For your convenience, this site supports most of the standard BBCode markup.

Various "emoticons" (codes that get converted into icons, often to express emotion) are available for you use when posting messages. Here's a list:


*angry* angry
*coolgrin* cool grin
*coolsmile* cool smile
*deadface* dead face
*envy* envy
*evil* evil
*frown* frown
*grin* grin
*pokerface* poker face
*raspberry* raspberry
*roll* rolls eyes
*shock* shock
*smile* smile
*surprise* surprise
*wince* wince
*wink* wink
*winkingraspberry* winking raspberry
*wrysmile* wry smile
*yawn* yawn


*32x* Sega 32X
*360* Microsoft Xbox 360
*3do* 3DO
*3ds* Nintendo 3DS
*acan* Super A-Can
*actionmax* Action Max
*activision* Activision
*amiga* Amiga
*amiibo* amiibo by Nintendo
*android* Android
*apple* Apple
*arc* Emerson Arcadia 2001
*atari* Atari
*atari2600* Atari 2600
*atari5200* Atari 5200
*atari7800* Atari 7800
*bac* Bally Astrocade
*bluray* Blu-Ray
*bsv* Bandai Super Vision 8000
*c64* Commodore 64
*cdi* CD-i (Compact Disc Interactive)
*cdr2* NEC CD-ROM 2
*cdtv* Commodore CDTV
*ced* Capacitance Electronic Disc
*chrome* Google Chrome
*colecovision* Colecovision
*csv* Epoch Cassette Vision
*dc* Sega Dreamcast
*ds* Nintendo DS
*dsi* Nintendo DSi
*duo* NEC TurboDuo
*duor* NEC PC Engine Duo-R
*dvd* DVD
*enix* ENIX
*eshop* Nintendo eShop
*famicom* Famicom
*fb* Facebook
*fcf* Fairchild Channel F
*fcp* Nintendo Famicom Pulse
*fds* Famicom Disk System
*firefox* Firefox
*firetv* FireTV
*fmt* FM Towns Marty
*gamegear* Game Gear
*gamewatch* Game & Watch
*gb* Game Boy
*gba* Game Boy Advance
*gbc* Game Boy Color
*gc* Nintendo GameCube
*genesis* Sega Genesis
*hcy* RDI Halcyon
*hddvd* HD-DVD
*ie* Internet Explorer
*intellivision* Intellivision
*jaguar* Atari Jaguar
*kinect* Kinect for Xbox 360
*konami* Konami
*ld* LaserDisc
*linux* Linux
*lsa* Pioneer LaserActive
*lynx* Atari Lynx
*mcd* Sega Mega CD
*md* Mega Drive (Japan)
*mde* Sega Mega Drive (Europe)
*mortalkombat* Mortal Kombat
*msx* MSX
*mty* Marty Mascot
*n3ds* Nintendo New 3DS
*n64* Nintendo 64
*nec* NEC (company)
*neogeo* Neo Geo
*nes* Nintendo Entertainment System
*ngage* Nokia N-Gage
*ngp* Neo Geo Pocket
*ngpcolor* Neo Geo Pocket Color
*nomad* Sega Nomad
*nte* NEC TurboExpress
*nuon* Nuon
*nvidia* Nvidia
*oculus* Oculus Rift
*ody2* Magnavox Odyssey 2
*odyssey* Magnavox Odyssey
*origin* Origin
*ouya* OUYA
*pc* PC / Windows
*pce* NEC PC Engine
*pcfx* NEC PC-FX
*pcgt* PC Engine GT (Japanese TurboExpress)
*pico* Sega Pico
*pippin* Apple Pippin
*pld* Bandai Playdia
*pong* PONG
*pp* PayPal
*ps1* PlayStation
*ps2* PlayStation 2
*ps3* PlayStation 3
*ps4* PlayStation 4
*ps4pro* Sony PlayStation 4 Pro
*ps5* PlayStation 5
*ps6* PlayStation 6
*psmove* PlayStation Move
*psn* PlayStation Network
*psp* PlayStation Portable
*psplus* PlayStation®Plus
*psvita* PlayStation Vita
*psvr* Sony PlayStation VR
*roku* Roku
*saturn* Sega Saturn
*satv* Nintendo Satellaview
*scd* Sega CD
*scdr2* NEC Super CD-ROM 2
*sega* Sega
*sfc* Super Famicom
*sg1000* Sega SG-1000
*sgfx* NEC Super Grafx
*sms* Sega Master System
*snes* Super Nintendo
*snickers* Snickers
*stadia* Google Stadia
*steam* Steam
*swancrystal* Bandai SwanCrystal
*switch* Nintendo Switch
*tg16* NEC TurboGrafx-16
*tgcd* NEC TurboGrafx-CD
*tiger* Tiger Electronics
*tw* Twitter
*uv* UltraViolet
*vc* Virtual Console
*vectrex* Vectrex
*virtualboy* Virtual Boy
*vis* Tandy VIS
*vpr1* Infinium Labs Phantom
*vpr2* Retro VGS
*vpr3* Coleco Chameleon
*vudu* Vudu
*wii* Nintendo Wii
*wiiu* Nintendo Wii U
*wonderswan* Bandai WonderSwan
*wonderswancolor* Bandai WonderSwan Color
*xb1* Microsoft Xbox One
*xbox* Microsoft Xbox
*xbs* Microsoft Xbox Series X|S
*youtube* YouTube

Other Random Icons

*amazon* *Buy from Amazon, support this site*
*!* !
*+* positive
*-* negative
*2gstar* Double Gold Star
*3gstar* Triple Gold Star
*3sstar* Triple Silver Good Trader
*4gstar* Quadruple Gold Star
*5gstar* Quintuple Gold Star
*Q* Blue Q
*achievement* Xbox Achievement
*bacon* bacon
*beagle* Beagle
*beer* Beer
*bill* bill
*binos* Binoculars
*bob* BoB
*bomb* bomb
*brokenheart* broken heart
*bstar* Bronze Star
*cake* Birthday Cake
*candybar* not a doodie
*chatting* chatting
*check* check
*cigs* cigarettes
*coin* coin
*connery* Sean Connery
*cube* Rubiks Cube
*cuffs* handcuffs
*donut* donut
*dot* dot
*down* down
*duh* duh!
*ford* Harrison Ford
*freebie* freebie
*gQ* Gold Q
*gglobe* golden globe
*ghost* ghost
*gidcard* Gold ID Card
*globe* globe
*godzilla* Godzilla
*greviewer* Gold Reviewer
*gstar* Gold Star
*has* has what you want
*heart* love
*herb* Just Say No
*hotdog* hotdog
*huh* huh?
*hunt* Hunt
*huntsnose* The nose of Hunt
*idcard* ID Card
*idea* idea
*kitty* kitty
*larry* Larry David
*lol* laughing out loud
*magicaliconfairy* Magical Icon Fairy
*mail* mail
*maltesecross* Maltese cross
*match* match
*minimod* Mini Moderator
*mnote* note
*mod* Moderator
*mushroom* mushroom
*nall* Nall
*new* new
*no* no
*note* note
*piggy* piggy
*pinkcircle* pink circle
*plat* Platinum Trophy
*qblock* question block
*question* ?
*reed* Reed
*reviewer* Reviewer
*rss* rss
*santa* secret santa
*shake* shake
*sid* Puppet Sid
*sstar* Silver Star
*tad* Tad
*triforce* triforce
*uncheck* uncheck
*up* up
*wall* wall
*want* wants what you have
*warning* warning
*woderator* GameTZ Woderator
*yes* yes

You can also do some simple text formatting using special punctuation symbols on either side of a word or phrase. Here's a list of what is available:

Text Mark Up

**bold** bold
__underlined__ underlined
%%italics%% italics
##strikeout## strikeout
~~small~~ small
==big== big
{pre}p r e - f o r m a t t e d{pre}
p r e - f o r m a t t e d
SPA *space* *space* *space* CE SPA       CE
||subscript|| subscript
^^superscript^^ superscript
horizonal *hr* line horizonal
{red}red{red} red
{black}black{black} black
{orange}orange{orange} orange
{yellow}yellow{yellow} yellow
{green}green{green} green
{blue}blue{blue} blue
{purple}purple{purple} purple
{gray}gray{gray} gray
{inverse}inverse{inverse} inverse
{iblack}iblack{iblack} iblack
{ired}ired{ired} ired
{iorange}iorange{iorange} iorange
{iyellow}iyellow{iyellow} iyellow
{igreen}igreen{igreen} igreen
{iblue}iblue{iblue} iblue
{ipurple}ipurple{ipurple} ipurple
{igray}igray{igray} igray

Advanced Codes

{box}my text in a box{box}
my text in a box
{spoiler}It's people. Soylent Green is made out of people.{spoiler}

It's people. Soylent Green is made out of people.

{nsfw}camel toe{nsfw}

camel toe

{private}not-signed-on people (including search engines) wont see this text{private}
{#CDBF7F}This is beige.{#} This is beige.
{i#CDBF7F}This is inverse beige.{i#} This is inverse beige.
{face Times}This is Times{face} This is Times
{href}https://www.mobygames.com/game/590/system-shock-2/ System Shock 2{href} System Shock 2
{img}https://images.kenyonhill.com/tz/biopics/blank.gif 150 150{img} image
{href}https://google.com {img}https://images.kenyonhill.com/tz/biopics/blank.gif 150 150{img}{href} image
{flag}United_States{flag} or {flag}Canada{flag} United_States or Canada
{user}bill{user} or {userid}1{userid} bill or bill
{usertext}bill click here for awesome{usertext} click here for awesome
bill's icons: {icontext}bill{icontext} bill's icons: GameTZ Gold Subscriber GameTZ Full Moderator 600 Trade Quintuple Gold Good Trader Has Written 28 Reviews
{asin}059035342X Harry Potter{asin} Harry Potter