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Not big enough, still can't see it.
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* 30-Jun-2018(#3)
I looked into it.

Someone on Youtube took advantage of our sacred "Game TZ" google videos search mechanics.

Sad thing is, it's one of those channels that posts like Five 10 min videos a Day with Max Add count revenue.

Because it has it's own Fanbase of sick deprived Digitals and and left behind Millennials smeared into the spectrum we have no choice but to wait it out.

I absolutely have no reason to be concerned, but I'm up here watching filth froth to the top as the internet slowly dies and thought I would share,

Keep Vigilant.
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Time to do some takedowns @bill
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t-z as in games starting with 't' through 'z'. Previous video was just for 's'.

I'm bummed, because I thought I might be able to sell him my domain for big bucks,
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I think we have more buying power than this guy.

He barely makes Rent

He probably does a lot of editing work on the side, I would only go into this idea if you wanted to recruit proficient dog crap editing talent when GameTZ™TV launches

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^I mean if dudes making $20-300 a day off youtube videos that's pretty good, he probably has another job too.
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In my experiences on the D list, it sounds good, but that's honestly not what he's making. It is usually closer to the lowest or even lower still.
It's painful to think how many hours they spend editing and building rigs to pump out that algorithm.
Meanwhile the site is building other algorithms that will get your video's caught up in claims for months on end.
It might be different for him because he has enough clicks to warrant actual deals, or has some sort of network that helps him out.
Who knows, I've always been kind of curious, only because now I have enough money to actually make production value, just never sure how to make that next big step aside from teaching myself tricks.

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