Topic   LF: Borderlands POPs

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I was recently sold most of my Borderlands POPs because I needed the extra money but with the new announcement of Borderlands 3, i am trying to build my collection back up!

I an looking for all the Borderlands POPs except Psycho, Handsome Jack, and Mad Moxxi! I am also looking for the Rock Candy Mad Moxxi Chase and the Claptrap Pocket POP!

Here is the list of all the ones I am after:

Claptrap (44):

Claptrap (44 - Black/Red - GS Exclusive):

Claptrap (44 - Gold - GS Exclusive):

Claptrap (44 - Blue - GS Exclusive):

Gentleman Claptrap (46 - GS Exclusive):

Commando Claptrap (212 - GS Exclusive)

Emperor Claptrap (208):

Mad Moxxi (43 - Red - GS/EB Games Exclusive):

Tiny Tina (211):

Lilith (209):

Zero (210):

Mad Moxxi (Rock Candy - Red Chase):

Claptrap (Pocket POP!):

I have the following POPs for trade:
Witch Mercy (Blizzard Exclusive):

Mei Mid-Blizzard (Hot Topic Exclusive):

Eleven w/ Electrodes:

Man Bat:

Owen w/ Baby Raptor:


Handsome Jack:

Mad Moxxi:

Jack and BT (has some box damage):

Lisa Turtle/Samuel "Screech" Powers:


Gene Belcher:

White Tigerzord:

Topic   LF: Borderlands POPs