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* 8-Dec-2017(#1)
I had planned on making quantity auctions on eBay with these to raise some holiday cash, but figured I'd check here first. I'm not going to ask the world for these, but some of these are rare/more valuable. Many are also available on GOG, but collector's often like physical copies. I was thinking I'd check out ebay closing prices, deduct some, deduct for missing manuals, go from there.

All titles are cd-rom editions only, no large retail boxes. Anything not listed as artwork comes in a replacement jc. Ask about individual conditions. Some of these have cracked/old brittle/scratched cases that I plan on replacing before sending out. I have a case of new jewelcases I can use. Some of the newer games may have an electronic on disc manual.

-- 200 Games on the Go for PocketPC (disc, manual)
-- Absolute Pinball (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Angry Birds (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Angry Birds Seasons (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Bumper Wars (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Bureau 13 (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Trevor Chan's Capitalism II - Ubisoft/Enlight 2001 Printing (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Capitalism II - Enlight 2003 Printing (looks like identical game. disc, artwork, jc)
-- Classics Fun Pack for Windows - Sierra Originals Printing (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Close Combat Trilogy - Close Combat, Bridge Too Far, CCIII The Russian Front (3 discs in large jc, artwork)
-- Crime City (disc, artwork, jc)
-- The Curse of Monkey Island (2 discs, artwork, jc)
-- Darkseed (disc, artwork, manual, jc)
-- Doom Complete Accessory Pack (disc, artwork, jc)
-- The Ultimate Doom (disc, artwork)
-- Dune 2000 (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Dune 2000 (disc, artwork, jc - additional copy)
-- Escape From Monkey Island (2 discs, artwork, jc)
-- Extreme Tactics (2 discs, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist - Sierra Originals Reprint (disc, manual)
-- Full Throttle (disc, artwork, manual, jc)
-- Fuzzy's Cosmic Space Golf (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Geniu$: The Tech Tycoon Game (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Grim Fandango (2 discs, artwork, jc)
-- Heroes of Might and Magic II Gold (disc, jc)
-- Heroes of Might and Magic IV Winds of War - Expansion Pack that requires original game (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Hoyle Casino - 1998 (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Hoyle Casino - 2000 (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Hoyle Classic Card and Board Games - 1995 (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Hoyle Kids Games - 2001 (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Hunter Hunted (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Isle of the Dead (disc, artwork, jc)
-- King's Quest Collection Series (3 discs, 1997)
-- King's Quest V (disc, manual)
-- King's Quest VII The Princeless Bride (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Lands of Lore The Throne of Chaos (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Laura Bow in The Dagger of Amon Ra (disc)
-- The Lawnmower Man (disc, manual, artwork, jc. Marked as not for resale edition, bundle only)
-- Leisure Suit Larry Love for Sail! (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Lode Runner 2 (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- M.A.X. (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Master of Orion II: Battle At Antares (disc, jc)
-- Maxis Collections 2: Sim Classics - SimCity Classic, SimEarth, SimFarm (disc, artwork, manual, jc)
-- Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Microsoft Pinball Arcade - Gottlieb (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Mixed Up Mother Goose (disc, manual)
-- Outlaws (2 disc, artwork, manual, jc)
-- Panic in the Park (3 discs in large jewelcase, artwork)
-- Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Pinball & Pool (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Pogo.com Tumble Bees To Go (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Police Quest Collection - The 4 Most Wanted (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Police Quest Open Season - Sierra Originals Reprint (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Quake II (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Quake II Add-On Pack Zaero (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Quake II Mission Pack Ground Zero (disc, artwork, manual, jc)
-- Quake III Arena (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Quest for the Glory Anthology (disc, artwork, jc)
-- Realms of Arkania III: Shadows Over Riva (disc, manual, jc)
-- Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective -- Volume III (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Silent Hunter (disc, jc)
-- Silent Thunder A10 Tank Killer II (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds (Not Saga, just regular game. 2 discs, artwork, jc)
-- StoneKeep (disc, manual, artwork, jc)
-- TrackMania (Sealed jewelcase. Small crack in front plastic of case)
-- Tribes 2: Best Seller Series (disc, artwork, jc)
-- X-Com Apocalypse (disc, artwork, large thick big box style manual, paperwork, jc. Basically everything except for the big retail box.)

I'm not looking for much in PC games, but check my want list. Infocom collection titles and a few apocalyptic cab driver games.
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I do. :P
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List up by this weekend if not sooner.
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Updated with list!
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Anyone? Heading to ebay Wednesday.
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Some great titles there yes I can't justify buying PC games with my current backlog of console games, but good luck with selling.
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I'm interested in the Hoyle Casino games.

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I'm interested in:
The King's Quest Collection
Police Quest Collection
Grim Fandago

Are the Collections all titles of the series?
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I forgot about this thread, I still want those Hoyle games.

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I've been busy but I'm getting back on this. I also added more titles I found and bolded them.

Topic   Classic PC-CD Games for Sale