Topic   Clearing off my desk lot

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* 8-Feb-2018(#1)
$25 shipped for a USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box filled with:

-- Animaniacs Figure Keychain (Tall rubber figure, guy with red hat, 1987)
-- Desktop Computer Memory

CEM Set of 2 32MB SDIMM modules (64MB total)
Corsair 512MB DDR set of 2 (1GB total)
Kingston KVR667D2N5K2/1G Set of 2 (I think this is DDR2 2GB total)
Micron PC100 64MB
Nanya PC2100 256MB DDR
Samsung PC100 64MB

-- Laptop Memory: Hynix 512MB PC2-6400 x4 (2GB total)
-- Generic Metal Red 1GB Flash Drives bearing the Bank of America logo x12
-- PNY 2GB USB Flash Drive
-- Belkin brand USB-C 15watt power adapter
-- Wagner Swiss Army Pen (Complete in box. Ballpoint pen with swiss army knife in the top. Victorinox. Red flash light, blade, letter opener, clip, golf tool, etc. Box is slightly distressed. Ran out of ink as I tested it, could use a replacement pen cartridge. Identical to this link, but red in color and has a golf tool.)
-- Blade Runner 2049 Movies Anywhere Digital Copy Voucher (Expires 3/31/2019)

Topic   Clearing off my desk lot