GameTZ Chat Help

GameTZ's primary chat tool is a Java-base IRC client, PJIRC. GameTZ's chat server support a subset of IRC commands.

You should also be able to use any other IRC client, like MIRC. Connect to on port 6667. If you have trouble using another IRC client, feel free report it to us (perhaps by posting in Site_Feedback).

GameTZ also has an HTML-based chat (which uses frames and refreshes the page every 15 seconds), if that works better for you.

PJIRC (Java) chat

Here are some tips for using our primary chat program.

o This is a multi-window chat. You can be in more than one channel at the same time, plus you can have private windows for whisper conversations.

o To switch between windows, user the bottom icons. These icons are divided between public and private.

o Use the [x] in the top right to close any window, closing a chat room will cause you to leave it. You can also right click the window icon and select close.

o You can click on any URL that comes up in the message screen.

o You can use various Emoticons in chat like smile and love .

o Type "/me verb-phrase" to perform an action. For example "/me is going to play games" will become "bill is going to play games" (assuming you're bill).

o Type "/msg username message" to send a whisper to someone.

o Better yet, click their username in the chat window (either on the side-list, or right in the message window) and it will create a new private window for you to have an isolated conversation with them.

o You can join (or create) a new channel by using typing "/join channel" or by using the Channels icon at the top, then double-clicking the channel you want.

o You can ignore a user in chat (so that it wont show their messages anymore), but using "/ignore username". Use "/unignore username" to un-ignore them.

o Hovering your mouse over a username will give you some quick stats on them (like if they have a good trader star).

o Right clicking a username will give you a menu of things you can do related to that user.

    Private Window (the same as just clicking their username), gives you a private/whisper window
    User Page - pops up their GameTZ User page
    Mini Matches - Shows if you have any trade items in common with them
    All Available - Shows what they have available.
    Ratings - Shows their ratings
    Make Offer - Allows you to send them a trade offer.
    Ignore - Turns off messages from this user
    Unignore - Turns messages from this user back on
    Say Hello - Say hello to them in chat.
    Say Bye - Say Bye to them in chat

o You can set the font (type, size, and color), but it only affects your own view of chat.