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* 17-May-2019(#1)
Clearing some games out before a move so i will be updating this list often

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Limited Edition and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Limited Edition $1.5 - $30 for Both

Xbox 1
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition has IW as well as Cod4 remaster and comes with Socks - New - $20
Steep New $10
Ori and the Blind Forest - $9

Nintendo Switch
Wild Guns $20
Tiny Barbarian Dx - $15

Playstatiopn Vita
Oled model vita system with charger and case $110
Axion Verge Multiverse Edition New - $22

More vita games. Prices coming soon

Star Wars Jedi Outcast - $20

Xbox lot 1
$60 plus shipping

Xbox lot 2 sold as disc only. Most have manual but artwork has some damage

Game Cube
Legend of Zelda Four Swords - $20

Topic   Lots Of Games FS Recent Systems to OLD