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* 21-Aug-2018(#1)
I have a ton of classic PC games available. Shipping is not included in these prices but will be cheap depending on how many you buy. Some are valuable, the others I just want to move as you can see by these super low prices. Jewel cases may have the occasional sticker I've missed or mild scuffing/shelf wear.

All games are CD-ROM editions. No floppy games here. Quantity discounts.

I may unearth more but here's some to start:

Valuable Games
(These are games that I think fetch more then normal value.)
-- Age of Empires II Gold Edition (Complete in jewelcase, has game + expansion, excellent) $10
-- Amazon Trail II (complete in Jewelcase. No big box/manual, excellent - 1996) $10
-- Awesomenauts + Chariot Set (Gametrust Steelbook Editions, sealed/new) $10
-- Epic Pinball: The Complete Collection (complete in jewelcase, excellent) $10
-- Escape from Monkey Island (Complete in jewelcase, hinge of case is cracked. Excellent. No big box/manual) $15
-- Galapagos: Mendel's Escape (disc and inserts in jewelcase, excellent) $10
-- Hearts of Iron: 1936-1948 (sealed new in jewelcase) $10
-- Isle of the Dead (Complete in jewelcase, very good. 1994) $10
-- Jones in the Fast Lane (Complete big box, excellent) $30
-- Mission Critical (3 discs and inserts in jewelcase, very good) $10
-- Quest for the Glory Anthology (disc and inserts in jewelcase, very good condition.) $10
-- Riven: The Sequel to Myst + Official Strategy Guide (Complete in big box, excellent) $15
-- Star Trek BORG: The Interactive Movie (3 discs and inserts in case, very good) $10
-- Zoo Tycoon + Dinosaur Digs Expansion Pack (2 discs only in jewelcases, very good) $10

General Value Games
-- Angry Birds + Angry Birds Seasons (complete in jewelcases, very good) $5
-- Capitalism II (Inserts and disc in jewelcase, excellent. Enlight reprinting) $2
-- Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun: Firestorm (Complete in jewelcase, excellent) $5
-- Darkseed (disc and inserts in jewelcase, very good) $5
-- The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Inserts/2 discs in jewelcase, very good) $5
-- Eradicator (complete in jewelcase, very good) $5
-- Falcon 4.0 (disc only in jewelcase, excellent) $1
-- Flanker 2.5: Combat Simulator (complete in jewelcase, excellent) $1
-- Geniu$: The Tech Tycoon Game (complete in jewelcase, good condition) $1
-- Harpoon II: Admiral's Edition (inserts/disc in jewelcase, fair condition.) $1
-- Heroes of Might and Magic II Gold (Disc only in jewel case, excellent) $2
-- Hoyle Kid's Games (Complete in jewelcase, excellent. 2001) $3
-- King's Quest V (disc only in jewelcase, very good) $2
-- Lasersoft Pinball and Pool (Complete in jewelcase, excellent) $3
-- The Last Dynasty (2 discs and inserts in jewelcase, good condition.) $5
-- Loderunner 2 (complete in jewelocase, excellent) $2
-- M.A.X.: Mechanized Assault and Exploration (Complete in jewelcase, very good) $5
-- Mixed Up Mother Goose (manual and disc in jewelcase, very good) $3
-- The Oregon Trail 3rd Edition (3 discs in jewelcase, no manual, case has some cracks. Very good.) $5
-- Pogo Tumblebees (complete in jewelcase, excellent) $5
-- Police Quest IV: Open Season (complete in jewelcase, Sierra Originals reprint, excellent) $5
-- Real Deal Casino Quest (complete in jewelcase, excellent) $2
-- Road Rash (disc only in jewelcase, very good) $3
-- Road Rash (disc and inserts in case, excellent condition disc) $5
-- Shipwreckers (disc only in jewel case, ATI Bundle Edition. Excellent) $5
-- Silent Hunter (Disc only, very good) $1
-- Silent Thunder (complete in jewelcase, very good) $5
-- Simcity 3000 (insert and disc in jewelcase, very good) $2
-- Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3D (disc only in jewel case, good) $2
-- Star Wars Tie Fighter Collector's CD-ROM (disc only in jewelcase, good) $2
-- TrackMania (sealed new jewelcase, crack in plastic jewelcase) $5
-- Ultima Online (inserts/disc in jewelcase, very good) $1
-- Ultima Online: Age of Shadows (complete in jewelcase, very good) $1
-- Yukon Trail (Complete in jewelcase, good condition. 1994) $1
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Some good games in there! I remember playing Jones in the Fast Lane way back when. If only real life was that simple...

Topic   PC Games for Sale