,M
Toy Story 3 C
Wii Music C,M,I
Wii Sport (Nintendo Selects) C,M,I
Wii Sports (Resort) C,M,I


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Prices for Mario Party 6, Gameboy Player, Ultimate Mortal Kombat replacements please?

Apocram2222 wrote:
> Prices for Mario Party 6, Gameboy Player, Ultimate Mortal Kombat replacements please?
PM'ed You!



Topic   FT/FS Replacement Artwork for GC,WII,DS,3DS,PS,XBOX