World in Conflict (PC)

World in Conflict (PC)

Listings:   2 available, 1 wanted, 6 collection
Types:   Strategy, Strategy/RPG
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GameTZ Review:   [ B ] Strategic game with a good strong storyline, trolls and "Portable CD Players". Ahh, those were the days! But for the real quality of this game, play the mulitplayer -- it's easily one of the best around!

Available Listings

Broccoli Triple Gold Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally Canada
Condition: excellent   Box: yes   Manual: yes
pankakemarine236 Global Trader - willing to trade internationally
Condition: good   Box: no   Manual: no

Wanted Listings

fish9888 Gold Good Trader Canada
Condition: don't care   Box: don't care   Manual: don't care