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Nintendo Switch Bundle:

I have here a two month old Neon Switch. On the first day, I put the highest rated glass protector on for it, so the screen is immaculate underneath. No box or instructions will be included, but this is the Neon Blue and Red version, and will include the dock, HDMI Cord, mentioned Joy Cons, and power cord. Pretty much what came with the system is included. I will also include the goodie bundle shown below.

Goodie Bundle Included with the Switch:

- Warm Bodies Blu-Ray (Complete in Box and Slip Cover in great condition)

- Thor Ragnarok Poster. It's so awesome and actually just giving you a code so you can order it off the website for free so you will get a brand new one professionally shipped.

- Proven Digital Oral Thermometer. I got two for a review but unfortunately I did not need these. One is sealed new, and the other one is opened new. They come with the official mouth covers and upon looking on Amazon, they are actually the highest rated ones. You get all 4 items.

- High Rated Fidget Spinner, barely used. Think I got it as a gift and not for me.

I will throw in a few more random things, such as the latest Game Informer, phone case, etc.

I am asking $290 shipped for everything shown above, priority, tracking, and insurance and shipped out within 24 hours!

Switch Accessories:

- Samsung Evo Plus 256gb MicroSD Card $135 shipped

-Splatoon 2 Joy Con Set $78 shipped

- Splatoon 2 Pro Controller $68 shipped

- Power A Switch Carry Case $32 shipped

- x2 Joy Con Charging Grips $23 shipped each

- Joy Con Charger $20 shipped

- Lan Adapter $18 shipped

- x4 Joy Con Steering Wheels $17 shipped all together (or $10 shipped for x2)

- Switch Stand $7 shipped

Switch Games (All Games are mint and complete, if any DLC was included, it was used and will not be included):

- Retro City Rampage: DX Collector's Edition (Opened but all items are included, included the extra covers.) $65 shipped

- The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Launch Edition $40 shipped

- 1-2 Switch $30 shipped

- ARMS $36 shipped

- Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse 2 $34 shipped

- Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers $30 shipped

- Just Dance 2017 $28 shipped

- SnipperclipsPlus - Cut it out, Together! $23 shipped

- Minecraft Story Mode $23

- Poi Explorer Edition $23 shipped

- R.B.I. Baseball 2017 $20 shipped

- Has Been Heroes $15 shipped

Official Xbox One Elite Scuff Add Ons for Controller:

This was a really nice addition for my Xbox One Elite Controller. It added more comfort and grip which made my playing a lot better. Everything is included, though they added a one time adhesive strip and that won't be. I don't think it's that important to be honest but you can always use your own if you do need it.
$17 shipped

iTunes Account:

Had this for multiple years and finally got rid of using an iphone. This will be 100% yours and only you will have access to it forever. Any game that's usually free on here but listed as a price is probably the pro version or ad free version I paid for. There's probably more I missed in terms of apps and upgrades and even some random songs and movies and other stuff also not listed. There is a lot of content (over $200 in value), and I guess for now, I would like offers, though I'm not looking for a ton of money, maybe around $45.

Here is the content:

Tab Pro Guitar Tabs Lifetime Access: 19.99
Tabs and Cords Pro: 9.99
Relax Melodies Sleep Sounds Lifetime Access: 9.99
Super Mario Run All 6 Worlds: 9.99
My Movies Pro: 7.99
SoundHound Pro: 6.99
Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright HD: 5.99
Printer Pro Classic: 4.99
Plex Pro Activation: 4.99
Instant Blood Pressure Monitor: 4.99
Evil Apples Mega Pass: 4.99
Rock On Pro: 4.99
Papa Sangre: 4.99
Words With Friends Pro: 4.99
Team Speak 3: 4.99
Stress Doctor: 4.99
ArkMC Pro UPnP Media Streaming: 4.99
Runtastic Running Tracker Pro: 4.99
LimeChat IRC Client: 4.99
Photon Flash Player: 3.99
Breathing Zone for Meditation: 3.99
Accuweather Platinum: 3.99
The Weather Channel Max: 3.99
TuneIn Radio Pro: 3.99
Free Music Download Pro: 2.99
5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner (Extra Feeds): 2.99
Trivia Crack No Ads: 2.99
Lucky Cactus Grow: 2.99
Cut the Rope Original: 2.99
ParcelTrack Premium: 2.99
Hurricane Tracker: 2.99
Draw Something No Ads: 2.99
Sky Guide AR: 1.99
NOAA Snow Forcast: 1.99
Cam Down Meditation: 1.99
Instant Heart Rate+: 1.99
VideoShop Movie Editor: 1.99
MoviePop Plus: 1.99
MovieCat 1: 1.99
MovieCat 2: 1.99
What's The Phrase Ad Free: 1.99
Word Streak With Friends Premium: 1.99
BaconReader for Reddit Pro: 1.99
Photo Editor: 1.99
Where's My Water: 1.99
Cut the Rope Time Travel: 1.99
Cut the Rope Experiments: 1.99
Doodle Jump: .99
Temple Run: OZ: 1.99
Temple Run Brave: 1.99
iHandy Carpenter: 1.99
7 Minute Workout Challenge: 1.99
White Noise: 1.99
Akinator VIP: 1.99
Scribblenauts Remix: .99
Tetris Premium: .99
Tiny Wings: .99
Fruit Ninja: .99
Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots: .99
Cut the Rope 2: .99
Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: .99
MovieCat! PuzzlePack: .99
Swype: .99
The Impossible Game Level Pack: .99
Infinity Blade 3: .99
Game Dev Story: .99
Luxor: .99
Peggle: .99
Plants VS Zombies: .99
Bad Piggies: .99
Angry Birds: .99
Angry Birds Seaons: .99
Angry Birds Star Wars: .99
Angry Birds Space: .99
Monopoly: .99
Art With Friends Ad Free: .99
Superimpose Pictures: .99
Daily Classifieds Craigslist: .99
Alarm Clock HD: .99
Bubble Level Pass: .99
Sense: .99

Playstation 4 Account:

Barely used this, it has PSN Plus until 7/8/2018. It has Max Payne Remastered, Rainbow Six Siege Season 2 Pass DLC only, Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition DLC only, Overcooked Gourmet Edition DLC only, Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy DLC Level, and Tearaway Unfolded DLC only. Asking $20 for it, will be 100% yours.
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Topic   Neon Nintendo Switch Bundle, Games, Accessories, Xbox Stuff, iTunes Account