Getting Started Guide

Here's a guide to what you need to know to start trading here.

Know the Rules

Please read the rules page: This site has strictly enforced rules against pirating, using more than one account, using offensive language, and sending unsolicited (spam) messages. If you violate these rules, your account will be suspended.

Enter Your Information

Once you sign on, the first thing you'll want to do is enter your user page information.

  • Settings - Click "Settings" under the top-right username drop-down menu in the navigation bar. This will allow you to modify some of the important attributes of your account.
  • Enter Your Stuff - To add items to your wanted and available lists, just search for it, then use the add button on the results. This will put them on your user page and into the results of searches and matches with other traders.
  • Check it Out - You can always check what your user page looks like by clicking the "My Listing" under the Trading menu. The items you add to your wanted and available lists can be seen by clicking the appropriate link from the Trading menu or the user page navigation.

Making Trades

Now that your user page is set up, you are ready to start finding people to trade with.

  • Forums - Use the Forums to find deals that other users are making.
  • Search - Search for items or click on items in the lists you've made to find other traders to trade with. Use the "make offer" links to take the next step.
  • My Matches - This feature (located under the Trading menu) will compare your wanted and available lists against all the other users. It will find people who want what you have and have what you want.


  • Making an Offer - Once you find someone who you'd like to trade with, you'll want to contact them. Use the "make offer" links available on the site (next to matches, search results, and user page listings) to get an offer started. Or you can also send them a private message (PM).
  • Important Tips - Be clear about what you're trading and the condition of the items being traded. Reply promptly to messages and be sure to stay in close contact until the trade is completed. Review the other trader's user page, especially their ratings, bio comment and trade history.
  • Beware - While most trades go off without a hitch, sometimes things don't go as planned. In rare cases, the other trader may be intentionally trying to rip you off. Use caution when dealing with another user who: has few completed trades, has few or poor ratings, uses different aliases, has bad trader reports, has many uncompleted pending trades, makes unreasonable demands that you send first, or is offering an impossible to resist but expensive deal. If a trade seems a little fishy to you, post in the forums about it to get advise from other traders. Let the stars be your guide. GameTZ provides a system where reliable people get stars for being good traders. We recommend that you trade mostly with star traders when you're just starting out.
  • Sending Items - Usually items being traded are sent via regular mail. Tracking usually costs a small extra amount. If you're sending valuable items, you should consider using insurance.
  • Reporting a Trade - Once an offer is agreed upon, a pending trade report is created and shown on your "My Trades" page. All trades start in the "pending" state. Once you each get your end of the deal in the mail, you complete the trade on the "My Trades" page by marking it received and rating the other trader. Once both sides have completed the trade, the trade becomes a "completed trade" and helps build your reputation.


Subscribing to GameTZ is optional and voluntary. You don't need to subscribe to use GameTZ's trading system. But, if you want to take it to the next level and support GameTZ, we offer a subscription that provides various extra features. Subscribers can turn off advertisements, use color schemes, have a forum avatar and signature among many other great options and tools. See this page for a complete list of extras: . For more information on how to subscribe see this page: .

Where to Get More Help

  • Mentor - Every new user is assigned a mentor. You likely got a private message from them offering help. Reply to your mentor if you want personal advise from an experienced trader.
  • Site_Feedback - This forum: allows anyone to ask questions, report problems, or make suggestions about this web site. You can post a message to ask your question here and it will be answered.
  • Other Help Pages - See the main help page: for links to other help pages.