Topic   FT: Hardware and Accessories for many systems...

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* 30-Apr-2018(#1)
Atari 5200

Power Supply


A/V Hookups
Blaze Hyper Mouse (Like New in box, with Mouse Pad)
Logitech Wireless Controller (no receiver)


DVD Remote
Sony Horizontal System Stand SCPH-10110
Logitech Headset 97078 A0205B
Madcatz LYNX wireless controller
8MB Memory NYKO Translucent Blue
A/V Hookups


Buzz! 4 Buzzers Set
Soul Calibur V Limited Edition Laser Cel
Controller skin silicone black [NEW]

Sony PSP

PSU AC Adapter Sony PSP-100
Guitar Hero controller

Xbox 360

A/V Hookups

Sega Dreamcast

MadCatz Dreampad Controller (translucent red)
Sega Original Controller (Like New in box)
Rumble Pak (Performance)

Sega Genesis

A/V Cable (v1)
6-button controller
Radica Sega Genesis Street Fighter II Championship Edition (+ Ghouls N' Ghosts) Plug & Play System (self- contained portable tiny mini system with TWO great Six Button controllers) (heard this can also be modified to play Genesis cartridges...)

Sega Saturn

RF Adapter (plug may need fixed)


Original Power Supply / PSU AC Adapter (not working)


ASCII Fighter Stick SN Arcade Stick w/ Rapid Fire
A/V Cable
Nintendo Power Supply (barrel plug needs replaced - inner pin is broken off)


Original Cases

Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP AC Adapter Wall Charger AGS-002
Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP AC Wall Adapter Charger NTR-002
Game Elements GNDS01 (car and wall power charger) (not working, low value)

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS AC Wall Adapter Charger NTR-002
Nintendo DS AC Wall Adapter Charger AGS-002
DS Lite Stylus (nice metal, extendable) [new]
Guitar Hero Hand Grip (Redoctane model 95327.805)
Nintendo Carry or Storage Bag (multi compartment)
Nintendo brand cleaning cloth

Nintendo 64

RF Modulator (NUS-003)

Nintendo Virtual Boy

Original Controller

Nintendo Wii U
Mega Man Amiibo (new)
Sonic The Hedgehog Amiibo (new)

Xbox original

A/V Hookups
Power AC Cable


Nintendo bags for DS, GBA, Gameboy, etc available.... (ask for specifics/pics)


Madcatz AV System Selector Switcher
Madcatz Auto RF Adapter (Gamecube, Xbox, Playstation)
DreamGear AV Adatper (Gamecube, Xbox, Playstation)
Dynex Component Selector (with remote and manual)
High Quality Component Cables (Monster Cable etc)
A/V Multi Cables (Yellow, Red, White)

Topic   FT: Hardware and Accessories for many systems...