Topic   Any cold brew coffee fans here ?

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I used to love hot coffee and flavored creamer, but the acid wrecked my stomach over the years. So now i drink cold brew and I'd like to learn the right steps, or right system/maker to buy, to make it myself.

Anyone here into it and have any good ideas or suggestions on overall making the cold brew, favorite grounds, creamers, etc?
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I got a Dash cold brew maker as a Christmas present, but as long as you're patient, something like Bishop recommended works wonders as well for a lot cheaper.

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The natural modern human response to danger: "Drinking this coffee has literally eaten holes into your digestive system."

"Ugh, fine, I'll brew it cold"
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Just throw the grounds and water in a 32 oz Ball Jar. Refrigerate. Next day dump the whole thing in a french press and strain it. Ta Da!
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Bishop wrote:

I use one of these too. You can just use a french press and throw it in the fridge overnight though.

Cold brew is easy since there are fewer variables to worry about. Just use a coarse grind so the little bullcrap doesn't get through the filter.

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Hi guys!

How I've been doing it.

I use a gallon pitcher. Fill it with 2 cups of what ever ground coffee you like. Then a gallon of water. Leave it out in room temp for 24 hours. Leaving it out to steep is better - if you put it in the fridge to steep it tastes more acidic.

The next step I've done in two ways:

1. Get a 2nd gallon pitcher and a nut bag ( Empty pitcher 1 into pitcher 2 through the nut bag. Refrigerate.

2. Put pitcher 1 in the fridge after the 24 hour room temp. Then just use a single-serve coffee thingy with paper cone filter if you want to to it by cup.

I've gotten lazy and have been doing the 2nd method lately. I usually fill up a bunch of mason jars and leave them all in the fridge and grab one as I leave the house in the morning.

I've been using ground coffee from Trader Joe's. Obviously you'll have to experiment a little with whatever brand you pick.

Drink up!

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Awesome info all the way around. Thanks guys!

Topic   Any cold brew coffee fans here ?