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Idk if it's allowed on here but I just got it up and running on my switch, if anyone is looking for Pokémon on sword and shield message me, we can work out a deal
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I believe this is considered piracy and would not be allowed on the site.
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Ok, if that's so, this can be removed. Wasn't sure how it's viewed or allowed on here.

I mean they do it on eBay, so their is a market for it, which is why I'm offering the services. Just being more honest about it lamo
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What is PKHex?

Is it just cloning rare mons and/or modifying them for more desirable stats/shininess?

If so, it's probably against the spirit of Pokémon, but I don't believe it would cross over into piracy.

We haven't restricted people from selling their steam/eshop/psn/etc accounts, or making prime/netflix/YouTube sharing groups. Editing/ cloning mons seems far less of a legal gray area than that.

Still a do at your own risk thing, though

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It's not clowning, more so rewriting a already made Mon to what you want it to be, this way you don't have to spend the hours of egging it, move breeding and hoping for the right nature and IVs.

It's really such a time saver.
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Hey remember when we could do this with a Game Genie instead of having to do sketchy deals
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Foxhack wrote:
> Hey remember when we could do this with a Game Genie instead of having to do sketchy
> deals

Or power saves for 3ds!
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Bump, any shiny or item!

Topic   PKHex services