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First here are my specs

Asus X99-A mother board
16 gb ram
evga geforce gtx 1070 ti 8gb
intel core i7 5820k 3.30 ghz
evga 80 plus bronze 600w power supply
windows 10 64 bit

Ok so I'm playing games like ghost recon Wildlands and I can play it on high to very high settings and get like 60 FPS but I get some frame drop down to as low as 30fps randomly.. it happens in a few other games but not as bad wild lands is the worst about it..but other games run flawlessly like destiny 2 on very high runs without issue..

So what I want to know is what am I doing or can I do to fix this
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I have the same issue with Wildlands and I have an overkill PC. If you google Wildlands 30fps bug you will see you're not alone. What other games are you having issues with?

Have you downloaded the GeForce experience and tried to optimize the games? Make sure all drivers are updated as well. This has helped on a few. And are you using multiple monitors? I was using 3 when playing wildlands and just used 1 and fixed a lot of my issues. Very bad port IMO for that game

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wildlands and gow4 are gpu killers, i got a 1080 and it runs good but also dips to 50fps at heavy graphics times i am running at 1440 though and ultra

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I think the only other game that gives me that kinda trouble is the evil within 2 I have to turn the vsync off so it won't drop so low it's unplayable .. but iv not played it in a while so it may have been patched ..
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That's how vsync works. If you hit sections where you can't hit 60FPS it will go all the way down to 30 to eliminate tearing. Go into the NVIDIA control panel and change Vertical sync method you fast instead of regular vertical.

If Vsync is already off try making sure the game is running in Full screen (sometimes this helps).

If none of those work, do a clean install of your drivers.

If money isn't a factor, look into a Gsync monitor as well. It syncs the refresh rate to the frame rate, so there isn't any input lag due to Vsync, lower frame rates don't feel as bad, and your FPS won't be cut in half if there are small instances where you can't hit 60FPS.
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I did like U said and turned the vsync to fast and it greatly improved the game even with the games vsync on I get 80 plus FPS it still drops but no lower then 60 FPS ..

Topic   Pc gaming help